Welcome to myvirginkitchen folks it is Barry
here today we are making some absolutely gorgeous Nutella cupcakes shiver me timbers indeed,
requested by glitter girl if you would like to have a go you will need the following ingredients,
the full method and all the detailed stuff is on my website, lets
get going. Alright so we are going to start with a large mixing bowl and combine all our
dry ingredients together so this is some plain flour also known as all purpose flour for
all purposes, caster sugar. In this shot glass is a mixture of baking powder and bicarbonate
of soda, half a teaspoon of each. Little mix of that.
Ok so now we add in the wet, this is some room temperature butter, get that in there
it is going to make the next step very easy in goes the sour cream oh yeah straight from
the tub, in goes the Nutella now this has been warmed in the microwave just so that
it comes out a little easier. Hence holding the tea towel so I do not burn my hands. Little
bit of vanilla extract, about a teaspoon. And the last thing in Phoebes old bowl is
3 egg whites. And all we are going to do is give this a good mix together and that will
make all of the batter that we need, alrighty we are nearly there still a few lumps of butter
we will keep working those through and we will be done.
I am happy with the batter now so what we have got a cupcake tray with cases in it all
we are doing is filling it using two spoons try and get the batter just over half way
over that. If you really want to ramp up the hazelnutness I do not even know if that is
a word, but you could add nuts in to the batter. There we go that is going in for twenty minutes
on the middle shelf. Now remember we do not want to burn these
cupcakes so keep your eyes on them while baking. 20 minutes is a rough guide do not physically
put your eyes on them the good news is we can crack on by making our Nutella frosting.
Alright Nutella frosting very similar steps again we have a bowl of icing sugar there
also known as confectioners sugar this is warmed Nutella and we will just get that in
there. Extremely tempted to eat it off the spoon but it will be worth the wait. Drop
of vanilla essence and again some room temperature butter all we are going to do is merge it
together by mixing slowly do not mix too fast or icing sugar will go everywhere, it may
look cool but you will have no frosting. The smell of these is incredible straight from
the oven I am just going to let them cool there, the frosting is there ready, the cupcakes
have been transferred to this tray and just here I have left one in the tin still because
it does not move so much there and there is a good reason why.
Because folks what we can to is still holding the tin and the cake as it will rotate cut
out a little circle in these cupcakes then get the tray to help you spin it around and
go in at an angle like this. It should pop out we have a cored cupcake with a lid. If
you have any leftover Nutella I know that is a phrase you do not hear that often leftover
Nutella you can spoon it in like this of course you can use the frosting too if you have not
Nutella, then sit your lid back on top, leave it as it is or frost it. Thinking about it
if you want to replace the Nutella with wasabi that would make a great prank. I did not tell
you to do that. Now here we go remember I am self taught and
I hate piping so if I can do this you definitely can all we do is pipe on the cupcakes and
we may give it a cheeky little finish with some hazelnuts. Just a sprinkle of chopped
hazlenuts on top to finish that is looking good. All this decorating is pretty hard work
I think I better eat one, I have just undressed the cupcake and yes in this instance it is
the right term to use, you naughty thing that tastes stonking I really hope you give it
a go if you do send me a picture @myvirginkitchen on twitter and Instagram if you have a request
like glitter girl let me know in the comments and also down below I have done some other
Nutella recipes so check out the links and that is it guys have a go at this, good luck
and all that stuff, and I will see you next time.


  1. Even better, put some Vegemite or Marmite inside. The color's and texture's similar to Nutella so that'd make an epic prank. Shame neither are widely available in the US.

  2. Tried other nutella cupcake recipes before and they've never really worked so definitely think I'll be giving yours a try! Mmmmmm nutelllllllla *drools profusely *

  3. Could you please make a video of how to make muffins or cookies without eggs? I'm allergic to eggs but I'd love to try some of your recipes!

  4. I'm actually obsessed with your videos! They are my favourite things to watch! Thank you so much for making them Barry!

  5. For hating to pipe you did an amazing job! Those look outstanding ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. Hiya! I did a bit of experimenting when putting stuff inside the cupcakes. If you have one of those small Calpol (medicine) syringes, use that to inject it in without cutting it open! It works fine and has a more clean look in the end. To clean them afterwards just pull it apart and put it in the dishwasher

  7. Tutorial on a creampie please, my parents always say they're gonna make one to each other but they wont show me for some reason! I love cream, and I love pie, so I bet it's delicious!

  8. Last weekend I tried Nutella cookies( 3 ing), I want to try Nutella cupcakes at the end of January. ^^
    Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Barry, you should design some shirts or tote bags or wristbands to sell on your website! I'm sure a lot of your subscribers (including me) would love to buy them. You could also sell signed posters with James.

  10. Do you have to change anything to the recipe if you replace Nutella with.. let's say.. Cadbury Chocolate spread?

    ( can't wait to be in the UK again to get some yummy Cadbury chocolates.. )

  11. I've never tried one of your recipes but I love watching your videos. can't wait to try something. ๐Ÿ˜€ I look forward to these vids <3

  12. Hey, I am new in you channel! Here in Brazil, some guys are putting the ingredients on description of video. Maybe could be better to you do it too! Nice recipes!

  13. I made them myself but had to throw them away After 3 days the Cream was way to Sweet I was very dissapointed in them because I thougt hurray I made cupcakes myself I was really sad After I had to trow them away because they were foul…

  14. I tried your recipe and I almost gave my friends diabetes for the icing. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  15. ok look I need to recipe to be , normal I don't get that 10.9 cups of flour or sum I need the normal please

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