Palong Shak Ghonto—Palang Saag Bengali Recipe—Spinach Mixed Vegetable Curry—Indian Spinach Dishes

Palong Shak Ghonto—Palang Saag Bengali Recipe—Spinach Mixed Vegetable Curry—Indian Spinach Dishes

Palong Shaak’er Ghonto palong shaak (spinach) 300g potatoes 60g
4cm cubes sweet potatoes 60g; potatoes 60g pumpkin 150g brinjal 150g moolo (radish) 80g sheem (broad beans) 60g dal’er bori 10 pcs coriander leaves 15g dried red chillies 2 pcs; bay leaves 2 pcs kaalo jeere ¼ tsp turmeric 2g cumin powder ½ tsp; turmeric 2g salt 7g; sugar 15g spinach is full of soil and dirt; soak in water for 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly, several times, before using separate leaves from the stalks divide stalks in 6cm segments pile spinach (leaves + stalks) into a pan sprinkle 2g salt steam on medium heat for 8 minutes heat 35g mustard oil fry bori until golden (20 seconds) set aside fry brinjal until golden (4 minutes) set aside 10g more mustard oil temper with dried red chillies bay leaves, kaalo jeere in this torkari, vegetables are cooked, slowly, in their own juices stir, cover, and keep heat low this is the remaining salt (5g) remember to keep heat low, stir regularly, and cover the pan lightly squeeze water from spinach (reserve the water) continue cooking on low heat until veggies are done (10 minutes); stir intermittently break bori into shards chop coriander moisture from the spinach will cook the vegetables; in case vegetables stick to the pan, add some of the squeezed-out spinach water fried brinjal; fried bori cover again to allow brinjal and bori to soak up the juices (4 minutes) slit green chilli, coriander one last stir:; be gentle so that the veggies don’t disintegrate fluffy, steaming rice (link in description) mosur dal (link in description)

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  1. 1. Okay, there are some crazies in the comments spearheading various movements to change the labelling of this recipe. Yes, this is a ghonto, because a ‘ghonto’ is simply a dry curry of vegetables, usually prepared without adding any extra water. The idea is to cook the vegetable(s) slowly in their own juices. A ‘ghonto’ is, therefore, a preparation technique and not tied to the use of specific ingredients like coconut or green peas, or even choice of phoron!
    2. That brings us to the use of kaalo jeere as tempering. We love panch phoron as much as the next Bangali, but in our house we don’t use it in everything, and this happens to be one such dish.
    3. Why we steamed the spinach beforehand? That is because raw spinach gives out a LOT of moisture, which can make the torkari watery, leading to overcooked, disintegrated veggies (we really don’t like them in a mush). As we’ve mentioned in the video, we like to reserve the spinach water at first, and add it only if we find the vegetables have become too dry and are sticking to the pan. Besides, if you steam spinach on medium to high heat, you will not be left with a lot of excess water (as you see in the video, we had barely ¼ cup remaining in the pan).

    Finally, you all know this, but it bears repeating. Bengali cuisine is mindbogglingly diverse, with so many little variations that even a small tweak (like choice of phoron) is capable of producing an entirely different-tasting end result. None of those variations are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. This happens to be how palong shaak is eaten in our house—with kaalo jeere and coriander leaves. By all means, leave suggestions of your family’s variations below. We may even give some of them a try, if we fancy them.

    There is no authoritative way of cooking any particular dish (in fact, you should be suspicious of anyone claiming theirs is the ‘authentic’ recipe, because there is no such thing). These are our family’s recipes, and we love them, and the point of this whole project is to celebrate, and carry forward, what OUR mothers and grandmothers have passed on to us. If you feel strong pride about YOUR family’s cooking, we suggest you document and share your recipes with everyone. We’re sure we could all benefit from them.

    Peace everyone. Cook something nice this weekend, and just relax.

  2. I downloaded all your vegetarian dishes (non onion and garlic)cause gonna cook all of them as bhog to Maa Kali during Kali Puja may the goddess bless this channel and you see new heights!

  3. Tejpata, mulo, dhonepata is not needed. It doesn't go well in this dish and boiling spinach beforehand is also unnecessary.

  4. If your videos recipes were books, they should have been included or better, mandated in every school syllabus/curriculum. They make the rocket science of cooking into ABCs, with everyday locally available ingredients. I want to be the first one to call your videos as nationally deserving course for every citizen to promote well being of own and fellow mate/family/fraternity. Thank you Bong Eats.

  5. I made this and it was yummy… Except for Mulo, I added potol as my husband not a big fan of Mulo. Thank you @bongeats you are helping me in cooking all traditional Bangla Ranna 😊😊😘😘

  6. Sotti jiv e jol ese gelo…. kal e bou k banate bolbo…. but just to add Jodi ei recipe ta aktu macher tel die banano jeto kemon hoto!!! Just curious….👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

  7. Amader barite palong saak ranna hoy kokhono panchforon abar kokhono sudhu kalojire diye..r aloo,begun,sim r bori use hoy..kumro,mulo,Misti aloo,ba dhone pata use hoyni konodin..tomader ei ranna ta dekhe mone hochhe ogulo dileo besh valoi khete hobe..tai Akbar evabe try korbo..thanks for this ghonto recipe..

  8. If mustard paste is used in the end the taste would b lovely.
    One thing more don't ve to boil the spinach separately. Mixing with vegetables the spinach will become tender automatically

  9. Just correction er jonno…sheem r bean ta alada…ota bean e hobe…
    Baki sob osadharon sathe palong sak o… quality video.
    Best of Luck 👍

  10. OMG! It seems you have mastered different culinary techniques. Your recipes are awesome to watch & easy to replicate at home. It looks so delicious & I presume it would taste heavenly too. Thanks for sharing awesome videos. Keep on sharing & keep on entertaining us. Keep it up!

  11. This used to be winter special during my childhood days…those days we were fond of any other cuisine than Bengali…now I want to recreate my childhood dishes and relish… watching your video give me that pleasure…I am not sure if I will cook this but I am surely enjoying watching this video…

  12. you people are doing it in a right way very promising each & every reciepie just loved it the way of prrsentation evrerything is best the best cooking channel from Bengal… just loved it Keep going 1Million soon….😀👌🏼

  13. পালং শাক আলাদা করে সেদ্ধ করার দরকার হয় না। সবজি অল্প সেদ্ধ হলে তারমধ্যে পালং শাক দিলে , এমনিতেই সেদ্ধ হয়ে যাবে। বেগুন ও অন্যান্য সবজির মতো ডুমো ডুমো করে কাটলে ভালো হতো।

  14. Hello there. Love your recipes vids. Kindly pls tell me what is bori? & where can I get it. Many thanks for your hard work. Much love xx

  15. I love the recipies you make including this one…helps me a lot to cook bengali food. More importantly I love the videos for being so user friendly. The use of user experience elements like the labelling and sequential navigation is just perfect. Keep up the good work.

  16. পাঁচফোড়ন দিয়ে স্বাদ আরো ভালো হয়। ধনেপাতা কোনোদিন দেইনি। তবে কোনোদিন try করে দেখবো কেমন লাগে।

  17. J jai e boluk r joto e kharap comments koruk na kano apnara video kore jaan…karon aapnara best…r jokhon aapni aapnar loshkye pouchanor pothe cholbe tokhon kichhu haters toh thakbei…aapnader video gulo khub valo lagey amr….God bless you dada and boudi…..

  18. Recently chanced upon ur channel…very crisp and smart editing …love it…never used ' dhonepata' in palong …will give it a try..we also eat ' Lau palong' with ' radhuni phoron' …tastes like heaven …🙂

  19. Why is the daaler bori used? What flavours do they add? I am a complete beginner at cooking so I don't really know much.

  20. This is exactly the way my mother used to make her " saaker ghonto" and I am grateful to see this video. I will now not have to feel sad when I am in doubt – I will simply refer to this video and get the same taste as what Ma could conjure up! Thank you so much!!

  21. Just a request it will be of great help if instead of grams you can give the measurements of the ingredients in TSP/ tbsp. It's more easier. Regards

  22. This channel does everything very scientifically and systematically. With slow music, that adds the flavour. Great presentation.

  23. এই recipe টায় পালঙের জায়গায় পুঁইশাক ব্যবহার করা যায় কি? আমি পুঁইশাক নিয়ে এসেছি আজ…

  24. Tried this recipe for our Sunday lunch, n it was a Delish… We shared with our neighbors and th demand is such that next Sunday we shall make it in double th quantity. Your recipes are simple and showed so well.. Thanks once again 🌷

  25. ami vegetables khub ekta khete chai na but ei recipe ta mone hocche prochondo tasty hobe, gorom gorom bhaat er shathe onek tasty lagbe 😋

  26. I made this for dinner tonight with the plain masoor dal and rice! I didn't have palak, so substituted it with Kale.

    I love incorporating lots of different veggies as much as I do my meat, so thank you for all these different ways of making veggies beyond an "onion tomato gravy" 😇 Big fan of everything your channel does 🙃

  27. Apnadr ei ranna vedio dakhe Amio ank ranna korechi r ta khete besh valoi hoyechilo.. apnara ei vabei Nana rokom rannar vedio upload korun jate amr moton ank manusher subidha hoi… Thanks 😊

  28. Love your videos and I have been making the dishes. I am a punjabi who grew up in Bengal and love Bengali dishes and now I make them for my wife and friends. Today is the 3rd time I made Palok shak-er ghonto, in last 1 month or so, since I have started watching your cooking.

  29. Hie bong eats …i m a bihari …a strict vegetarian and the sight of non veg food makes me nauseous…i have come to bengal to do my MD and all i see are non veg dishes here..all around…but ur recipes are making me fall in love wd bengali cuisine ….the vegetarian dishes look to die for let alone n cook and eat them…🙂and the plating…damn !!!🤪 God bless u guys… personally i dont know or care about the authenticity of Bengali or any cuisine…all i care is how gud ur food looks and …God, i wud love to try all ur vegetarian dishes…thnx guys for bringing it out for all of us 🙂

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