Mouth Watering ARGENTINE SEAFOOD Lunch! | Visiting PUERTO MADRYN, Argentina

well good morning good morning guys
welcome to Puerto Madryn what’s the matter in it is technically our first full day here
because we’ve been taking excursions we haven’t seen this place so we’re super
pumped to be here today the plan is to check out some of the attractions of Puerto Madryn
although we want to have seafood yeah this parently world-famous Argentine seafood here
patagonian seafood so that’s we’re gonna have for lunch so pump for that next up we’re gonna take you guys to
visit a museum it is called the Museum of the man and the see sounds like a
book the Old Man and the sea guys this is a giant calamari have you
ever seen anything this size what this is already a super cool museum and look
up here so we just finished visiting that museum
and Wow we were both pleasantly surprised yeah
so much to see inside also the construction of the building is so cool
we learned that it used to be the home of Augustine before a man from Catalunya
Spain who came here built his house in 1915 lived in it until 1926 now it’s a
museum in Puerto Madryn three stories it focuses on the local wildlife both in the sea and on
land so it was fascinating like we loved it and the best part of
all it was free it was fantastic for me the most impressive thing were the
skeletons of the whales at some of the other animals for me it was that giant
squid giant calamari because a LeMat hyunbae impressive it looks like an
alien we’re enjoying a nice little beach walk
today a cruise ship has come into town so we’re not allowed to be on the
boardwalk but hey we’ve got a beautiful beach the tide is low so the beach is
extra wide extra lengthy and there’s hardly anyone out maybe it’s just too
early in the morning from each time we made it to the restaurant
it’s called Cantina in nautical apparently it’s an institution here in
Puerto Madryn so great place to be eating we’ve been told it fills up like
crazy so we came as soon as they open and a few people are already happy you
know so oh the nice thing about this restaurant is that they have a lunch
special that’s four hundred and fifty pesos per person and you get your entree
main dish dessert plus a beverage and it can be like wine so yeah it seems like a
great value for all that food we’re excited to be here we’ve ordered lots of
seafood heavy dishes so we can’t wait for those to arrive all right Cheers 7lu
the wine has arrived and we have super generous portion wow I feel yeah I feel
like it’s almost like like a half bottle of wine in the back it’s amazing that’s all I usually mean
well maybe I’ll be having some of your thin Oh muy bien gracias you know we go
for the pickled calamari for my I shrink see I’ve ever had calamari this way
before but I’m eager to try it maybe we can squeeze a bit of lemon juice over it
just to add some of that citrus wasn’t yeah yeah a little bit sour yes
it’s been pickled but it’s like it makes me think of sauerkraut but with calamari
it’s actually surprisingly nice it’s good to be trying some new dishes so I
hid so far all right and your entree my friend yeah it’s a
big tomato with like a tuna mash okay looks like it’s got mayonnaise and maybe
even some egg or potato potatoes exciting times on a nice and bed of
lettuce I’m just gonna cut a slice the presentation yeah ya know a really nice
presentation it’s nice to be having a refreshing appetizer as opposed to like
more of a filling one this is perfect mmm tomato really gives it juiciness
he’s got some onions in there some potatoes kind of has the consistency of
a potato salad really really good very nice and so the main comes Oh muy Rico more just arrived is our main dish our
main dishes this is mine I got the seafood rice
what’s amazing at this Abed is B rice with all sorts of seafood like we have
shrimp we have mussels we have scallops so we
have this beautiful presentation with the shells on the side we have yellow
and red peppers and we have green peas it was just a bit of everything going on
right here top of the page wonderful is it happy with this doing this we never
mention we have squid yeah just it’s like a seafood medley of yes that really
does describe its so well can we Detroit even though I don’t even tried my name
you know yeah we could try your Maine and the waiter tells me this is a really
good order when I selected this one and he was right
it was right sometimes I wonder if they just say that like oh good choice it was
maybe everything on the menu is a good choice you ever done in disappointment
so far oh gosh so excited for this this is salmon and a wok for cheese comes
with appears to be a boiled potato nice oh my god I love salmon so this is just
right up my alley try a little bite of fish Roka for
cheese seems to be quite popular here we cut it on pizzas a few time we have and
it’s a nice strong potent cheese look I’m grabbing some of the beer cheese I’m
grabbing some of the sauce grabbing the salmon almost smells
wonderful I wish I could like share my smellivision with you
unfortunately I can’t Oh it’s better than I expected screaming
just tender the cheese gives it so much like potency and character there’s been
lots of ground pepper at it the guy came and it’s like this is just this is
amazing this is a kind of dish that you could order again and again and again
you’ll never get sick of with try some potato holding on style meal like you
know traditional recipes large portion yep good service the great service I’m
friendly here so friendly tons of character feel so welcome here having
such great food this is like this is what travels all about right
sharing jerry bit of Sam’s yeah I want to get a taste of the rope before sauce
so I’m going for potato first yeah be a little bit careful when you’re having
the fish because it does have bones okay good to know but there’s such obvious
bones they’re really pity the knife floss Wow look at that is
delicious she tried some of the fish good you’re right potent describes it
well that flavor of the cheese nice creaminess
this is good like every dish we’ve had here has been a hit no it’s not dessert
believe it so much mean nothing yeah Sam is going to try mine yeah I’m so excited
to try this it sort of reminds me a little bit of paya but with even more
going on in terms of this you know the more seafood that you can ever ask for
all the shrimp I’ve got in this place and calamari oh man that’s awesome
and guys we still have dessert coming we do so much you know what’s crazy is
normally when we order two different mains like there’s a clear-cut winner
one’s better than the other but honestly love both of these plates equally I
think what we’re gonna have to do is like maybe like split them in half we
both we both love each other’s dishes so let’s do that half it happen okay guys
it is now time for dessert we can barely deal with the fact that we have dessert
in front of us we’ll pull so much food oh I have ordered pairs in a syrup that
is my dessert and something hilarious you were like I
just want to hop in a wheelbarrow I call some of my hotels that way over I feel
like I’m at the seat where I need to be rolled home it’s just been so much food
there’s such a good price to both 12 US dollars per person so you’re getting
without you’re getting a bread basket you’re getting a hot cup of wine you’re
getting an entree you’re getting a main and a dessert basically five five
different items the price point and big portions big quality is probably the
best fat meal I’ve ever had in Argentina yeah dessert has arrived this is one of
the house also known as flank acero it’s flan with copious amounts of syrup
so look at that nice big thick portion put all that syrup guys when I call this
in English for people who’ve never heard of plan Ling a bit of custard
yeah I guess so like I’ve never I’ve never really thought of that to be
honest but would be it’s very light but it’s a
syrup that gives it that additional flavor it’s really tasty yeah it’s made
with caramel is brown sugar what a meal this is a meal we remember for a long
time if you come to this this city definitely have to come here and get the
if a lunch special I mean that there’s an extensive menu to choose from there
are so many options that I mean come here for like a month and just like
randomly choose different entrees Maine’s dessert selections fantastic the
food is too great highly recommend this spot well guys we had a fabulous meal
yeah I know we still want to take her yes there right now we still quite
wheeled back in a barrel but there are wheel barrel
but we actually have to switch hotels we were only able to stay
we just checked out of for one night yeah they are fully booked for today and
so we found another place it’s uh yeah it’s a little ways away so I’ll probably
actually get a cab over there yeah and then that’s when this has to begin yeah
that’s what happens when you don’t book in advance we just showed up back into
it we in it after returning from a few days on the peninsula and they are live
for you welcome to home sweet home for the night little studio apartment in Puerto Madryn just
what we need this is great I like the location I like the size of this place
it’s the perfect size we’re gonna be able to get along work done on her desk
yeah stuff and yeah looking forward to that sleep I’ve been talking about four
five five times in a row now yeah and this place is way cheaper than the hotel
we were staying at so yeah that’s cool five six seven hundred pieces less so
David’s the money to Sam’s already enjoying faster internet than we had at
the hotel another bonus oh yeah there you have the room it can fit up to three
people you can just film my beautiful ice cream coconut
time for ice cream finishing off the night is like running down my arm
already what oh my gosh I need to start eating it happening all right so we’re
studying on you

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