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Namaskar,Sat shri Akal,Adav. HI Friends! I am is Harwinder Singh Grewal .Owner of pet shop and farm. There is a Good News for you IN this OCtober 22nd we have completed our one year of this channel and my Show. So We are organising a small party So you all are invited in this party any body can come in this party , Most Welcome. you can click invitation link on my facebook page who are interested. So Let us Know, How many my friends and susriber will join this party So that we can arrange a material for our Guests PLease my friend well come and Most Well come! IN small Shop and Small Farm most Well come. Hi friends! Today is my topic about PLease request to all my dear friends Dont serve milk to dog Same i say to every body Again people ask me Question LIke they mixed milk in feed, rice And any another home bake meals. So its difficult to explain them But i will give you small idea Dog is used to milk Suppose from last year, two year and some myfriends give milk from last five year. then asked me Why my dog is not healthy. So how to Quiet the habit of milk Its very simple way ,you will give glass of milk in a single time to your dog Then mixed in meal or direct way And another source of food ,rice and so other So What you should to do Firstly you should start step by step then Take out one spoon of milk in a glass of milk and add a spoon water Next Day Two spoon of milk take from glass and added two spoon of water Third day three spoon of milk take from glass and added three spoon of water perhaps this process is running for 15 days or20 days but in the end of the day in your Glass only one or two spoon milk will be left then remaining 90% or 95% Will be water then only white colour will left that white colour is enough for your dog after that they can leave that thing Then dog dont know how they step by step in water or milk one spoon of milk is available that is not difficult thing which has transfer do not change in taste it is only for 15 days hard work when we choose this way we can do take care of our dog and our dog will be healthy and our dog is safe from diseases which is causes by milk how much problem will be created by milk there are my many friends who keep female dog because we will do breeding some money will come in home then they can better care of their child like school fee And will purchasing home things when that female one time come in heat in a year which is only causes by milk better way to transfer that dog totally this can be helpfull for two time breeding of dog And his/her child will also healthy we can save the Expenditure of milk and medicine So totally process of transfer to dog will be 15 to 20 days But please this is a only way So 90% dog quiet to eat meals And some another reason Please try step by step And please added liver tonic Which is any company Liver tonic is most important This wil be help to maintain proper feed if we do not provide proper milk to dog there is no changes can be seen his behaviour and eating habbit So the most important is Dont serve milk to your dog please change this tottal;y Please provide meals in Lassi mixed with curd or water But not serve in milk This is a only way One spoon of milk will decrease and one spoon of water will increase And Quantity of milk will be decreases slowly slowly please my friend this is a small topic but will be very helpfull for your dog which will be save your Expendituture Thankyou friend please be carefull about this thing Hi friends . i have good news for you We meet today first sponsor of channel Mr Gurmeet singh ji he made electronic gadget you can handle your electronics items comfortlably like room electronics fan off/ on , lights off/on Fan regulator after he will give more information hello friends , My name is Gurmeet I design product , which name is electroswitch In this you can do the lights switch off and on regulate the fan socket or switch board in which we can put cooler switch or any other product like mobile charger you can manage with the help of timer or for more information visit my website or its price Rs1199 its very cheapest or if you see product like this on market or internet it is very cheapest than others you can contact me on my number its also my whatts app number its free delivery in all india Many Many Thanks Friends We get a first sponser So thankyou very much This will be done with blessing of{ God} And you Any online service If you want to advertisement for our channel If you want to make our sponser THis is our Email Id [email protected] PLease give us contact number We will up to contact with you Thanks friend for watching my video As you know in Fan of the month competit ion who will be share our video in Facebook or RE tweet in tweeter And which will be first commentor of my video Any comment will be we divide in three figure In August month I will give gift voucher of RUPES 500 From Amazon Company So thankyou my friend AS you know i have my app if any problem please watch my video and 90%video are available Please sir firstly my watch video then send message and call Please search that video in my app And 90% of video are available related to your dog problem And related to feed and medicine So Please download my app and watch my video one more benefits of that thing you can watch my video before 24 hours as compare you tube users Because our video will start 24 hours in this competion only those are eligible who are subsicribe my channel please my friend firstly subsicribe my channnel An press the option of bell so that you can watch notification And youcan early comment in my video And online buying section is also available you can buy anything related to your dog LIke Food supplement, medicine everything in there we can deliver in your home Any thing Thank you very much And Bye.

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