Quick Steak Stir-Fry | Jamie Oliver

Quick Steak Stir-Fry | Jamie Oliver

So I’m gonna show you a stir-fry that’s
gonna blow your mind, this is a great dinner, this is quick steak stir-fry Mrs.
Oliver’s favourite little meal, it happens very quickly. Grab yourself some garlic
and a big piece of ginger. So I’m gonna use their cheapest kitchen gadget out
there right, a speed peeler. Everyone should have one and I’m just
gonna get some nice thin slivers, some little cross-sections and when I fry
that in the oil they’re gonna go crisp like crisps and flavor the oil which is
what we cook the steak in and it’s those little details about crispness and
flavour and the order of cooking that makes this dish genius. So get a frying
pan on a medium heat and add a splash of olive oil. Lay in the ginger, anyone can
do this it’ll look so impressive, you’re gonna go mad for this one. So look
at that, it looks beautiful already, it’s a cold pan that will come up to the heat,
and when it’s golden we’ll just turn it over. In the meantime I want to get four
nice fat cloves of garlic and we’re gonna make some garlic chips, and juicy
soft steak with a crunch of those garlic chips, amazing. Now have a little look
in the pan, very quickly, it’s started to shimmer. We’re getting
maximum flavour out of everything, but also we’re creating texture, look at that.
These now will smash in your mouth in to pieces, you’ll be joyful. Slice four cloves of garlic into evenly sized pieces. Now we
go in with the garlic. You don’t wanna go too dark, because then you get
bitterness. So we keep it on a high heat, and then we get our asparagus, right.
Just hold it with two hands and bend it and it will naturally click at a tender
part, and just get them straight in the pan, shake the pan. What I love about
cooking asparagus like this is that the hot pan and the oil kind of scolds the
asparagus then it kind of like you know kind of creates a crispy outside.
Turn the pan up to full whack ready for the star of the dish- lovely fillit steak. Cook these steaks sort of medium-rare, a little seasoning and in
the same pan so it’s a great one pan dish. Look at that, look at the skin guys,
yes! Turn it every minute for three minutes. Last ingredient- a massive cheap
black bean sauce, there’s so much flavour here. Just a couple of tablespoons it’s
gonna go nuts and it will start to reduce. And then we hit it up with some
vinegar just the tablespoons gonna give it that that little tang. To get a
gorgeous glaze on your steak, simply let them cook in the sauce for one
more minute. And then off, we’re done. Give it a little shake look how it glazes the
steak. As soon as the heat is off your steaks can rest. Get your asparagus, and
then the steaks now, they’re just resting take them out, put it on the board slice
it at a slight angle, look at that, blushing, Mrs. O would like that. Juicy
on the inside, kind of gnarly and glazed on the outside, it’s just very very
beautiful. And then in the pan you got sticky bits right? Just nick a little
bit of water, just a little bit of water see how that comes back to life and
that’s resting juices and black bean sauce. So look oh yes, come on. Then we got
these funky bits of ginger and they’re just nuts and that’s it. It’s got
everything I want, in a good mouthful of food. Ohhh.

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  5. OK, it's a dish. I-m starting to get frustrated by his hype regarding cooking and eating. I am sure is delicios but come on, is getting inauthentic and it is a disgrace

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  7. I'm not impressed. That's just really, really shite cooking, probably even worse than your fake Spanish cooking, unsubscribed, sorry. Not surprised your restaurants are closing.

  8. Sorry but the thumbnail looks like something i could cook and I live from microwaved meals, ramen and mc donalds.

  9. Black bean sauce is too strong at times. I like to use miso which has a milder taste and the umami allows the beefs flavour to shine! A quick tip, the juices can be used to fry up garlic and mushrooms together to use as a garnish which is absolutely fantastic! Try it and see for yourself! 😁

  10. I do the same recipe but replace ginger with horse radish root, your recipe is nice also. Folks, if you do not like the strong, hot flavor of horse radish, use the ginger.

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