Pan-fried meat & tofu patties (Wanja jeon: 완자전)

Pan-fried meat & tofu patties (Wanja jeon: 완자전)

(chopping) (cheerful music) – Hi everybody! Today, I’m going to show you how to make really easy, simple, delicious side dish. It’s called wanja-jeon. It’s meat and tofu patties. This is a really great side dish for Korean dosirak, lunch box. I used to make this for
my children all the time, even for myself, and its so easy, easily
you can make it. And also tasty and not dry, juicy because we add tofu and vegetables. meat, I’m using beef, but you guys can use also pork, or mix of beef and pork. I will use half pound
lean cut ground beef. Then, lets add tofu. 116 grams, around four ounces. And, just rinse in cold water
and wrap this in paper towel. Let’s squeeze this guy. I just squeezed. Total amount, around one
tablespoon water was squeezed. (laughs) Keep this tofu left
over and then we’ll just fill it up with water, cold water, and keep in the refrigerator, but, you gotta use in a couple of days. And we gotta season this, so, onion (chopping) onion, around 2 or 3 tablespoons, amount chopped, minced onion. (chopping) And we are going to add
chopped green onion, and also one garlic cloves (running water) This is one of my cookbook recipes too. In my cookbook I didn’t add a red color, I like to add this carrot. Just a little bit. (chopping) Make this really small pieces. (chopping) That’s it, this amount. I will add one teaspoon salt, and half teaspoon soy sauce, and ground black pepper. And then, last one, what do you expect? Sesame oil! Really, last one, egg, one egg. (crack) I’m gonna mix this with my hand. Before this, I like to wash. (running water) To mix this well, you gotta use your hand. Make it sticky lump. Like that. Looks delicious! (water running) I use beef, but you can
use also shiitake mushroom. If you want to use shiitake mushrooms, should be dried shiitake mushrooms soak in water until really flexible, and then you just squeeze out water and then chop it up, really small pieces and then just use this way, method. All purpose flour here, and then I’m going to…around this, I’m going to make shape these. Look like a hamburger patty, isn’t it? When you cook this, this
beef is going to be, the center part is
going up, Expand. So just press here in
the center part, like that. And then, let’s coat. Before coating,
I’m going to use another one. (upbeat music) Yes. Nice beautiful shape (upbeat music) So you can sprinkle some on the bottom so it’s not to stick to each other later. (upbeat music) 16 disks meat patties And then, we are going to pan fry these. Just before frying them, we
are going to dip this in egg. I use two eggs, but one egg plus one egg yolk because, the egg yolk makes it yellow. (crack) I want more yellow
color, beautiful color (crack) Wow, I got it! And then, a pinch of salt. Well mix. (whisking) Let’s pan fry these guys! and oil. Grapeseed oil, egg, and patties here. I will use medium heat
instead of medium high because I don’t want to brown my pancakes. Add some oil. Pan is heated. Take one and coat, dip this in egg, like this. (sizzling) I will just divide two batches, so, eight. When you make this pancake, you
have to really focus on this otherwise its going to go brown. It should look pretty I really don’t want to lose yellows color Nice, light, golden
brown, when the bottom is we just flip it over. I cook this one minute. You can add some more oil. (sizzling) Another couple of minutes, turn over. (intense sizzling) I like to clean this up. My second batch. (sizzling) Almost I have to clean up around here. One minute later. (sizzling) ok turn off and transfer these. Done. This is dill, I’m going
to use nice garnish. I’m going to make lunch box. Spinach, sigeumchi namul. Rice, and wanja-jeon I will just put wanja-jeon in, like this. This is side dish. Small anchovy Anchovies, I stir fried, and
I just mixed with seasonings. Kind of spicy, spicy and crunchy. This is very salty. here, sigeumchi namul. This is black sesame seeds. This is lunch box. And napkin, chopsticks, that’s it. This is a lunch box. It is kind of heavy. This is a good size of dosirak for maybe a junior high school student, or elementary school
fifth-grader. (laughs) I have a really funny story. When I lived in Korea, at that time I had never been to America and there was my friend
who came from America. She studied in America for long time, and she then came and lived just near us. One of my friends asked her, “Oh, I don’t know what to do, “My husband’s friend,
he comes from America. “He is visiting us, I
don’t know what to make, “what kind of food can impress him?” We Koreans think the really
best top quality food is really difficult food,
like some mountain delicacy. Some dried sweet potato stems, fernbrake or, you know, it takes a
lot of time to prepare. But my friend who came
from America, she said, “Why don’t you make wanja-jeon? “All Americans love hamburger. “Korean wanja-jeon is
similar to hamburger, “and besides, more tasty. “When I lived in
America I used to make this, “when we had a party,
it always just runs out quickly.” So she just gave us a good tip. at the time
I’d never been to America I thought, “wow, interesting, wanjajeon, making wanja-jeon is such easy, I all the time make this for lunch box, but Americans really love this? That’s very interesting to me.” That means, you
guys are making this and then you will be popular. Make it really nicely yellow color. Don’t lose yellow color by
cooking over medium heat, instead of medium high
heat, or it will turn brown. (laughs) Mmmm (light energetic music) When I chew this, all
these textures are different, meaty and juicy, succulent, so tasty. Today, we made wanja-jeon,
meat and tofu patties. Enjoy my recipes, see you next time Bye! (cheerful music)

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