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  1. nasi lemak in english is not fatty rice.. in english it call nasi lemak.. you cannot change the word.. because its like king of a breakfast food… see what i did there.. hahah

  2. When its a video about a Malaysian / Indonesian dish, I always see Malays and Indos arguing in the comment. Go look at Thai, Viet or Myanmar dish videos, you wont see anyone fighting. This proves that most Malaysians and Indonesians are immature. Chill out and just enjoy the video. P/S: I am Malaysian.

  3. That was a lot of food +mark wiens , great job of taking it all to the face. Man that food looked delicious!!

  4. Malaysians over here just stop arguing with them, we know what it taste like and we know where our food come from. Just let people from other countries judge. There is no need to argue for the whole time because we know that "these people" never knew others culture outside their place. Just pray they will open their minds and shut up real soon.

  5. Yes finally a Smart tourist tried out our Malay food Nasi Lemak froma Malay stall and the Makcik(Aunty lady) always cooks the best  Nasi Lemak(Fatty rice) every morning everywhere u go in Malaysia!

  6. That moment where  you realize you can walk out of walgreens with a can of arizona in the u.s and a bag of cheetos or a full hot meal here.

  7. Now that's Malaysian food 101. Love when other people from the overseas try Malaysian food. Some they say good but some pretty negative at times, but all worth it.

  8. You know how much a plate of nasi lemak costs in Dublin ? 12.50 euros…..yes 12.50 freaking euros….fck

  9. Singapore nasi lemak tastes more authentic cos it's their national dish. The stall at upper serangoon.


  11. Saya orang INDONESIA….. Indonesia dan Malaysia itu pada dasarnya satu rumpun broo, rumpun melayu. Jadi wajar-wajar saja jika antara Indonesia dan Malaysia punya banyak kemiripan termasuk dalam hal kuliner/makanan. Tapi pasti kedua negara tersebut tetap punya makanan khas masing-masing, walaupun kadang juga ada kemiripan bumbu dan rasa. Jadi ya, kita sebagai orang Indonesia jangan langsung claim seenaknya  bahwa makanan khas Malaysia sebenarnya aslinya adalah makanan Indonesia. Kita, indonesia, punya banyak sekali makanan khas yang bisa dilestarikan kok broo, gak perlu caplok makanan khas negara lain, lestarikan dulu tuh makanan dalam negeri/khas Indonesia, jangan taunya cuman KFC sama McD doang !

  12. Hi Mark when would be the best time to go Malaysia prefer when it's not as hot as I want to travel with my 1 year old baby 🙂

  13. your 'oh so delicious face' makes you that sympathic buddy! Great impressions of food and sightseeings in asia! Thank you so much

  14. agree…. i went to Oz for 10 days…. when return to malaysia… the first thing i did ..ate nasi lemak.. i ate like i havnt ate nasi lemak for 10 yrs… …

  15. He's just enjoying his food & some of you have to fight about where the food is from. Just enjoy the video! I'm already salivating looking at him eating all that. 😂

  16. Salam .. I think you should try Sabahan and Sarawakian food .. maybe there are couple of different than others .. seafood and villager traditional food are always available .. If u kinda like it just give me feedback and I'll show u most of it ..

  17. Mark, if you ever come down to Malaysia again, I recommend you try "Gerai Makan Pak Usop" in Temerloh. Hands down best malay food in Malaysia. Theres tons of other type of food to try out in Malaysia, Chinese, Indians, baba Nyonas etc etc.

  18. Fatty rice?? No, I don't think so! That's a bad translation, it gives negative connotation that nasi lemak makes you fat and unhealthy! It's creamy rice in English..the Malay word 'lemak' refers more to the creamy taste of coconut milk in which the rice is cooked, not the oil or fatty parts of it..

  19. In Malaysia, you should also try Mee Tarik (pulled noodle). Its a tradisional food that came from China by chinese muslim.


  20. You're making me super homesick for Malaysia. I live in Fort Worth now, and I absolutely miss the abundance of good food as well as our Hobbit meal times.

  21. tak paham la ada beberapa jenis makhluk ni yang dok claim semua makanan malaysia ni originate dr negara diorang. . tak boleh ke kita share budaya ?? ~ tipikal

  22. Mark, I tried the nasi lemak from RA Nasi Lemak. Firstly, I think it is no longer in buffet style, rather it is more like nasi kandar, you pay for how much food you eat. Besides, the nasi lemak's coconut flavor is not that strong and I tried their chicken rendang, vegie, egg , and sambal, they are not that good to my liking, so I think I won't go back again.

  23. you should go east coast peninsular Malaysia like Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang…try their foods likes nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, laksam, keropok lekor etc.

  24. sorry… the facts is nasi lemak from Malaysia not Indonesia. Indonesia always claim Malaysia foods. but its OK. enjoy nasi lemak is very good meal. just in Malaysia only.

  25. What?.. Nasi lemak is Indonesian food? Nasi lemak is originally from Malaysian. What is originally from Indonesia is… House Maid.Indonesian people love to work as house maid in Malaysia. Your people are MESS in Malaysia. Go out from My country. Stupid indonesian. I hate indonesian people

  26. One thing I really really hate about ALL your video is that, your reaction when trying food is too much, a bit excessive. Like, everytime you trying food, you will close your eyes while smiling like you're in heaven or something. You don't have to make that kind of face to say that the food is good. In fact, when you do that, you look like a creep. #sorrynotsorry

  27. Hi Mark… I am Malaysian and I love Nasi Lemak too… you should visit the land of Borneo e.g Sabah or Sarawak in Malaysia… These both states offer some great local foods as well…

  28. Any Indonesians who had spent some time in Malaysia will definitely agree that Malaysia is the center of Asian dishes and food hands down. They are so authentic and traditional. One of the reasons why so many Indonesians keep coming back to Malaysia.

  29. What a fake heavenly smile when eating. Please be authentic my dear. You're exagerrating again. Your facial expressions become disgusting when you overdo the please the viewers- act

  30. i dont wanna do anything all day just relax and drink tea! no wonder la org melayu malas HAHAAHHAAHAHAH nasik lemak punca! cilakeeee

  31. Hey Mark, this video means a lot to me because you inspire me to travel and it was the first time I was able to follow one of your recommendations, I visited this place back in march and even 6 years later it was as good. However the open buffet thing wasn't that great for me because it was my first time eating Nasi Lemak and I had no idea how to combine it… lol, still it was all delicious. For future visitors, beware that I got lost coming out of Dang Wangi Station because I took the wrong exit and came out to a whole different neighbourhood and took me almost 1 hr to finally find the restaurant. When I returned to the station I realised it was only a 3 mins walk from the right exit.

  32. For some parts of Malaysia, this is a wrong image of nasik lemak.
    A nasik lemak in this part of Malaysia basically consist of:
    Nasi lemak (the rice)
    Sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in spicy gravy)
    Telur rebus (boiled egg)
    Hirisan Timun batang (slices of cucumber)
    Boiled eggs are sometimes changed with sunny side or omelette.
    Ikan bilis goreng (fried anchovies) are just optional. Same goes to other dish like chicken etc.

    And never, never served with kacang (nuts)

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