today we’re making a very typical dish
from the Spanish Mediterranean coast fideua with squid ink guys this is such a
delicious little Spanish pasta dish loaded with seafood easy to make and
done in 45 minutes now the story behind fideua and there’s
a lot of people that have different stories about it but the one that I grew
up hearing which is the legend in the city of Gandia it was a fisherman
from Gandia in the region of Valenica that showed up to the marina with
his catch of the day was gonna make a seafood paella but he had no rice with him
but he did have pasta noodles so he thought alright let’s give it a try whipped it
up voila fideua was born one of the most epic
Spanish dishes and the pride and joy of the city of Gandia now really quick
before we get started three things to make this fideua I´m gonna be using these thin
pasta noodles if you cannot find these in your area that it’s okay you can
substitute it for elbow macaroni the second thing you´re gonna need some squid ink the
version of fideua we’re making today is with the squid ink
this just gives it such an incredible flavor its exotic beautiful if you can’t
find in your supermarket check with an Asian supermarket they usually have it
in the freezer section and last but not least as always make sure you some high
quality saffron do not use the imitation stuff as this is what’s gonna really
flavor that fideua as always I’m using saffron threads from golden saffron you
guys know I always love using golden saffron why because in my opinion it is
one of the best saffron’s in the market when it comes to price to quality ratio
it does not get better than this get yourself a tin of this link in the
description box below alright folks let’s get started we’re gonna begin by
grabbing one clean tube of squid and cutting this into small pieces and I
bought this frozen and thawed it out if you can’t find these in your market go
check again with a local Asian supermarket they should have these in
the freezer department for the next ingrediengt I’ve got two
fillets here of monkfish this is 250 grams which is about 10 ounces now I
bought these frozen and thawed them out just to make things a lot cheaper I’m
gonna pat them completely dry with some paper towels making sure to remove any of
that excess liquid in there to give the fish of beautiful texture cut into small
squares and season them with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper you wanna cut it into squares that are
about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch for the last of the seafood to prepare
I’ve got about 15 jumbo shrimp here these are raw they’ve been peeled and
deveined again I bought these frozen and thawed them out just to make things a lot
cheaper I’m gonna pat them completely dry with some paper towels and season them
with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper you’re also gonna need half of a brown onion that’s been finely diced and three cloves of garlic that have been finely
minced okay guys let’s start cooking our fideua I’m gonna be using a paella pan
to make this if you don’t have one of these you can use a large frying pan
let’s go ahead and heat this with the medium-high heat and we’re gonna add in a
1/4 cup of extra virgin Spanish olive oil after heating the olive oil for
about 1 minute let’s go ahead and season it with some sea salt and let’s add our
squid in there and mix it around with extra virgin olive oil one minute after adding the squid into
the pan let’s go ahead and remove it and we’re gonna transfer it into a bowl now
using the same pan with the same heat let´s add our monkfish in there and
again mix it around with an extra virgin oil it’s been about three minutes since we added
the monkfish into the pan let’s go ahead and make a well in there
we’ll add our diced onions and again mix them around with the oil about one minute
after adding the onions in there let’s go ahead and add our minced garlic and
continue to mix it with the onions 30 seconds after adding the garlic in there
it’s nice and fragrant you don’t want to overcook it let’s add in half a teaspoon
of sweet smoked Spanish paprika and now we’re gonna mix all this together once
everything is well mixed and again you want to do this pretty quickly that way
that paprika doesn’t get a bitter flavor I’m gonna add in half a cup of canned
tomato sauce and season it with sea salt and a little freshly cracked black pepper
and again let’s mix this all together two minutes after adding the tomato
sauce in there I’m gonna add the squid ink this is four grams which is
about 1/4 ounce add the squid back into the pan pinch in half a teaspoon of
saffron threads and let’s mix this all together and this is where you´re gonna see
where that little amount of squid ink is gonna add such a huge impact to this
dish look at that beautiful color once everything is well mixed I’m gonna add
in two cups of these thin noodles if you guys can’t find these you can use the
elbow macaroni ones and again continue to mix that way everything is well combined after toasting our noodles for about two
minutes we’re gonna add in two and a half cups of a high-quality fish stock we’ll lightly season again with sea
salt and give it a mix that way everything is evenly distributed and
unlike a paella where once you mix everything together you can’t mix again you can get
in there once in a while and just give it a quick mix you don’t want to over
mix it just make sure everything is evenly distributed okay guys it’s been
five minutes since we added the broth into the pan at this point let’s add our
shrimp in there once you’ve added all the shrimp into
the pan you don’t want to mix the fideua anymore but you can always give the pan a
quick shake once in a while that way everything is evenly
distributed okay guys it’s been about eight minutes since we added the broth into
the pan and three minutes since we added the shrimp in there as you can see
there’s not a lot of broth left at this point let’s go ahead and lower our fire
to a low medium heat and we’re gonna let this simmer between three to four minutes
after simmering our fideua in a low medium heat for about four
minutes you can see that there is not a lot of
broth left in there it’s been a total cooking time of 12 to 13 minutes since
we added that broth in there this is ready to go let’s go ahead and remove
the pan from the heat we’re gonna cover it with some foil paper and a dish cloth
and we´re gonna let this sit here between four to five minutes okay guys it’s been four
minutes since we covered our fideua this is a very important step that way the
noodles finish cooking let´s go ahead and remove it and look at that let’s garnish our
fideua with some lemon wedges and give this a try this fideua negro looks insanely
delicious here we go it’s such an incredible combination of flavors guys
I’m a big fan of the regular fideua but this one right here with the squid ink
is just the next-level of the greatness it’s so exotic it’s so good all that
beautiful seafood those noodles are perfectly cooked al-dente such
an explosion of flavors you know this is the type of fideua that if you go to
Barcelona you go to Valenica Castellon Alicante any of the big
cities here in the Mediterranean coats easily 80 euros for two people for this dish
right here now you guys know how to make it at home for much less cheaper and
bring Spain into your home really quickly before I go I’d like to give out a
quick shout-out to one of my patreons Michael and Kelly Thompson again thank
you guys so much for all your support I truly appreciate you guys if you guys would
like to support spain on a fork helps me out with the equipment and ingredients link
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40 thoughts on “ONE-PAN SPANISH SEAFOOD PASTA: Fideuà with Squid Ink

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