Pad Thai Chicken and Seafood Fried Rice of Thailand

Pad Thai Chicken and Seafood Fried Rice of Thailand

[IRFAN’S VIEW’S INTRO MUSIC PLAYS] Hey hello guys!! We are in Thailand, Yesterday we had Octopus here, While on my way, I saw this shop, I found Pad thai Chicken here, And the fried rice in a Thailand style, I saw all this here, It looked beautiful for me. [MUSIC] We’ve bought Chicken Pad thai here, Sorry Pad Thai Chicken, I am confused with the names of the dish, They’ve placed the fried chicken in the upper portion. You might have seen the process of making Pad thai, He made it beautifully, In Pad thai you can find the thick noodles in it. They’ve added more greens and peanuts. I asked to make a spicy one, So they added more chillies, Pad Thai chicken from Thailand, Subscribe to my channel, [MUSIC] He added more peanuts, at that time itself I suspected it might give more flavor of Peanuts, In the very first bite, I could feel the strong flavor of peanuts, Spicy as well, They are not frying the chicken together, They make it separately and placing it on the top of the dish. Beautifully it got fried, The salt is little less in the chicken, But the batter has salt in it, They’ve deep fried the chicken, If we have the chicken along with Pad Thai, it would be tasty I guess. It is not comfortable for me, I am struggling a bit, Ahhh, I got it man!! Chicken with Pad Thai, Here you go! As I said before, The flavor of peanut plays a superior rule in this dish, We can name it as peanut noodles. Did they add the lemon on it? I didn’t get the flavor of it, I saw him using lemon on it, But I didn’t get the goodness of it still. It costs 200 bhat, Which is 400 rupees, Name of this place is Asiatique The River Front, Look at the fried rice here, They make the omelet first, and place the rice on it, And they flip it and serving it like this. It looks beatiful, We bought seafood fried rice, I am going to have it with the egg omelet by cutting it like this, When I open it, I found octopus tentacles, Also the chilly has got stuck in the middle, [IRFAN FOLLOWS THE SAYING “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE'”] If we examine it like this, it would be easy for us to have it. In the lower portion rice is there, upper portion egg is there, Together I am going to have it, It has the strong flavor of Garlic, No ginger flavor is strong in this dish than a garlic, They have added more amount of ginger, Rice is nicely cooked, Seafood is there as we asked for seafood fried rice, [MUSIC] It is yummy, I think they use peanut oil, I am getting the flavor of it, If I visit this place again, I will surely go for this. If you buy a chicken fried rice, it would be amazing, They also have chicken fried rice, They prepare it before, They keep it aside, If we ask for it, they will fry it instantly and serve us. They also have noodle, Oh man I didn’t see it. Try this for sure if you are in hunger, You will be happy, because I am happy, Octopus was also good, Let us try the noodles now, [MUSIC] To some other extent!!! What extent?
To some other extent!! That man is very cool here, Yesterday when we had the crocodile meat, We were roaming here, I was shooting this place with my Insta 360 degree, He just welcomed us with whole heartedly, I was happy at that time, As you can see now he is very friendly, I really appreciate, If you guys visit this place do come and try his food. You have seen how this noodle was made, He made it beautifully, It has been prepared already, At the time we ask he just fry it with an omelet, It gives a beautiful look when he does it. Again we are going to break it. [MUSIC] [IRFAN TEMPTS US ALL] When I had the seafood fried rice, I was a little puzzled. As the flavor of seafood were a little low in this dish, It was easy for me to have it, though. Look at the noodles, it looks beautiful. It is like a maggi, It was pulling me to try this when I saw this, But it has the more flavor of seafood, They didn’t add a fish in it, We can see the octopus, squids, Prawns, The flavor has gone to the core of this dish, Some may dislike it, I can have this because it is good and it looks beautiful. Shall I ask to put extra spiciness? I’ve asked for extra spiciness. He said he will give. We can add it, Oh man I added more of it, [IRFAN IS IN REAL DANGER] We came to have what we get, So let us manage. I got a prawn, They will have it with the tail, I guess. Let me remove it. Keep it aside, Just prick a prawn, Chilli, prawn and the noodles, Squid please stay back, Just take it like this. Just take the omelet, And also put it in the top, Prawn egg noodles, Here you go, [MUSIC] When you have it with the prawn you can feel the flavor even more. The best dish award goes to this seafood fried rice, Just try this if you guys visit this place. Now Taj is going to taste it. [MUSIC] [FINALLY TAJ HAS GIVEN CHANCE TO TASTE IT] It is good. IRFAN: You like it? What you like in it? The ingredients, This noodle taste really good [MUSIC] We are going to finish our day with the lemon tea, Lemon tea also little expensive here, It looks beautiful, One lemon tea cost 60 bhat, I feel everything is a little expensive in this place. The fried rice, pad thai chicken and noodle cost around 600 bhat. He asked for 600 bhat, I gave him. I saw another two people who have come from another country, They asked for the price of Fried rice, He said 200 bhat, They gave a smile and left the place. In this place, the prices are expensive. Maybe if you have food outside, it would be little low. We are thirsty as hell, I feel happy that I got an iced tea for my thirst. We can drink it without any complaints, Refreshing drink, [IRFAN MENTION THE INGREDIENTS OF THE DRINK] Here there are some seats to have the food which we buy here, Live music is going on here, One singing in the front, And another is playing the guitar. And you can see the river aside, Ans ships are there, I mean the boats are roaring in the river. It would be a great experience if you visit this place, If you are planning to come to Bangkok, Don’t forget to visit Asiatique The River Front, As of now, we saw the food alone, We came to see the clothes here, Here you get white clothes for 100 bhat, It doesn’t seem to be that much good, But still, you are getting this for 100 bhat, [MUSIC] Here they have crabs, But I didn’t have all this. Because I had enough already, [TO BE CONTINUED]

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