NEW General Finishes Milk Paint Colors Unboxing

in this box is something that both you
and I are gonna be real excited about so I thought we should open it together you
ready let’s see what’s in here some of you may know that general
finish’s just came out with a bunch of new milk paint colors and I don’t know
about you but I couldn’t be more excited about it so I wanted to show you what
they all look like what the colors are I cannot wait to dig in this should be a
box of samples so we can check out all the new colors oh my goodness well they
are protected all right look at this okay so these are the 33
new mouth paint colors about 12 brand-new colors and the remaining
colors that we already had a couple discontinued colors that we pulled out
of here but these are the official samples for all of our new colors so
let’s take a look at the you see what we’ve got here just go through them real
quick here holiday red this was one that we already had as well as Sun blue it
has stayed antique white Persian blue check out this one is called ballet pink
and it is a new one it is a gorgeous soft light pink love that this one is
also new it’s called alabaster and I think that this color may be really
close to my favorite mix of 50/50 antique white and snow white so they
finally made it into a color and it is called alabaster
Millstone we already had before as well as basil those have stayed the same see
what else is next I’m Halcyon blue we already had this one
as well as emerald estate emerald is a great one to mix in for some brightness
persimmon has also stayed that’s our orange reverent gray now this
is a new one and this one is really pretty really really light gray a little
bit on the warm side of grey so I’m excited about this one that is going to
be gorgeous this is a new one too this one’s called China blue and it seems to
be a mix of almost like coastal blue and maybe clean blue it’s a little bit
brighter than coastal but a really pretty blue Queenstown grey one of my
favorites and that has stayed the same here’s Klein blue nice and bright
perfect gray now this is also a new one again a really warm gray we pulled it up
compared to like driftwood though here real quick here’s driftwood versus
perfect gray so perfect gray is lighter again a little bit warmer and I’m
excited about the addition of this one for sure
again we still have driftwood we still have Queenstown and over here we still
have our seagull gray so those have not changed keep going with those coral
crush we had this one is new this is called Key West blue and this was one of
the chalk paint colors that they made into a milk paint so this is a really
pretty rich blue-green and patina green we still have as luck gulfstream blue look at this gorgeous
color it is a beautiful blue green but a little bit deeper and I will like that a
wet Empire gray this is another new one the gray seemed to that they really
seemed to be more on the warm side I think that this has a little bit of
warmth to it as well but that is really pretty
Twilight look how pretty this one is it looks from the sample to have some blue
– it may be a mix almost of like a coastal blue and lampblack so really
super dark moody blue harvest yellow this one is really nice pretty for
yellow Somerset gold was discontinued so this is the replacement on the yellow
but I really like this that’s a really nice yellow a dark chocolate we have B
as we did before as well as Snow White and this is another new win with
westminster green and that is gorgeous I cannot wait to use that on something
this green is popular right now so this is going to be a great one for sure
alright last set here real quick we have our seagull Gray that one didn’t change
coastal blue again my favorite linen we still have that Tuscan red has stayed
brick red was discontinued we still have Tuscan as well as holiday red lamp black
or tried-and-true trusty black and then last but not least this is a new one
blue moon and it is a really pretty greyed out blue with maybe a little hint
of green but I love that color so these are the new colors I am so excited about
this let’s let me show you the new labels they did some new labels maybe
around I don’t know December of last year January
here so let’s check out what we’ve got in here to open a couple cans – all
right all new brochures and marketing materials and they put all the new
colors in here so I love this it’s nice and big you can really see the samples
and see everything there the pictures on the front – you are stunning
I mean I feel like that makes me want to paint furniture right now so one of
those pictures and then on the back it spit shares a little bit more about
their related water-based products and what they offer there so these are super
nice brochures your retailer should have these really soon so you can get your
hands on one of these as well and part of this release they did reformulate the
milk paint so it is a I see what it said let me read this so I don’t get it wrong 0 vo C colorants is the new formula so
these have all been reformulated even the colors that we already had have been
reformulated so they are 0 vo C which is a big deal just for health and wellness
as we paint they are acrylic water-based paints so they’re indoor/outdoor paints
that do not need a topcoat unless you want them to
they’re called milk paint because they are meant to look like old-world knock
paint even though really it is an acrylic based paint and I love these new
samples because they show the sheen and the luster really accurately so I feel
like this is about what you’re going to get when you paint it on a piece of
furniture all right let’s take a look at the
paint’s with the new labels they look like this so a little bit different than
we’ve seen before it’s really nice because the color is shown now on the
label on the front of the can a little more information on the back some safety
info and things like that made them change the labels the logo is a little
bit updated but I love how these looks so you’ll be seeing those in your local
stores as well as online here really soon and these are all the new colors so
I just wanted to line them up and I thought we would open a couple see what
they look like I cannot I’m not sure what my favorite one is I’m excited to
try all of them right okay let’s open a couple of these colors and don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel because in the coming weeks I’m going to be using
the brand new colors to do a few makeovers so you can see what they look
like on a piece of furniture so subscribe but hit that button below if
you haven’t already and let’s open up a couple and let’s pick this one is really
pretty this is Gulf Stream balloon what I can and see what it looks like oh yeah
look at that is a gorgeous color I am super excited to use that one love it
let me try another one that I’m really excited to try look at the pink Oh another gorgeous pink love it this
would be stunning with champagne pearl effects on top of it alright let’s do a
couple markers this is just fun westminster green love the new greens
that they have oh yeah look at that one it’s super super pretty
okay one more which one should we do perfect great look at one of the grace
oh yes gorgeous now as always I feel like general finish’s does an amazing
job all these colors go really well together so even if you already have
some painted furniture in your house one add some new colors they seem to all
blend look how well these colors go together now I just picked four random
colors out of the batch so really great classic colors as always so just to
remind you let’s go over the discontinued colors from the milk paint
line real quick just so you know if you see those and they’re still available
and you love them snatch them up before they’re gone for good the discontinued
colors are buttermilk yellow Somerset gold lime green brick red and royal
purple so again those are the colors that are gone replaced with these 12 new
gorgeous colors 33 colors now in total on the milk paint line and as well the
chalk paint line has been completely discontinued so some of those colors did
migrate over Key West I know was a chalk paint color that’s now made in milk
paint as well as I think Empire gray and there are probably a few others as well
but those have been discontinued completely and the focus now is all on
the milk paint so nothing has changed just we’ve they’ve reduced the colorant
the VOCs in the colorant rather it’s still the amazing milk paint with the
beautiful sheen in nor outdoor paint and you don’t have
to topcoat it so I cannot wait to get my hands on these new colors and I’m sure
you will as well so keep an eye out for them online you can find them in my
Amazon shop and as soon as they are available as well as at many of your
local retailers so I am so excited and I hope you are too
stay tuned for more projects and lots of fun painted pieces coming your way soon
I’ll see you guys later you

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