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In this recipe, we are going to prepare something that had been passed down from my dad’s side of the family to me This is how to prepare ‘pineapple tarts’ This is not any kind of pineapple tarts It’s the kind that you would get in Malacca, the historical city of Malaysia Pineapple tarts are the basic must during Chinese New Year, especially during the festive season which is really approaching very soon So, I’m going to show you how to prepare this This is the kind where you have the jam exposed on the dough instead of those where you have the dough wrapping the pineapple jam It’s really delicious So, let’s begin with the list of ingredients The star ingredient of this recipe would be the pineapples I have 2 of these really ripe pineapples here We’re going to cut it later… into smaller pieces I’m going to show you how to do that later on in the video Then, we have cinnamon stick just to add some fragrance Also, it helps in preserving the jam Here, we have clove and also rock sugar You may, of course use any type of sugar…brown sugar or white sugar, as you wish Rock sugar gives a different kind of sweetness which is actually milder If you want to use the other types of sugar, you may In case if it is still not sweet enough because the sweetness really depends on your own preference and also the type of pineapple or the ripeness of the pineapple You can always add the white sugar later on…or the brown sugar So, let’s move to working with the pineapples first I’m going to share the recipe for the dough in the later part of the video Let’s begin As for one of the pineapples, I’d already cut it into smaller pieces like this So, let’s work with this one here We’ll begin by cutting off the crown Then, we’ll move to the bottom part of the pineapple to also cut this off so that you’ll just have a flat surface I’m going to skin this off Of course, you’ll see the ‘eyes’ of the pineapple here We’ll take care of that later on Just go ahead and do this for the rest of the skin We do still see a lot of ‘eyes’ of this pineapple that we will need to remove All you need to do is just take the knife…slowly cut them off bit by bit In no time, it will be done What we’re going to do next is to cut this pineapple into half I’m just going to cut it into slices I’m just going to cut it into three (sections) We have now a big plate of pineapples which are all cut Remember not to throw away the core of the pineapple because that’s where the most fiber lies in the fruit itself Anyway, we’re going to blend this later on I’m just going to place these pineapples into the blender Just make sure that it’s blended and there’s no large chunks in this pureed pineapple I’m going to pour it aside now Now that all the pineapples are all processed, we are going to separate the liquid or the pineapple juice from the pineapple pulp That is what we want to create… this pineapple jam So, when you sift the juice away from the pulp, you’ll realized that there will be… there may be seeds or whatever things you don’t want to have in the pineapple pulp, just remove it as it goes To cook the pineapple jam, I’m going to use a pan with a rather large surface This is where I’m going to cook this pineapple jam So, I’m going to put the puree Now, because we’re using medium heat and there’s no sugar added into this pineapple pulp yet, it is not going to burn that quickly So, don’t bother stirring every 5 to 10 minutes Just watch it, ensure it’s not too hot Otherwise, we’re going to wait until 20 to 25 minutes until the juice had already dried or partially dried Don’t forget to add the clove and also cinnamon stick It had been about 20 minutes now and the smell of the cinnamon stick and clove would be around you So, I’m going to add sugar to the puree As you can see, the jam is on the way to completion You’ll also see that the juice had already subsided and had already dried, more or less When we add the sugar, it will then melt Then, it will take some time again until it starts to caramelize You get this really nice golden brown jam that we’re looking for So, we’ll check it every 10 minutes just to stir it around ensuring that the jam does not burn That’s the important part Remember to do so Keep adding sugar until you reach the sweetness that you prefer It had been about 40 minutes now, more or less As you can see, the jam really is coming together The pineapple juice had already dried up As you can see, the colour is also turning into this golden brown that we’re looking for I’m just going to continue stirring this for a while to ensure that it doesn’t get burnt Our pineapple jam is now ready As you can see, it has this really nice golden brown I’m going to just place it on a plate Cool it down while we would now prepare the dough The jam is ready You may remove the cinnamon stick and also the clove Leave it aside to cool You can also prepare this a night before, for example Then, the next day, work on the dough I’m just going to put it aside Then, let me show you the ingredients to prepare the dough We have some flour, a little bit of water, margarine…this recipe calls for margarine instead of butter I’d tried using butter with this recipe but it doesn’t work so well with butter Instead, with margarine…it’s just flakier and crispier with margarine I have also an egg here and some salt Before we begin mixing everything together, remember to fold up your sleeves This dough requires the work of the fingers So, I’m just going to add a bit of salt into the flour Now, we’re going to add margarine into the flour Using the fingers, we’re just going to rub in the margarine Just keep rubbing until everything comes together It sort of, looks like sand So, this is what you want Then, we can break an egg So, I’m going to break the egg into this bowl which has already a bit of water Very lightly, I’m going to mix this egg with the water Don’t beat the egg We just want to lightly mix it It’s very important to not knead this dough All you want to do is just to ensure that it comes together as a whole So, try avoid kneading the dough So, we have the dough with me here Remember not to overwork this dough or else it will lose the flakiness later on I am going to leave this in a glad wrap for about 30 minutes We’re going to place it in the refrigerator While waiting for the dough to settle down for about 30 minutes, this was what I worked on It was just basically scooping about 1 teaspoon of pineapple jam and then just rolling them into little balls like this…like how I’d prepared here So, this will be placed on the dough Now, we’ll work on the dough Sprinkle some flour on the working area This is one part of the dough We’re using this special mould which is specially made for pineapple tarts I got this from Malaysia I believe you can get it in other places like Singapore or maybe online…try Amazon Otherwise, you may always use a cookie cutter that has this shape of a flower Then, just place the pineapple jam on the dough It works perfectly fine So now, let’s begin I’m just going to place glad wrap over the dough Using a rolling pin, I’m just going to flatten this Here, we’re going to roll the dough to a thickness of about 5 millimeter Then, we’re going to press the mould on it The dough is here, nicely moulded… pressed into these really beautiful flower shapes I’m going to place 1 pineapple ball on the dough After placing the little pineapple balls on the dough, we’re going to just add a bit of pattern onto it I just have some extra dough here… flattened I’m going to cut it into little strips The only thing left is now to bake these pineapple tarts I have the oven preheated at 180 degrees Celsius Before we do that, we’re just going to put some egg wash on the pineapple tarts Finally, the pineapple tarts are all ready This recipe would give you about 40 pieces of pineapple tarts depending on how much jam you put on your pineapple tarts, of course It looks really pretty especially with the egg wash that we placed on top It’s golden brown Hmmm…Oh, it is just so flaky You can look at this now Layers of flakiness in this tart Don’t you want to have this right now, right? Try this recipe The dough itself is not that sweet So, if you’re looking for a pineapple tart recipe that is not too sweet, this is the one to look for because the sweetness comes from the jam It’s so delicious I need to have them all by today, maybe Now, you have to try this recipe Let me know what you think in the comment section below or of course, through e-mail, Google+, Twitter or Instagram Remember to #nyonyacooking Till the next video, I wish you, happy cooking!

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