Nutrition and Cancer: 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know – Dr. Patrick Quillin

Nutrition and Cancer: 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know – Dr. Patrick Quillin

Ty Bollinger: I can see from the place that
you live that you understand the impact of nutrition. Talk about the impact of nutrition specifically
on cancer. What is cancer and what does nutrition have to do with cancer?
Dr. Patrick Quillin: A great—a broad expansive sort of global question here Ty. So forgive
me if we take a couple of side spurs. My book, “Beating Cancer with Nutrition,” which has sold
a half million copies and is considered the definitive work in that area. It’s been translated
into five languages. I organized three international symposia on the subject of adjuvant or healthful
nutrition in cancer treatment. And then the textbook came out of that, “Adjuvant Nutrition
in Cancer Treatment.” So all of this is not just hearsay in any window. But essentially
there’s five main reasons why all cancer patients need to use nutrition as part of
their comprehensive cancer treatment. And a forewarning, I would not use nutrition as
sole therapy against cancer. It’s insufficient, but it is irreplaceable.
And so given that, let’s just think of the five main reasons why every cancer patient
needs to include nutrition as part of their comprehensive therapy. Number one, nutrition
actually is a big part of the malnutrition. Forty percent of cancer patients die of malnutrition,
not of the cancer. Cancer is a wasting disease. Appetite is affected. You end up in the hospital
with food that you’re unfamiliar with. Chemo and radiation can induce cachexia or lean
tissue loss. So malnutrition kills 40 percent of cancer patients. The only therapy for that
is proper nutrition. It sometimes needs to be aggressive with the metabolic support team
such as total parentarel nutrition and other things. Number two is that nutrition can help
to make chemo, radiation, and surgery more of a selective therapy. In other words, chemo
and radiation are non-selective toxins. They’re cytotoxic poisons. They kill everything in
their pathway. And there is what they call collateral damage. So a patient who is receiving
chemo is going to have a certain amount of hair loss, nausea, vomiting, weight loss,
all as part of the the chemo, but nutrition can make chemo, radiation, and surgery more selectively
toxic to the tumor and less toxic to the patient. This is where a very important part of my
message is to get the oncologist and the nutritionist and the cancer patient in the same room together,
and they all have the goal of beating this cancer. And the fact is a well nourished cancer
patient can better manage the disease and the therapies that are used for it. So number
two is nutrition makes chemo more of a rifle rather than a hand grenade. Number three we
find that sugar is—cancer is a sugar feeder. Cancer is what’s called an obligate glucose
metabolizer, meaning that there’s a dramatic uptake of glucose in the cells of tumor cells.
If you can lower gut and blood glucose you can help to slow down cancer. And there’s
a number of therapies now that target this whole unique Achilles heel of the cancer cells.
Number four we find that your immune system is supposed to recognize and destroy cancer
cells. In a cancer patient the immune system has failed its duties. There has to be some
ways of up-regulating the immune system. So that’s a whole study in itself.
And number five is that nutrients can become biological response modifiers. Back in 1971
when Richard Nixon launched the war on cancer he said, “we will have the cure for a major
cancer within five years by the bicentennial, 1976.” We don’t. We don’t have a major—we
don’t have a cure for any major cancer today either. We have some better treatments, but
essentially what launching the war on cancer, and we have now spent in the neighborhood
of 50 billion dollars on research at the National Cancer Institute, and over a trillion dollars
in therapies, and we now have 40 percent of men born today can expect to develop cancer
in their lifetime. In the year 1900, three percent could expect to develop cancer in
their lifetime. We got a problem there. But one of the things we know from cancer research
and nutrition research is that nutrients can become biological response modifiers. They
change the way the body works.

14 thoughts on “Nutrition and Cancer: 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know – Dr. Patrick Quillin

  1. Dr. quill in is awesome, he is the only one making sense! We need to pay attention to what went put in our bodies for them to run correctly. Grow your own food!

  2. B.S. It's all about the money to mainstream medical and pharma. They make a fortune on every cancer patent that goes through their fony chemo and radiation that kills you in the end. The naturopathic community have been killing cancer with natural CURES for hundreds of years!

  3. And number six… The legalization of marijuana is detrimental to the health of them big fat, bigger than life paychecks.

  4. Yes, in a sense it's true there will never be a cure for cancer because we all are producing cancer cells everyday.  However, if we have a strong immune system these wayward cells will be attacked by special cells in our immune system and destroyed before they get a chance to proliferate and become a disease.  So it's important to keep our immune systems healthy through best practices of diet, drink, limited exposure to toxins and stress, exercise……well you know the rest.  It's a no brainer!

  5. chemotherapy is 2.1% effective. With nutrition, cannabis and GcMAF is far more potent and virtually non-toxic… I thought we were getting to "The Truth about Cancer?"

  6. Chemotherapy and such should be for level 4 patients/ very extreme patients who tried everything else. It should be a last resort cuz that stuff can leak into one's cells and cause some other damage/danger. Doctors need to talk their patients into not eating or drinking processed stuff(cokes, fast food restaurants, etc). Those with dangerous symptoms like level 4 should actually try this first. Most cancers come from our fake foods and drinks. Get them to farm their own food!

  7. Has anyone who posts here actually had cancer? I just found out the end of 2016 that I had a non hormone breast cancer. Having a non hormone breast cancer means they have no idea what fueled it. I eat healthy. I haven't eaten dairy for many many years. I don't eat fast food I don't drink pop. I had been gluten free at that time for about 2 years. I am not over weight. I exercise and stay busy. The only thing is….I have always had stomach issues and my immune system numbers always run on the low side. Believe me when I say that I WAS the healthiest person I know. I tried more than anyone else around me. Everyone was shocked when the diagnosis came. I did have a lot of stress in my life for about 5 years… maybe stress causes cancer? I really wish they knew because it is pretty scary to not know if something you are doing is killing you. Are there too many toxins in our world today that weren't there in the 1800'S…..obviously that must be true. Something in our developed world is making us sick. I had to go through chemotherapy. It is the worst thing I have ever experienced, but I don't feel I had a choice. The cancer I had spread to my lymph nodes. I also had surgery and I am currently having radiation. They said I did not have a choice on radiation because of the type of fast growing cancer I had and my age (47). I don't carry any cancer genes. I have no idea what caused this. But I am very curious about diet and cancer……can it really help if I already had a pretty clean diet already? Is it better to eat animal protein or to be vegan? and what about probiotics and prebiotics? Is there a "best" brand? I have never taken them…..I am the type of person who didn't like taking anything. Go figure. I want to try to strengthen my immune system so that it does what it is supposed to do. Why did it malfunction? None of my Drs. have talked to me about any of this stuff.

  8. Patanjali Power Vita with milk , Mixed Fruit Jam , Pachak Hing Goli with yellow gram daal,Drumstick tablets,Curry leaves juice

  9. Make no mistake about it YouTube as a Corporation has vested interest in Big Pharma and is censoring a lot of comments. Chemo-therapy is a World War 1 Mustard Gas poison used and practiced by Rockefeller Foundation controlled modern medicine and a very lucrative sales tool given to MD doctors (Toxic Pharma salesman) for more effective population control measures on the populations of the world. Yes thats making a lot of money killing people by MD doctors. Yes the big foundations paid off the parasite politicians thru the years to pass laws for it's use and to create a Captive Market for MD doctors to pervent any other modality / options as a mainstream for destroying cancer and tumors. The fastest and easiest way to make profits and kill large numbers of people. The doctors will use it on their patients and people they don't know but when you research it very seldomly ever use it on their family members. So what does that make modern MD doctors. Don't think too hard you might brainwash yourself.

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