Pat's Backcountry Beverages 2.0 (blue) Carbonator Bottle Demo

Pat's Backcountry Beverages 2.0 (blue) Carbonator Bottle Demo

hi i'm patrick founder of pats backcountry beverages this is our instructional video for the blue carbonator bottle for this demo I'm going to be mixing up one of our pale rails to follow along you'll need one of our blue carbonator bottles beverage concentrate of your choice some activator and a source of water now I'm using some cap water for this video however when you're in the backcountry you're going to want to source your water by filtering it from the nearest lake or stream so step one is to load the carbonator cap with water so we'll remove the cap from the bottom and set the reaction cup off to the side then we're going to add a little bit of water to the bottle doesn't really matter how much and we'll attach the cap back onto the bottom flip it all upside down unlock the lever and then cycle the lever back and forth to the 45-degree position about six times until you can see the water squirting out we're going to lock the lever back in place flip it all right back up again so step two we're going to actually mix our beverage so I'm going to tear open a packet of the pail rail and squirt it all into the bottle and then I'm going to top the bottle off to the 16 ounce line that's on the back of the bottle with some more water there we go so we've got a 16 ounce beverage ready to go and that's step 2 so step three is to carbonate and we're going to take a packet of activator give it a little shake that way all the powder settles to the bottom of the packet and tear it open we're going to dump the contents of the packet into the reaction cup and then attach the reaction cup back onto the cap nice and secure and then we'll attach the cap back onto the bottle now to start the carbonation process we're going to unlock the lever cycle it back and forth to the 45 degree position about six times and then we're going to lock the lever down and shake our beverage for one to two minutes make sure that as you're shaking it you're going side to side that will allow the co2 to flow out of the reaction cup and into your drink okay so I've been shaking the bottle for about two minutes now and I want to emphasize that the whole time I've been keeping the bow vertical and I've only been shaking side to side so the next step is just to set it down and let it rest for about a minute so the beverage has been sitting for about a minute now resting it's really important that you give it time to rest because just like any carbonated beverage you don't want to shake it up and open it right away and make a mess we'll go ahead and relieve the pressure from the bottle by unlocking the lever and now we're going to lift the lever up past the 45 degree position very slowly so that it relieves the pressure and remove the cap and Cheers

4 thoughts on “Pat's Backcountry Beverages 2.0 (blue) Carbonator Bottle Demo

  1. is there any difference between the blue bottle and the one i have which is clear and oarnge. because this is much easier than the directions that came with mine.

  2. Thank you for the video! It helps make sense of the instructions. Now off to the back country to test it out!

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