MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Homemade Rice Crispy Treats!

MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Homemade Rice Crispy Treats!

– Hello. I can’t even tell you guys how many flies I accidentally drank earlier. Two. Rice Krispie treats, a
space suit, and some sake you can’t go wrong this
week on My Drunk Kitchen. (jazzy music) Hey guys, this week on My Drunk Kitchen, we are finishing a night of kitchens with Rice Krispie treats. Now, I have always wanted to make Rice Krispie treats from scratch. I have a deep lit personal attachment to Rice Krispie treats because for me, Rice Krispie treats were
something a friend gave to me in middle school that I
thought was the most delicious thing I ever tasted in the entire world and I had never had one
before and he didn’t want his from his lunch and that guy
is a lifelong friend of mine so now I’m making Rice Krispie treats on my fancy YouTube show. It’s a great life, guys,
it is a great life. Cheers to that. That’s my story. The first step in making
Rice Krispie treats is to get Rice Krispies. However, I didn’t want to just
buy Rice Krispies from a box because, as aforementioned
I was so sentimentally attached to the concept so I
baked my own rice from scratch. To bake rice, basically, you make rice or you take leftover rice,
you put it in a pot with oil and you bake it for two
hours at 275 degrees. To puff rice, however, you
take your previously baked rice and you puff it in little
chunks in a deep fryer. Spoiler alert, never deep fry
things when you’re this drunk. Ever. I am a trained professional. I have the oil on the
hottest heat for puffing because only the puffiest puffs get puffed when it’s super hot. That didn’t make much
sense, but you know what, that’s not what you came here for. Do you guys ever reach
a point of drunkenness where you’re so drunk you’re like, “I better keep drinking to sober up.” And then you’re like, “You
know, I recognize that “that is not how it works,
but maybe this time it will.” Time to puff your rice. Let it puff. (crackling) Ooh, it’s puffing, it’s
puffed, it’s puffed! Now, pull it out immediately
after it’s puffed and put it on your puffed rice thing. Wow. And then puff more rice. Now that we’ve done it a little bit, let’s do it all at once. Now, you don’t wanna puff
your rice too long, guys because if you puff your rice too long, it won’t retain that light airyness that puffed rice should have. Puffing, puffing, keep
those puffers puffing. Oh shit! Oh, you guys, it looks so cool. It’s like popping popcorn,
but the popcorn is rice. Oh my God, you guys, we are really making Rice Krispie treats right now. Ooh, oh my fucking God. These Rice Krispies are gonna be amazing. Now the actual cooking can begin. Step one. B. Cause step one was making Rice Krispies. In a large saucepan, add
butter until completely melted. Then add marshmallows also
until completely melted. Let’s go. Three tablespoons of butter. Yeah. Yes, yes. Take four cups mini marshmallows
or four jumbo marshmallows plus another one. Who knows, why not just cook them all. Talking puffy. You got a perfect puffs
so puff puff on me. I just can’t puff enough. Smells like hot chocolate. Rather it smells like the marshmallows you put in hot chocolate
cause it is a marshmallow. Did you guys know marshmallows
make great pillows. Okay, wait for your marshmallows to melt. Use your hand as a stirrer. Melting marshmallows,
melting marshmallows. Now that your marshmallows
have accrued a fine tan about them, take it off
the heat immedietely because apparently sugar
gets burned really quick. Add your freshly puffed Rice Krispies to your marshmallow treat soup. Stir until well coated. Ooh, yes, slightly blackened. Now that you’ve got your
well coated Rice Krispies… Okay, apparently, that was the last step. And now you just let it set. But some of them are burnt. I don’t understand. Now just put your Rice
Krispie treats in, like, a pan and you let them set and then
later when they’re cooled they become Rice Krispie treats. Now you might wanna be patient until they cool off a little bit and you gotta be, you know, pretty wary because sometimes rice can easily puff. Okay guys, so here’s your
little Rice Krispie treat. You made it from scratch. How exciting is that? You even puffed the rice on your own. How much of a victory is that? So, here we go, let’s take a bite. (crunches) Well, my chewing doesn’t seem
to be having an effect on it. I really feel like I’m
just chewing around it. Guys at the end of the day,
I kinda caramelized rice so it’s not really a Rice Krispie treat, but it’s also not a Rice Krispie defeat. It’s something I wanted to
try that is now complete. So, there you go, start
today, don’t start tomorrow. You know why? Cause today’s happening now. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to my channel
for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday and
be sure to wash your hands after making sticky things
because otherwise you’re just kind of in a constant state
of torture until it’s done. Also, support the space program. Have a great day.

100 thoughts on “MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Homemade Rice Crispy Treats!

  1. Definitely one of my favorite MDKs. Harto never does so many time consuming steps! (I'm not being sarcastic. While I love the 'f recipes and their ridiculously long and complicated instructions', I also love drunk Harto doing all the things. πŸ™‚ )

  2. I make my own Rice Krispie treats all the time and that is NOT how you do it. 1. Melt your marshmallows with some butter on a LOW heat in a large pot. 2. Once it is completely melted, take it off the heat and add your puffed rices r Rice Krispies 3. Stir until combined 4. Put in a buttered 9×11 pan

  3. You can make chocolate ones by getting chocolate rice crisps and marsh mellows and just melt marsh mellows in a bowl and then mix them with rice crisps and then put them in a pan nothing else needed.

  4. hmm…I don't really like your set kitchen. But I do like you! Your fridge is too short and the kitchen too dark and confined. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Heh I made rice krispie treats just the other day! I put orange food coloring in them and put faces on them so they were halloween jack-o-lanters.

  6. 2 wins for me with this video! #1 – your suit appears to be from the US space and rocket center in huntsville, AL, which is where I grew up (huntsville, not the space and rocket center)! #2 – this video was posted on my birthday! =D

  7. Ha! I think you needed more crispy rice to marshmallow ratio, but this was pretty amusing. I've never watched any of your videos before, I was just planning on making some of these myself later and decided to watch some videos on it first. I must say I laughed so hard I almost spit out what i was eating all over my computer. I'll definitely be watching more of your videos. New subby here!

  8. Oh my gawd I made these last year for Christmas but with green marshmallows to make them Christmas like! But I didn't make the rice crispies whoops guess you can call me lazyπŸ’™

  9. OMG this is my first time seeing this girl…I looked up on youtube how to make rice krispies treats hahahaha Shes so damn funny

  10. Take 5 mega marshmellows and microwave them until them are puffy ad 1 cup of rice crispy treats mix it up and put in a buttered pan
    if you want to be extra awesome coat them in nuttella

  11. Hannah! The reason it burned is because you used the massive marshmallows. If you use the mini ones they melt faster so you get them off the heat before they burn.

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  13. Her eating the rice crispy at the end reminded me of the face I made when I was drunk for the first time and my brother and law gave me a piece of bread and it felt really weird to chew it. =P

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