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Think that vegetarian cooking
is a little intimidating? Maybe a little boring? Think again. Today, we’ll be cooking up a flavor-packed and easy-to-prepare plant-based dish that goes way beyond a regular green salad. I’m chef Emily, and you’re watching Aprons Cooking School Online. (MUSIC) All right guys, we’re going to go ahead and start making our Penne with Italian-Grain Sausage and Rapini. So over here, I have a pot of water that I brought up to a boil. You can salt this, but because there’s actually
some salt added to this dish, you don’t have to add that extra salt. Then I carefully add that in, and be careful when you’re adding pasta to water. You want to add it slowly so
that water doesn’t splash you. And if you can see,
I’m just giving it a good mix. Every so often, make sure you stir it
so that way the pasta doesn’t stick
to the bottom of the pot. But over here, I want to go ahead and
roast our cherry tomatoes. To this, we’re going
to add some olive oil. Two tablespoons. The other two tablespoons,
we’re going to put in this pan a little later to
caramelize our sausage. Okay, and then I have white pepper, which is literally the inside part
of a black peppercorn. Pretty cool. And our salt, excuse me. We’re going to give these a toss. Give them a little tossy toss. Get all the oil on the bottom. And we’re gonna add this
to our pre-lined foil pan. We did this because whenever
you’re roasting tomatoes, the skins start to pop a
little bit and stick to the pan. So, it’s going to make it a little bit
easier when you’re cleaning. All right. Spread them out a little bit. Give them a shake and we’re going to go into
our 450-degree oven. Stick that right in and forget about it for about eight minutes or so until they start to burst and
change a little bit in color. All right guys, so I got my
Italian grain-based sausage. We do need to remove
the casings from that. Pretty cool fact about this product is that it does have eggplants in it. You’re definitely not gonna miss
having the real sausage once you taste this one because
there’s gonna have a nice kick in there, and there’s also a little bit of fennel and red bell pepper. So you definitely wanna get
rid of this casing and stick that down below. And we’re going to cut these
into 1-inch pieces because we want them
all to be the same size when we go to cook them so they all cook at the same time. So, cutting these with a very sharp knife. Place them right onto here and we’re going to go ahead and
start caramelizing these on one side. So, add a little extra virgin
olive oil to your pan. We could use any kind of fat really —
olive oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil. Okay, make sure you go ahead
and coat your pan. I like to tilt my pan a little bit
to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Slide these guys on over. Using a pair of tongs, I’m going to place them
flat-side down. And I want to make sure
that I evenly cook these on both sides. So about two minutes per side. (MUSIC) Let me go ahead and
stir our pasta real quick. You definitely want to
get that drained right when the
eight minutes is up. And make sure you follow your manufacturer’s instructions on all pastas. They all cook at different times. So now we need to
go ahead and cut up a couple things. I do have shallots here and some rapini. I’m gonna do the shallots first. Now if you haven’t had
one of these before — really great flavor. They’re small, but they
pack a lot of punch. A cross between like
garlic and onion flavor. I’m going to cut the
top and the bottom off. And what that’s going to do is help me create a flat side on my cutting board. Okay, same with this one. And we’re just going to
cut these into rounds. Okay. So you can see I’m just going to
peel the outer layer. Okay. I’m going to do
another slit on the side; peel this one off as well. So taking my knife, I’m gonna go ahead and
slice these nice and thin. And you know, take your time. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Your knife should be very, very sharp to make it a little bit easier for you. Nothing worse than a dull knife. So I definitely tell my friends and family to make sure you keep your knife sharp. Place all these shallots
back into this bowl here, and I need to flip my sausage. So I can’t cut that rapini just yet. Sausage is on its own
timeline over here. So the two minutes have gone by, and you can see we’re starting
to get a nice caramelization on those. You don’t want them to go too long, because they will start to burn. So I’m going to go ahead and flip these guys over
on the other side. I can definitely smell the fennel. It smells really good. So while we’re monitoring these, we’re gonna go ahead and cut our rapini. Now if you haven’t had rapini before, it is a bitter green. I definitely suggest trying
it if you haven’t had it before. They have these little tiny
broccoli florets on the top. So we do want to
take the stem off. Let me show you
how to do that. Take your knife,
trim off the stem there. Those can go away. And now we’re going
to cut the leaves. Now, anytime you have a bunch
of leaves on your cutting board — I like to stack them up
a little bit more evenly like so. Cutting in small batches. You can roll them up a little bit,
and we’re just gonna cut them. Maybe about one-inch strips. Turn them, cut them again crosswise. (MUSIC) So you can see here that
I do have some basil already stacked and ready to go. I did take off the stems. It’s going to make it a little bit easier when you go to cut it. We’re going to do a cut
here called chiffonade. It’s basically when you roll up your leaves — you can even do this with lettuce,
heads of lettuce, and other herbs as well. And we’re just going to
cut them into smaller strips. When you go to pull them apart, they kind of have a
nice, beautiful way they flow. So when you add them
on top of your dish, it’ll be very nice. All right, there’s our drained and cooled pasta So, now we need to add in our rapini. The rapini is going to cook
down quite a bit. You definitely want to make sure to add it all at once so that way it can reduce down quickly. And then as this cooks down, the shallots will start to caramelize
in the bottom of the pan. I know this looks like a lot of greens,
but don’t worry. It will definitely cook down. All right, so if you hear that sound, we’re still cooking down the rapini. A lot of that water is being
expelled from the leaves. But we do need to
give this a good toss. So I’m just going to
use my tongs for that. We do need to let this cook
for about three to four minutes. Well, look at that. We are ready for our stock now. So again, looking for those greens
to be cooked down quite a bit before we add in our liquid. And what this is going to do is
it’s going to pick up all of those caramelized pieces that
the sausage left behind. We do want to scrape
the bottom a little bit. Oh yeah, that smells good. Now that this is starting to reduce, we want to definitely
do it by half. So what you’re going to
be looking for is liquid. It’s pretty high up — about a
quarter of the way up the pan. We want that to be about half that. And we can actually drag
the wooden spoon through later and it’ll kind of leave a long streak. So, let that go. Now that we have that, we do need to juice our lemon. The lemon’s actually going
to add a little bit of acidity to the dish that we definitely need. Cut this in half, and use my trusty juicer here. So much easier than
hand-squeezing. (laugh) So if you are shopping at Publix
and you’re looking for lemons, go for the softer ones because
they’re a little bit more juicy. Then the ones that
have the tougher skin you can use for zesting. So it looks like we have reduced
down quite a bit. So you can see what I’m looking for is
I drag my spoon through and there’s a little bit of liquid left in there, and that’s what’s going to
be the sauce for our pasta. So, I do need to pull those
cherry tomatoes out, but first, let’s add
in our pasta to this. But you need to make sure
that you turn the heat off completely before you add this in because we don’t want to cook
the pasta a second time. It’ll definitely start to become mushy. So, add this in. And we do need to season
this with some pepper. So we’re using fresh
cracked black pepper. We’re also going to
add in our lemon juice and the basil that we
chiffonade earlier today. But now we need
to go ahead and check out our cherry
tomatoes in the oven. It’s a very hot oven, so be careful. Step back a little bit
before you pull those out. I really do love the fact that I
won’t have to clean this pan later, because I lined it. Smart thinking. Those look good. Give them a shake. You can see there’s a
little bit of color on those. I’m going to slide these
right into the pan. They’re very fragile,
so be careful. And now we can give this a toss. And this vegan sausage
is looking delicious. All right, so grab your spoon. We’re going to plate this up. And this would be a great dish
to have even for the weekday. So, if you’re really busy and you
want something to go to work — I’m always bringing food to work, so great to share with
friends and family. We’re going to add
our cheese on top. Extra cheese for me. A little for you
if you want some. I definitely want to try a little
bit of everything here. I get a piece of that
cherry tomato, some of the rapini,
and the pasta. Don’t forget the sausage as well. It looks great. Mmmm, that is really good. So, I have to be honest. I don’t really miss the
gluten-based pasta. The gluten free is just as good. It has a nice bite to it. The sausage has a good kick and
I love the fennel seed in there. It tastes like real sausage. And if you want to make
this dish at home, download the recipe at
the link in the description below. You can watch our other
Aprons Cooking School Online videos and subscribe for
even more Publix content. Thanks for watching.

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