My Favourite Cookbooks: Jamie Oliver Special | Lauren and the Books

My Favourite Cookbooks: Jamie Oliver Special | Lauren and the Books

No hello and welcome to another victory video from meet learn from Lauren and the folks and welcome to Wednesday today this Wednesday I'm going to be talking about my top 5 Jamie Oliver cookbook so over vlogmas I did a little bit of vlogging I talked about cooking and things like that and a few people were like oh we'd be interested to hear a bit more about cooking so I thought throughout this year it's not a series as such because I'm just gonna sort of got go go with it I thought throughout this year I would show you some of the cookbooks that I've got some of the cookbooks that I use a lot I've turned vegetarian this year so I think going forward I'll probably show you some of the cookbooks that I use now like I'm a vegetarian these are cookbooks that I've used throughout my life they probably like they're not my five favorite but when I was picking out I thought I'd pick up top five of my favorite cookbooks and then when I picked them three of them were Jamie Oliver ones I was like let's just do a top five Jamie Oliver one and then throughout the year I'll do some more as well so we'll start with this so Jamie Oliver for those who don't know is a celebrity chef in the UK although I'm pretty sure he's all over the place and he is one of my idols he left school with no not many qualifications and had been brought up in a pub with his parents who and who taught him to cooking and he was then discovered on a program set of the River Cafe in London and where he was a junior chef and he's just so enthusiastic about food everything he cooks I'm really interested in I think he's programs really accessible I think his recipes are really accessible particularly the books that he's had published like later on the most recent books he's worked with nutritionally so it's really easy to see what is on there what you need to eat he's got great bits at the beginning and ends books about mindfulness about like exercise but not in a preachy way just dinner hey this is what we should be doing this is what we gonna do and I just find his recipes the best and the easiest night always reach firstly for a jamieoliver book when I'm looking to cook so I've got five of my favorite here he's got about fourteen books now I think might be more than that I've got his most recent one actually that I probably says I mean he's got but hey he's got about fourteen cookbooks out now and these are my top five so the first one he's jamie's 15-minute meals so this is the book that David and I go to whenever we want whenever we don't know what we're having for dinner so quite often we used to plan throughout the week we need to get back in the habit of doing that but quite often quite often that we play this is in this book in particular so I'll talk through this bit then I'll tell you that the game that we play so this book is set in two sections they're all 50-minute meals now I'm I've considered myself quite a proficient chef chef cook like I'm pretty good at following a recipe and I'm always pleased with the results that I get is rare that I've cooked something and not be happy with it I'm quite good at chopping I've learnt quite a few knife skills I'm quite good I'm pretty good at like knowing by eye what table spoon is what this is what this is but I would say it would be tough to cook many of these recipes in 15 minutes these are quick recipes which is grey also I love cooking I don't want it something to be over in 15 minutes David and I do these together we could probably do them in 15 minutes but I think this is probably a bit of false advertising no in a negative way they're just quick delicious and wonderful meals I think this is the best book that he's ever released and I've cooked almost everything out of here and just loved it it's set out the first section he set out into the meaty side of things so chicken beef pork lamb then we get into the bits of unloved now fish actually I've just realised David's cooking dip so that that it's me and then just what I thought it's cooking me dinner tomorrow night I've got picks on fish pasta soups sandwiches vegetarian and all of them and delicious I could open this at any page and be like yet that's really nice so fish backs with mushy peas and tartar songs happy cow burgers those happy calvo's are amazing they're vegetarian burgers made out of mixed beans and frozen broad beans and they're all really really easy accessible delicious recipes and I really really love it so the game that David and I play is that one of us will pick five recipes out of here that we wouldn't mind eating for dinner then the other person goes back and knocks it down to three so I'd pick five David would knock it down to three then I'd pick but my number then I'd knock it down to two then David picks the one that we go for so really if you're conniving and sneaky like me then what you do is you pick the one recipe that you probably know that David would go for and then for crap ones and then eventually you're gonna get what you want there so yeah and sometimes I wonder maybe I am a slippery but this is really good Oh safer for cooks for people who want to get into cooking I think this is a really really good place to start I think you'd be really impressed with the results from this there's a Swedish meatball recipe recipe in here which isn't taxing at all you can make the Swedish meatballs up to like the day before you need to cook them and everything and when I first tasted it I was like this is like bloody restaurant food it's so impressive and I loved making that recipe summer tonic in myself anymore but I do love making it have you make vegetarian Swedish meatballs anyone know anyone no that's the first one let's have a little sip of my drink lovely so the next one is probably the first book that got me into cooking so this is one of his this is published a long long time ago and this is Jamie's Ministry of food scene anything about these I don't tell you the year they were published do they don't click works don't say oh no hold on 2008 so this was published eight years ago and I've got this one year for Christmas when I was living at home with my parents and I used to with my my powers I used to run what I used to call the suit club so on a Wednesday I think I used to have friends would come out and I would make them suits and I used to make the suit out here so this is what really really good soup section so that's the whole message of this book was that these have got easy recipes in here that you could learn and then go on to teach other people so it's gotta be sexually in there it says oh I take a pledge that I will learn one recipe from this book and pass it on they were still recipes when this book that I could cook from scratch and I could cook out of my head because I've done them so often so we take some chorizo soup that was one that I do loads and knives and those there's a rice dish in here that I would cook all the time a chopped salad that I would cook all the time the fish pies great recipe oh the mackerel pate that was a revelation the first time I made macropods I believe as delicious it was and these are really good started what I will say about these older books is that the newer books so from Jamie's 15 meals onwards and they have how the nutritional information so don't believe me he may well have worked with the nutrition at least on nutritionist on these books but those ones have it published but yeah this is a really really again a really good one for a starter like I I just this really makes me feel the static when I look through here because it just reminds me of all the times I used to make the soup things that but really good soup section in here and a very very huge I believe a 20 minute section at the beginning as well and yeah I remember when I first got this all very excited and it's sort of like the book that got me into cooking and so yeah very good ministry food Jamie on all bye Jamie Oliver this is where I'm gonna take a sip of drink time the third one is one that holds a very dear place in my heart so this is Jamie's Great Britain this I mean all of these books are pretty bashed up this is the most bashed up of all and as you can see I think I probably took spoken about this on my channel before all these pages are turned over so a few years ago it wasn't last year was it here before so maybe two or three years ago I think maybe three years ago my new year's resolution was to cook everything out of this Jamie Oliver Jamie's Great Britain book I got this for my birthday like a long long time ago my birthday like a long time ago and never cooked anything from it and I kept looking and I often look at this book and like God all of this is gorgeous like there really is some delicious delicious foods in here like all sorts and it's all baked it's all Great Britain so if you're into like locally sourced produce and things I think this is a really good book to utilize that and and I quite often leave this book I look through it and be like wow that's all gorgeous and and one year is my new year's resolution I've decided to cook absolutely everything out of it now I didn't quite manage it I think I manage like 80% of it but I look through this book with such fond memories I can literally open it on any of these pages and see something that I've cooked and remember when I did it so for instance this is us out so it's got bacon in here as well it's got starters main Sunday roast dinners it's got pub classics it's got something a little bit different it's got veg it's got dessert it's got soups it's got salads it's got everything but yeah I can look through here and find any memory so for instance like this is the sour cranberry baked well I made that for my book club at work and I remember because I used to take a photo off them and put them on my Instagram if you go back to my Instagram you probably be able to say oh and I remember I didn't even get a photo with that because we all just gobbled it up Oh Empire roast chicken so I remember making this for my friends Kate and Alex got married on the 15th of February a few years ago so however long they been married how long ago I did this and my my best friend Ryan and his girlfriend stayed with us the night before which was Valentine's Day so on Valentine's Day we just spent the whole of like we just ate this and I remember just having a lovely Valentine's Day heavenly potted shellfish I made that full starter on Christmas Day that you so yeah it's just full of memories for me and it was just a really fun thing to do if you're into your cooking and you fancy it up I haven't done it this year I never like had the success rates I did with this book because I think where I thought had such a look at this book relationship I knew the things and now I wanted to cook I tried to follow it up the year after we saved with Jamie and then the year after that we Jamie's 30-minute meals but never had a success it was such a nice thing to do and I really do love looking back on these things and being like oh yeah I remember making that and I will do it again in future I had lots of reading resolutions and things but yeah absolutely love this memories for me and really loved it I loved our first up is like it's completely bashed up but I really loved that drinky so the fourth one is quite a new book of his and it's Jamie of everyday super food notice a bit glarey so I do apologize underneath though it's amazing look at that Charlotte bought this for me and when we moved into our new crib last year but I've actually David's mum had it and so these are the healthier recipes and and looking at things that are a superfood so it's sick again intersections of breakfast lunch and dinner and then I think there's sort of like a sweet treat section at the end so I find this very help helpful if I'm trying to be healthy and there's a lot of vegetarian recipes in here so before I became a vegetarian David and I would have one or two meat three meals a week which we often would find in here it's got great snacks in here and the only thing I will say that I find the portion size is a bit small in this so sometimes I feel like I have to do something but if you supposed to be in healthy should be in like Lauren and David sized portions of things but this is this is this is a recipe in here that David is like his signature dish that he loves cooking and that's pest lemon pesto crusted Cod with baby roasted baby new potatoes and green veg and that's like if David's cooking dinner the first thing he says is do you want the cod and it is delicious it's really really nice so this is really good if you're looking for healthy eating particularly I know at this time of year people were looking to be a bit healthier and new start in January etc but I really would recommend this book and I think it's got some really like the faux photography david loftus whose Instagram account I will link down below he does the he does the food photography for Jamie Oliver I'll link all of Jamie Oliver's bits down below if you haven't heard of it but I'm sure you have and he's food photography is just amazing but yeah this is this I've had that before delicious squash doll with special and poppadoms nice very nice lots of fish in here as well this is really good for me this is very very good so although that healthy on the flip side is this book which is Jamie's comfort food scrumptious happy classics so this is a complete treat book this is really thought of treaty delicious things so he did this a few years ago and then bought our super food since then and I think this was sort of like his last hurrah he seems to have gone down the super food and the healthy eating route but this like this is a book when you look for it you're like wow I get the similar feelings when I'm looking through this as I do at Jamie's Great Britain so I wouldn't be able to cook my way through this next there's far too much meat in here for me who not eating meat anymore but yeah there's some really delicious things in here katsu curry I've made a few times that's really nice and they're all really like investment pieces there's not much in here I made that for breakfast on Christmas Eve Hood Cuervo Thrasher off and it's got some pasta recipes it's got it sort of just it's set out like this there's bacon and cakes at the end but aside from that it's just deliciousness the whole way through there's not you couldn't open this and not find something you don't want to wait unless you're not even make that meat but let me have a look sort of maybe squid oh I love squid so much I might make that same as me and yeah this is just a real real treat so those are my five favorite jamie oliver cook those let me know if you're okay have a drink very thirsty today very very thirsty let me know if you are into cooking and if you are into Jamie Oliver let me know which of his favorite cookbooks which let me know which of these cookbooks are your favorites and as I said he's got a whole host I have like most of them on my shelf over there but these are my top 5 let me know if you like the idea of this as a video that might happen again as I said I'm hoping to do one on vegetarian cookbooks coming up and also just other cookbooks that I've got that I've enjoyed but this first one I just want to do Jame you don't get it though I just really doing so much these books are really really heavy I'm gonna hold these up now but these are my favorite Jamie Oliver cookbook that is gonna rock me and I'll see you all again soon for another victory video

20 thoughts on “My Favourite Cookbooks: Jamie Oliver Special | Lauren and the Books

  1. Love Jamie Oliver – I must get into cooking some of his recipes again. Thanks for the video! Lindsi xx

  2. I've been a veggie for 15 years or so now, have some very definite favourite cookbooks, one of my faves is a modern way to eat by Anna Jones! and veginomicon!

  3. Hi Lauren! How has becoming a vegetarian been like? I've been thinking about it for some time, not sure though. I loved your cooking videos over vlogmas 😊

  4. I can't wait to follow your veggie videos as I am really bad at cooking for myself from scratch – I rely a lot on frozen vegetarian food and the quorn stuff. As for veggie Swedish meatballs, I have no idea but maybe you could use the Quorn mince – it takes a bit of getting used to but eventually on the veggie substitutes become just as nice as the real thing!

  5. Love the video Lauren! I hope you make more like it! I have 2 Jamie Oliver books but neither are ones you mentioned- haha! My favourite vegetarian cookbook right now is Plenty More, which I bough after seeing Sanne make two recipes from it on her channel 🙂

  6. Just made myself a vegetarian avocado wrap for dinner while watching your video. I'm starting to get more into cooking now that I've got my own kitchen, so I'll definitely check some of Jamie's work out!

  7. Ooh, inspiration alert, I might do a video of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks. Love the cat, I also always have to move one of my cats every single time when I want to record a video…

  8. Loved this! I'm a relatively new veggie too so it would be interesting to see your exploration of vegetarianism through cooking. If you want a great book to read, Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals is a bloody great read. Not preachy but just really informative (towards the end I found it a bit graphic for my liking but you can skip those parts!) He talks a lot about how our lives are intrinsically linked with the history and tradition of food and how we can start our own traditions through a meat-free life, which I find really appealing! Anyhow, thanks again for another super vid 🙂

  9. oh so you're going pescatarian, not vegetarian, hehe. love jamie oliver! he's so vegan friendly too 😍

  10. I mostly eat roasted snake dipped in marmite, occasionally accompanied by boiled twigs and fresh caterpillars. Any of the cookbooks have a section on goblin-cuisine?

  11. I love watching Jamie Oliver but confess that I have never tried one of his recipes… maybe I should rectify that….

  12. Minnie had the same attitude as Millie. Hahaha. I need to get some veggie cook books even living with a chef. Ikea do veggie Swedish meatballs. This video made me hungry. Hahaha. Loved going on this Jamie Journey with you.

  13. love love love J.O….I have 'Jamie's Italy' 'save with jamie', 'everyday superfood', 'cook with jamie', 'Jamie's great britain' '30 min meals' I'd probably say the Italian one is my favourite…but then I love italy, also love gino d'acampo.

  14. Great vid! 🙂 Just commenting to say that they're not quite the same but I LOVE quorn meatballs either in tomato sauce or creamy gravy. They're kinda Swedish style as opposed to a real "meaty" taste if you know what I mean (which is what I love about Swedish meatballs as opposed to the balls which taste like balls of minced meat essentially) Personally, I've not found a reliable recipe for vegetarian homemade though!

  15. I cooked through a cook book one year and it was food from all the great lodges from our National Parks here in the USA. The only thing was that I gained weight from it. I was taking care of my mom and feeding her, she had Alzheimers and she wasn't interested in eating. The book helped with that for her.

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