41 thoughts on “OMG! Jade mom wean baby just born to stop milk | Jade mom don’t baby milk her | Monkey Daily 2236

  1. We don’t know what the reason is that she’s doing this. I mean we’re humans and can’t speak for monkeys we can only assume. Until we have a monkey speak to us we shouldn’t believe everything we see or read.

  2. Bruaca sem vergonha Oi Brasileiras me ajudem ta tudo erado as ditas cujas não dam de mama pras crias mais erguem a cola pra estes Cacos de machos ai não querem dar de mama !!!

  3. Baby is probley thinking what the hell is wrong with my mom shes biting my face and pulling my head back geez it kinda hurts you old bag i just want to eat!

  4. I love how ou guys just stand there and film. We both know if you scare her she will stop. I think you get off watching these babies being torchered.

  5. Esta mamá monkey si es bien cruel con el animalito recién nacido, si le pudieran aunque sea echarle un grito para que pare de morderlo.😡

  6. Jade has the right idea. She knows that a baby monkey's butt needs to be kicked on the day it is born or by the next day that baby will be a raging brat. At 2:00 the baby starts mouthing off and Jade wastes no time reminding it whose boss.

  7. Mom needs to bite this ugly rats face off. Really disgusting looking. Sick of this shit already.
    No more milk for you. Bye bye off the tree she is thinking. LOL!!!!

  8. Poor little wrinkled and swollen face baby! I really do think some of these mothers are retarded!
    Plus the high pitch noise is enough to drive everyone insane!

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  10. quanto mi piace vedere questi video troppo belli li gurderei tutto il giorno. la madre lo mette in riga presto e fa bene

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