P90X3 Nutrition Guide Tip #2

P90X3 Nutrition Guide Tip #2

>>MONICA: Hi, my name’s Monica Ward and I’m one of the co-founders of the Fit Club Network. I’ve put together 10 tips for creating success with your P90X3 nutrition. Make sure you go to the link below to get all 10 tips. Today I’m giving you Tip 2…on how to make the Nutrition Guide for P90X3 more reasonable or comprehensible. I’m, I’m gonna break it down like as if I were teaching a second grader. Are you ready? Okay. So, I’m getting really elementary with you guys. I mean the whole point of the Nutrition Plan is it’s a portion approach. Dave’s like sitting on the floor with me like…as if you were back in my classroom. Before…>>DAVE: I’m a crisscross applesauce.
>>MONICA: Okay, good job. Before I was a Beachbody Coach, I was an elementary school teacher. So they would hand me a book and say, “Make this comprehensible to seven year olds.” And, so I took this book and decided I’m gonna make it easy for… I’m gonna make it easy for you to understand. Now, the only difference between Dave
and I is that he gets more calories on this
plan for P90X3 than I do. So, if he were to go with Plan C, which is 2,100 calories a day, he gets 7 proteins, 14 carbs, and 7 fats each day. And, so the very first thing that he has to do is one of two things: either, since I do all the grocery shopping, get completely bossed. I suppose, ,what we’re gonna do right now is we’re gonna discuss what he likes. Because, let me tell you, they have a million choices for you, which is how I can see how this particular nutrition plan…>>DAVE: Mmm, tofu.>>MONICA: No, we’re not buying tofu or tempe, for that matter. Or, sardines. But, it’s ranked from healthiest to healthy. So everything that is in here is a green light. It’s a go. I’m not gonna sit here and explain to you why you would have one versus the other, because it’s a portion approach and it’s all about getting you to eat the things that you like to eat in a portion controlled environment.>>MONICA: So… >>DAVE: I’ll just jump in. >>MONICA: Sure.>>DAVE: If you do wanna know why, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can find out for you.>>MONICA: We can definitely find out for you. >>DAVE: There you go!>>MONICA: That…thank you, Dave.
>>DAVE: Sure.>>MONICA: Alright, that’s what Google’s for, yes. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at seven options for Dave’s protein. I’m actually gonna hand the book over to you.>>DAVE: Oh, my gosh.
>>MONICA: Just scan down the list ’cause I know that half that stuff we don’t even know what it is. And, that’s okay because there’s two choices there. We can either…if we want to add a little variety to our nutrition, get to know those foods. Or, because we just know, likely know, likely know… they’re not things we incorporate into our particular family nutrition, they’re not gonna be the things that we’re gonna bring home from the grocery store. So, let’s go straight from the top.>>DAVE: Yeah, I mean, I already can see a bunch of food…I’ll just kind of go down the line of things that I… I guess I’ll just go through ’em. Shakeology’s a yes.>>MONICA: Right.>>DAVE: Anchovies, sardines…no. I
don’t like that stuff. Egg whites…yes. Chicken…yes. Ground
chicken or turkey…yes. Fresh water fish…kind of take it or leave it. I’m not a huge fan. You know, the occasional trout or tilapia, maybe. Cold water fish…I like salmon a lot. And, then ground bison. I really do like ground bison a lot.>>MONICA: Okay, so I’m gonna put ground…the ground meat ’cause we kind know that we like ground beef, ground turkey. So I’m just gonna say the ground meat.>>DAVE: Okay.
>>MONICA: And, the important thing is that we know the portions. So, like, with the egg whites…you get five egg whites. You know? I’ll put this. With the chicken, It’s important to know that they give you…they’re smart. This time they told us it’s three ounces raw and two ounces cooked. So that’s really helpful. Salmon…they,
they, they tell you raw and cooked. What, what you’re looking at. And, the ground beef…or meat or, or bison, they’re telling you what percentage of fat to meat it has to have. So let, let’s…so we already have four options. And, I’m pretty sure that I’ve scanned this list, and there’s not much more that we bring home from the grocery store. But, go ahead.>>DAVE: Well, there’s extra lean red meat. And, I started, by the way, at the top because that’s the healthiest, right? So I’m working my way down.>>MONICA: Yeah.
>>DAVE: Instead of starting at the bottom and going up. The dairy stuff, I can skip. Protein powder. That’s, that’s one for me. And, I typically use Beachbody’s Base Shake, which is a flavorless protein powder. Sometimes I add it to food. Sometimes I’ll add it to my Shakeology. Tempe…no. Tofu…nooooo. Or, tuna.>>MONICA: Tuna?
>>DAVE: Yeah, sure.>>DAVE: I have no idea what “seitan” is.
>>MONICA: Yeah.>>Dave: Or,”seetan” or “satan” or I don’t know what that is, but I really don’t wanna eat that, so I’m just going to tay away from that. Not big on the deli meats. Turkey, turkey bacon. What else?>>MONICA: Okay, the other two…I can go back up, just ’cause I’m the grocery shopper in the household.>>DAVE: Right.
>>MONICA: Is…we like shrimp.>>DAVE: Yes.
>>MONICA: That’s not something we regularly buy, but it is popular.>>DAVE: Yeah, that’s good.
>>MONICA: And, again, it’s like with the tuna. The can of tuna…I’m sure the protein powder, it’s a scoop. The can of tuna’s a 3 oz can. And, the shrimp is three to four ounces cooked. So, it’s just important to understand what your portions are. And, I guarantee you, you’re gonna become a professional. So, keep it simple. Now we’ve taken a list where there might be 30 to 40 options of protein and narrowed it down to the seven we regularly bring into our household. Why don’t you turn back…why don’t we just go down to the fat ’cause it’s the next page?>>DAVE: Okay, yeah, sure.>>MONICA: This is another thing I know that Dave and I are very… we eat the same fats in our house every day.>>DAVE: Avocado
>>MONICA: No doubt, avocado. It’s like a staple.>>DAVE: Numero uno, and it’s at the top of the list, so I love that.>>MONICA: And, so…so, again, it goes
back to understanding that your portion is an eighth of an avocado. But, look at this. So, say Dave is rocking one of his omelets that you may have seen in a previous photo or whatever, and he really would like to have two servings of fat. It’s just a matter of he gets to double that portion. It’s no big deal. Okay.>>DAVE: So, nuts.
>>TOGETHER: Raw nuts.>>DAVE: Yeah, raw nuts. Almonds, in particular, are kinda my favorite.>>DAVE: Extra virgin olive oil.
>>MONICA: Is EVOO, like Rachel Ray says.>>DAVE: Egg yolk.
>>MONICA: Yes.>>DAVE: I typically like to use whole eggs when I make my omelets, or eat eggs in general. And so, you know, that’s sort of egg white plus egg yolk is one of each? Is that how I would interpret it?>>MONICA: Exactly, exactly.
>>DAVE: There we go. Cool. So I can eat whole eggs, which I really, really like. I eat organic eggs and they’re the best. P90X3 dressings. We had some of that cumin vinaigrette, which was just awesome.>>MONICA: Right, right. The dressings…’cause we eat a lot of salad in this household. And, and we’re big fans of making our own dressing. I think we learned that from the Ultimate Reset.>>DAVE: Coconut oil.
>>MONICA: Yes. I’m gonna make one more suggestion and that is that we eat seeds in our salad.>>DAVE: Yes.
>>MONICA: So pumpkin…so I’m gonna put raw seeds on the list. And, then we’re gonna move on to the carbs. And again, you know…telling you again, the simplicity here is just understanding your portions. You know? You can go to, like, TJMaxx or Marshals. They sell all kinds of, like, gizmos for the kitchen, and gadgets that are pretty fancy. If you were to go to, like, a more upscale store, and you can get the tablespoon measures and the cup measures for like three of four bucks, and so, you know, for example, the, the raw nuts and the raw seeds are tablespoons.>>MONICA: A tablespoon.
>>DAVE: Right.>>MONICA: And, the same thing with the
dressing.>>DAVE: And, all that stuff’s outlined in here, so that’s pretty easy, right?>>MONICA: It is. We’re just trying to break it down so you see how we make decisions in our household as to what to eat, because I think you could get really overwhelmed with your food choices.>>DAVE: Yeah.
>>MONICA: And, say, “I don’t understand,” and I don’t want you to have that dilemma. I wanna take that burden away from you. Okay…now we’re onto the carbs.>>DAVE: Yes.
>>MONICA: The very first thing that I want to tell you about the carbs is that there are 12 items on this list where you have…the serving size is unlimited. So, as opposed to a cup and a half or whatever, there’s unlimited. So I’m gonna suggest that you pay attention to those, because there are a lot of good vegetables. And, so if you wanna, you wanna like beef up a salad, you can OD on those unlimited vegetable.>>DAVE: And, I like…I think what they’ve
done with carbs here is a little bit easier than maybe the previous P90X or X2 plans, where you’ve got all things that are carbohydrate-based in one thing. So, it doesn’t distinguish between starchy carbs or grainy carbs or veggie carbs, or fruit carbs. They’re just carbs. You get 14 of them. That’s gonna shock a lot of people who are used to P90X. They’re gonna go, “Whoa, that’s way too many carbs.” Not really, because we’re gonna go down the list. And, I’m gonna tell you kinda what…so, what do you suggest that I do with this? Should I pick some from each category. I mean, I’m tempted to just go down the line.>>MONICA: If I were you, I’d start from the back just because, for example…in the carbs, Dave and I always have almond milk. That’s like a staple in our household. In terms of like a beverage carbs.>>DAVE: Right, right.
>>MONICA: And, I actually just discovered this five seconds ago and I was having a small temper tantrum because I didn’t, I didn’t see that on the list. Now I see it and so I take away my temper tantrum, because I didn’t see how almond milk fit in. But, but…>>DAVE: How does that fit in?
>>MONICA: It’s a carb. So…>>DAVE: Then, put almond milk. I may as well have that one now. So I’m gonna start with grains, because I really don’t eat much in the way of grains. The one thing I do like is the occasional tortilla. We do Taco Tuesdays with the kids. And, I like to have a tortilla, so I’m gonna add a tortilla from the grain thing.>>MONICA: And, corn tortillas…
>>DAVE: All my paleo friends are gonna light me up about that, but I do like to have the occasional tortilla. The rest of the grains…I’m out. None of ’em.>>MONICA: Alright.
>>DAVE: Legumes. Same thing, really.>>MONICA: We do, we do have black
beans and pinto all the time in the house.>>DAVE: Yeah, that’s true. On Taco Tuesday nights. Yeah, we had a salad last night that had some beans in it, so that’s good.>>MONICA: Yeah. I’m sorry, I was experimenting.
>>DAVE: That’s fine. I would add Results and Recovery formula.>>MONICA: Okay.
>>DAVE: As one of my beverage carbs. I suppose I jumped ahead there.>>MONICA: That’s okay. And, likely I would not…just, just ’cause I don’t want the added sugar and carbs. And, I’m not…I don’t get that sore.>>DAVE: Look at that. You see that? My arm is just shaking. I did chest and back earlier… It’s called “The Challenge”…earlier. Gosh…>>MONICA: Alright, let’s go onto the fruit.
>>DAVE: Yes, fruit. Raspberries, blueberries…>>MONICA: I’m gonna put berries just ’cause we do like a lot of berries.>>DAVE: I like berries. Yeah, I like them
in my Shakeology.>>MONICA: Okay.
>>DAVE: So should I move on to starchy?>>MONICA: We also always have…
>>DAVE: I missed that…>>MONICA: No, no.
>>DAVE: What?>>MONICA: Okay, keep going. Good…yep.
>>DAVE: I don’t like beets. I do like squash. And, I love carrots. And, I like sweet potatoes. So, yeah…sweet potatoes, for sure. Squash, optional.>>MONICA: Okay. And, some of this is like seasonal, too. Okay, now let’s get into the, the regular lettuce that we have in our household. I mean the regular veggies. Now we’re into vegetables. So, we’ve gone in from beverage carbs to grains to legume carbs to fruit, and now we’re gonna finish it up with the staples that are always in our refrigerator. We’ve always go the fixings for a big salad.>>DAVE: Yeah, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts. But, you know, I’m just in love with brussel sprouts. Broccoli, I love.>>MONICA: I’m getting sloppy.
>>DAVE: String beans. Sorry, am I in your way?>>MONICA: No. Now I’m gonna tell you that a lot of these things don’t keep, so generally we vary these…between brussel sprouts, broccoli, string beans, those vary. The staples that are in our refrigerator are like>>DAVE: Peppers.
>>MONICA: tomatoes, carrots, peppers, stuff that doesn’t like go bad in five seconds flat, I feel like.>>DAVE: Right. Onions.
>>MONICA: Yeah, there’s always an onion.>>DAVE: Salsa all the time.
>>MONICA: There’s always salsa. And, there’s always cucumbers.>>DAVE: Jicama.
>>MONICA: Yeah, we don’t always buy jicama.>>DAVE: Don’t always buy jicama, but it lasts longer.>>MONICA: But, we love it. Okay, I’m gonna put cucumbers and…>>DAVE: Just to kind of get the idea, right?>>MONICA: And, the important thing is that a lot of these are unlimited. Not necessarily brussel sprouts. Another thing to note is that…well, I’ll just, I’ll leave that for another tip. I’ve got more tips for you, so…>>DAVE: So, this would be…this would be,>>MONICA: Yeah, this is our shopping list.>>DAVE: Yeah.>>MONICA: Can you imagine me walking to the grocery store with this big huge piece of paper?>>DAVE: Well, but I think…you could just take a picture of this and that would be really easy. That’s what I would do.>>MONICA: No, I would walk in with this big huge piece of paper.
>>DAVE: But, it’s better…it’s really better. And, the reason we wanted to do this video is because I think some people are gonna take this manual to the store, and they’re gonna buy all this stuff and before they eat any of it, not any of it…before they eat most
of it, it’s gonna go bad. And, there’s gonna be a lot of foods on here you don’t eat. I mean, I don’t really even eat grains except for that tortilla. And then, you know, there’s a lot of other stuff that I just like… I’m not gonna buy sardines, because I’m not gonna eat sardines. I’m gonna eat foods that I really love and that fit into these macro-nutrient profiles.>>MONICA: Exactly. If you have any questions or you want us to sit down and help you come together, put together your particular, personalized list, feel free to write Dave. [email protected] And, we’re always here for you. We run private accountability groups, so if you’re doing P90X3, and you’d like that one-on-one time with us in Facebook, find us, contact us and we will get you in group…included in our, in our group

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