Pulled Sugar Work - by Chef Arti Thapa | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Pulled Sugar Work – by Chef Arti Thapa | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

hi I'm chef Artie tapa welcome to Sanjeev Kapoor khazana today I am presenting a small sugar showpiece in front of you for which I will be using two techniques casting as well as pulled-sugar technique for doing these two techniques there are certain tools which you need to have to start with the sugar work first of all we need to have a pair of gloves I use latex examination gloves for this then you need to have silicon mats why I say silicon mats because when we pour hot sugar it sticks to other surfaces so silicon is the best surface for pouring sugar so I use the decorative silicon mat for creating different textures and I will be using a plain silicon mat for casting some pieces we can cast in metal as well so this is a simple ring in which I will be creating a base for my showpiece I use silicon noodles for casting artistic shapes these are thick silicon strips which are used for creating wonderful shapes on the mat and hot sugar is poured in these we will observe during the demonstration then you need a silicon spatula for storing sugar and of course the thermometer is needed to check the temperature of molten sugar a pair of scissors and a metal rod which will act as a stopper when I pour sugar in silicon strips this will act as a stopper to stop hot sugar flowing out from the created mode in addition to this we need induction plate and a heavy bottomed pan which is compatible with induction plate to create a sugar showpiece we have to start with cooking or paisa mode now what is isomalt isomalt is a sugar substitute which is obtained from beet roots it looks like this why I prefer using isomalt over sugar is that it does not absorb moisture and it does not caramelize and thirdly we can add different colors to it and create wonderful show pieces so for cooking one recipe of isomalt you need to have 1/2 kg isomalt and 50 ml of water so when I start cooking it I put 50 ml of water in the pan and put isomalt in small small batches till it becomes absolutely clear so when I put first batch of isomalt I ensure that it melts properly then only I put the second lot of isomalt this isomalt is easily available in stores these days where you get all the bakery ingredients and tools so you can get it from the market and start making sugar showpieces you can create lovely flower you can create shiny ribbons and you can create a wall effect in front of customers and your guests by creating lovely show pieces and putting them on your dining table once the entire lot of isomalt is melted we have to ensure that it reaches to the temperature of 160 degree centigrades for this I will be using this thermometer to check the temperature now whenever we are cooking sugar or iCIMOD we have to ensure that the temperature is accurate because otherwise the texture of the final product will vary now if you observe carefully it has started melting but we have to ensure that every grain of isomalt is dissolved properly and it is crystal clear while you're cooking isomalt you have to ensure that the sides of the pan are clean so use a brush preferably a silicon brush to clean the sides of the pan for that you have to dip it in cold water and wipe off the sides properly it has started bubbling now and we have to wait for the temperature to go up to 160 degrees centigrade yeah so it's 160 degrees we have to emerge the base of the pan in cold water so as to stop cooking okay before we pour isomalt into the ring we have to ensure that the inner side of the ring is properly oiled so you can use any vegetable oil for brushing inside the metal rings so we are ready for casting so once the isomalt is ready we have to pour it into the mold these silicone noodles can be used to cast any artistic shape with sugar so if I want a shape I have to just place these noodles on a silicon mat to create that shape and I cast sugar in this created mold just to stop sugar flowing out from these noodles I'll just put a stopper here so I am using a thin metal rod to stop sugar flowing out from these metal rod please ensure that you apply a little oil on the metal piece so that not stick to this piece so I am ready to cast in this created mold using silicon noodle and I have chosen a bluish green color for my structure for creating this color I have used a drop of blue with half a drop of green gel color so as to get a nice shade which is a mixture of blue and green and this will give a glassy look to your sculpture so once it is perfectly melted I will be casting in silicone noodles for making next color for the ribbon I am using green gel color so I've put a drop of green gel color and I will be mixing it nicely so I am pouring it on a silicon mat and before it cools down I will be pulling it to create a shiny satiny appeal so this is a nice bright green color I have chosen for the ribbon and we are doing a nice yellow and green ribbon today so let us understand how we pull it now before we start pulling the sugar we have to check these sides once they are getting cold the sides in so that they don't get tough and once the mixture stops flowing we will start the pulling technique if you can observe it is still slowing once it stops flowing we have to start the pulling technique pulling this sugar you will observe how this simple looking lump of sugar will turn bright green and satiny so we are ready to pull so when I am pulling I am slightly twisting and turning so when I pull I twist and turn twist and turn twist and turn so I have to do it 20 21 times so as to achieve perfect shine before it gets cooled down completely we have to keep pulling it to achieve this satiny finish so twist turn pull twist turn if you observe it is turning shiny and satiny so if you can see it has achieved a perfect gloss and it is ready to be cut so I will be cutting it into small pieces and I will be leaving it for cooling down once this sugar cools down completely I can preserve it in an airtight jar and it can be used for weeks together so every time you don't have to pull it you can use these preserved pieces and create flowers and ribbons so when I have to pull a flower or a ribbon out of it I will warm it up under a lamp or and create a certainiy ribbon with this so the molten isomalt was poured on this mat and now we are ready to pull sugar to create a shiny effect so we have to pull it before it sets this yellow I will be using to create a ribbon with a combination of green color so it's almost done now I am ready to cut the pieces when I cut I make it flat so that the pieces cool down faster so using a pair of scissors I've cut the pieces into small small chunks and I will wait till they get cold and dry so once the piece is ready I will be melting it again under a sugar lamp and I can create flowers and ribbon out of it I am adding red gel color to this molten iCIMOD for my pulled sugar rolls so let's see how the color looks like I think we can put some more red color into it we must always use darker colors when we are pulling sugar because when we pull it the color becomes lighter because incorporation of air so I think this looks perfect so now I can pour it over a silicon mat and start the pulling technique so this red color I will be using to create a pulled sugar rose for all of you today so you can imagine a beautiful red rose with a yellow and green ribbon it will look really beautiful on a showpiece when you're decorate thoughts or you're decorating your wedding cakes you can use these pulled sugar roses and ribbons so when I am ready to cut these pieces I have to ensure that I have made it flatter so that the pieces dry out faster once these pieces are absolutely cold and dry we can store them in an airtight container with little silica gel so that they remain fresh and dry for your use in future so I will put all these pieces in an airtight container and I am putting this silica gel along with these pieces this silicon absorb all the moisture and will keep these pieces dry I will be keeping them in this box so have to keep these pieces airtight but at room temperature we don't have to store sugar in refrigerator for making a ribbon first of all we have to make sure that the sugar pieces which we have already pulled are at right temperature and consistency so what I am doing is I am putting them under the lamp to make them soft again you can even make them warm in a microwave by heating them for 20 to 25 seconds so for making a ribbon I am using two colors both the pieces should be at right temperature and consistency you have to join them together like this and turn it I intend to create stripes of yellow and green so that is why I am folding it to three times so that I get the desired pattern so once I achieve the pattern I am ready to pull it so ribbon looks beautiful when it is twisted and curled so I am going to give it that shape so what I will do I will cut this ribbon in two pieces and I will turn it around this rolling pin to give it a nice curly shape I use a blowtorch for heating this scraper it should be hot enough so that it cuts the ribbon evenly if you don't have this grow thoughts at home you can heat the spatula or scraper over the burner this is done now I am ready to twist it I can't twist it because it has become tough so what I am going to do is I am going to put it damp and make it little soft and I will twist it around this rolling pin you can even use a salamander for making the sugar pieces warm so once it becomes nice and pliable I will be just twisting it around this rolling thing and once it becomes cold I will pull out the rolling pin and we'll have a nice curly ribbon in front of us so to make sure that it retains its shape around the rolling pin so that we can easily take out the rolling pin and it will remain as curly as we wanted I think it is cold enough now we can take out the rolling pin and you'll see a beautiful ribbon in my hands I hope you like it you can even create small loops out of it so as to prepare a bow or a nice flower by using these small small loops so for that you have to cut the river into small pieces and turn around the rolling pin to create a nice loop again you have to wait for it to become cold so that it retains its shape and once it becomes cold and dry I am going to remove the rolling pin and we'll have a nice loop which can be used to create a bow effect or it can be used to create another flower which we can make by using seven to eight bows together so you can create another flower by joining these loops together so six to eight eight loops together will make a lovely flower so this way you can create beautiful ribbons by using different colors you can use your imagination and create a color combination which goes best with the theme of your sugar showpiece you can even create another type of piece for your showpiece by twisting these pieces together this way you can make handles of your baskets and you can even create joy sticks by using red and white combination for your Christmas theme or you can twist them in any shape and use them as fillers on your showpiece so once you achieve the desired thickness you can cut off the extra pieces this piece can go like this on your showpiece somewhere as a filler now we will be creating the pulled sugar rolls so the pieces which we had kept in an airtight container are now ready for making a rose we have to keep them on the lamp to make them soft we can even warm them up in microwave and make them soft and pliable like this so the piece is ready it is at desired consistency we can start with the pulling process so once the piece is soft and pliable I will be pulling petals out of it to create a burn and then a flood out of it so I'm making a small pattern and I will be turning it so once the piece is soft and pliable I will be pulling petals to create a bud and then complete rows so I am taking a small petal for the center of the rose and I will be twisting it like this to create the innermost part of the rose then similarly I will be pulling another petal to cover the centerpiece so this paddle will be folded around the center to create a nice but similarly one after the other we have to assemble petals around this but when you are going from Center to outside you have to ensure that every time you are increasing the size of the petal so this is bigger than the previous one and I will be folding it around the second petal now if you see the center is ready and the petals which I will be putting around the centerpiece will be slightly curved to give it an effect of an open rules if you watch carefully this piece will be slightly curved on the edges so as to create an open rolls effect so I will be making six petals like this to fold around the center and complete my rolls you should always make one or two petals extra because while you are joining them together they may bring so once the petals are ready we'll be putting them around this bud so for joining these pieces together I have to use a blowtorch so I am melting at the base of the petal so that it fixes properly around the bud so similarly petal by petal we have to complete this rule after joining the petals together the Rose will look like this it's a small role if you want a bigger one you can put 6 more petals around this rose now I will be placing it on a piece of silver foil once you feel the pieces are cold and dry you can take off the silicon noodles and this stopper so carefully I am going to pull it away and feel the noodles off if you observe carefully the edges if at all they are not neat enough you can slightly use a blowtorch to make them neat and even so that they look really beautiful and perfect on a show similarly I will take out the ring from this piece and peel it off from the mat and you see a duffle pattern emerging on this piece and this piece actually looks like a glass piece that's the beauty of sugar dear friends so dear friends we are ready to assemble the showpiece we have all the components ready in front of us here is the base so that's the main body and the rose and the ribbon now for joining all the pieces together I will be using this melted isomalt which we cooked in the beginning I have just microwaved it for one minute and it has become like this and I will be using it as a glue to join all the pieces together so a little drop of isomalt I will be putting on the plate or the platter so that the sculpture sticks to the platter and it does not move so here I go I am putting the base first and ensure that it sticks and it does not move I am ready for the second piece so first of all you have to check the positioning of the piece it should look perfect as you have imagined and once you find the perfect place of it you have to stick it together to the base so with the drop of molten isomalt I am sticking these two pieces together you have to ensure that it sticks properly because this is the body of the showpiece now comes the most beautiful piece of the showpiece that is called sugar rose so here it goes on the showpiece so I'm going to fix it here using little molten isomalt so I will just choose the best place for it and then I am going to stick it together using isomalt we will wait for it to get set properly then the final piece that is ribbon now comes the final piece I wish to join two ribbons behind this rose so let me see where it looks the best and I'm going to join it there you can even use some silver balls to add Beauty to your show pieces like I have used four pieces in front of this rules so it's ready for final presentations you all can have a look so I've created this showpiece today using two techniques casting of sugar and pulled-sugar technique so using these two techniques you can create lovely show pieces which are beautiful and attractive you can change the shapes you can change the colors you can create different types of flowers and different styles of ribbons you can create bows and you can even create bunches cakes and decorate your wedding cakes as well so I hope you are ready and excited to try this sugar work and create wonderful pieces of art

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  1. Thank you soo much, this is by far the most informative sugar art video. She explains everything in such a simple way. I watched other videos and there wasn't this much explanation compared to just demonstration. I'm a nerd so I like to know the "why" for the process, so thanks again!

  2. I really like your skills, can you tell me where can I buy the silicon noodle PLEASE. OR IF SOMEONE KNOWS COULD YOU POST THE WEBSITE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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    And seriously speechless to see this… Love this lady
    I wish they will make more descriptive and more detailed video in future.. ..
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