– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome
to my Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are attempting another mini food.
The opposite to giant food. I’ve been doing this for quite a few years. There is a link
to a playlist up here, and down below, if you have missed any others. The last mini
food I did was a mini English cooked breakfast, and we’re staying on the English theme, with
me being English, amazing. We’re doing some English scones, traditionally lovely dessert,
here in the UK. It’s quite an afternoon treat with some tea, creme, and jam, really, really
good. I’ve actually done a standard video recipe on that, there’ll be a link up here
too. If you wanna check that, I really hope you give that a go. But we’re doing it teeny-weeny
style. Will it work? I don’t know. They normally do. So lets try it. So as usual, the rules,
it must fit on this plate by the end. And I could make super tiny ones, which I’m not
going to do, because I just think that’ll be almost pointless. We’re gonna make them
so they’re just teeny and bite sized. We’ve got the standard apparatus here. Also a Play
Doh rolling pin, kindly stolen from the kid’s drawer. This is the bottle cap from vanilla
extract, which I think will be a good size to stamp out our scone shapes. And also…
Also stolen from the children, thank you children, is a little paintbrush for milk brushing,
a little bit later on. Alright lets get fake Winnie the Pooh out the way for a moment.
And we’re gonna bring in two bowls. So normally you would rub the butter in with the flour,
but there’s quite a lot of flour to butter ratio, so we’re gonna do the opposite, and
I’m gonna be very surprised if this doesn’t go everywhere. So only lough about 1/3 at
a time. And then just rub. Oh yeah. Rubbing that butter into that flour. Nice. This is
working out really well folks. We’re just gonna keep going though, as always, we fight
through it. We fight through the mini food battle. Ah, there we go. Half of it was actually
on my flipping finger, that’s why. It felt like I was just playing around with flour
for no reason. So what this does is basically coats the flour in butter, and you can see
this slight colour change there, in the pure white flour, and that rubbed flour. Oh my
gosh. This is going so well. I actually hate this as a normal task when you have to do
like that, just makes you feel really niggly. But right. Last little bit. Lets get it all
on there. Stain it in the butter. I’m feeling that’s probably as good as I’m gonna get that
right now. And yes, I have made an amazing mess, but hey-ho we’re gonna carry on. So
this step we’re gonna lubricate it with some milk. This is 15 millilitres of milk from
a cow’s udder. And I kid you not, this is two grammes of sugar. Yes. Getting my random
foot treatment tool, and this is hopefully… I can see this helping the flour. Here it’s
gonna come together, and create a sort of dough. Oh yes, folks, check that out. I think
we do now have a dough that we can handle. Looks good dough, yay. Okay, so you’re gonna
lightly flour a surface. Our mini chopping board which is very kindly sent in, thank
you very much. And then our dough. Check that out. So lets get a bit of flour on there.
In comes the Play Doh rolling pin. Oh yes. This is working a charm. So that is self-raising
flour, so it should rise a little bit. The only thing I’m worried about is that it’s
not gonna go in there for very long, really. So we’ll see. So this is just a bottle cap
from an extract bottle, as I said at the start of the video. And hopefully, if we just pop
this out, like that, ta-dah! I just need to work out how to get that out. Just use another
gadget thing. Oh, there we go. Check that out! So I’m just gonna repeat that over, and
over. And while it’s doing that, I’ve managed to make, so far, some sort of knuckle duster.
So of course, with any of the excess dough, again, you just scrunch it up, and roll it
out again folks, so you can reuse all of it. Alright folks, so, our cut scone shapes are
now being brushed with milk. I wasn’t sure about this step, because, obviously, this
makes them go brown. But with them being so small anyway, that should happen. It’s kind
of like doing it with beaten egg, but milk does give it a slightly lighter colour, so
rather than going all out egg-cellent, egg-cellent we’re just going to go with milk. So, normally
you’d put these in the oven now for 12 to 15 minutes, until golden, and well risen.
I don’t know how long it’s going to take so we’re just gonna shove them in the oven and
see what happens. While it’s in the oven, I’ve made a little bit of a mess so I’m gonna
have a bit of a tidy up, and we’ll have the finale. Ladies and gents. I have just taken
them out the oven, check that out. They’ve risen, they’re golden brown, there’s no point
putting on a wire rack ’cause they’ll fall through. If they wanna cool down, and they’re
so small they’ll cool down in a minute, anyway. So lets serve it up. Now, I don’t like tea.
But I do like coffee. And what I’ve done is made a little coffee here, and I’m just gonna
squirt it into… This jug. Oh yes, because you need to serve it up with tea or coffee.
Ideally tea, ’cause they call it afternoon tea, but for non-tea lovers, like myself,
it’s afternoon coffee. And, if you remember this syringe helped us really well to make
the fried egg in the cooked breakfast. It’s now working well, although that doesn’t look
like the colour of coffee to me. And I also can’t believe I haven’t burnt myself doing
this. Here we are then, folks, this is the chosen one, we have halved it, like so. Some
of you might say, why didn’t you put raisins in it? Well, if I did put raisins in it, I’d
have to really chop them up, and I don’t really wanna do it. I don’t like my scones with raisins
in. Completely optional. There’s also a huge debate on what goes first, the jam, or the
creme. Well, my friends, have you ever tried putting jam on top of creme? It’s very tricky.
So we are gonna go with the jam first. And of course if you like the creme the other
way around, you can just flip it upside down. Yeah. And here’s some creme, which I just
whipped up earlier. Oh yeah, get on there. Come on, come on, yes. Oh yes. That looks
great. We stick our lid on top. Oh my god. Oh my gosh, what does that even mean. That
is our mini scone, but it’s not complete, without our mini coffee, I mean tea, yeah.
It’s tea. Oh, look at that. Amazing. Lets not forget the milk. Mixy, mixy, mix. That
looks more like tea now. I’ll take that. There we are, proper stonkin, and as usual, the
Queen does approve. “Oh look at this, lovely afternoon tea, “coffee and scone, oh lovely.”
No. It’s just for scale purposes. That’s just a two pence coin, here in the UK. It’s time
to have a nibble. And for the first time ever, a drink. I’m joined by Phoebe, alright mate? – Yeah. – I’ve made her a teeny one too, do you wanna
show it up? There it is. Okay, I’m just gonna have my coffee a moment. It’s very cold. But
that is work… I mean the colour of it did not do it justice. It looked like some sort
of sample. But that was actually coffee, I promise. Here we go then Phoebs, ready? – Yeah. – So scone, down in one. Was that good? – Yeah. – Really good? What does it taste like? A
scone? – It tastes… Over… A big scone. – Yes it did, yes. They, as normal, I’m so
chuffed that its turned out good. But it does taste just like the real thing, so if you
wanna try out real scones, there’s a recipe link up here, as I said at the start of the
video. If you wanna check out the rest of the mini food playlist for loads more inspiration,
and do let me know down below any other mini foods I haven’t done yet, that you’d like
to see next. Bye! – Bye.

100 thoughts on “MINI ENGLISH SCONES

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  3. Seeing you rub that butter and flour together until it gets to the 'crumb' stage, made me wonder if it would be possible for you to make a mini Apple Crumble and Custard? It's a thought. Love your channel!

  4. I've always wondered, if you call cookies biscuits then what are biscuits called? The biscuits and gravy style ones. Because we have scones too, but biscuits are nothing like scones

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  6. if you wanted the jam on top u could just put the jam on the top half then the cream on the bottom hen put them together lol x

  7. Barryyy! Such a big fan of your channel 😀 I'm also a youtuber it would be so amazing to film a collab with you 😀 what do you say?

  8. Wait,wait Barry you say scones with the long "o". I don't think I've ever heard someone from the UK say it like that as we do in the US. Is that how the pronunciation is in your part of the country??😁

  9. loves this mini make, great British cake but I had have to eat lot of these 😍 I do love you videos me and my partner sometimes watch them together we always say we have to make one but we have yet to make one yet lol I also watch your other channel 🙂 x

  10. Random mini editing suggestion: add a little warmth to your footage when editing it. In the kitchen I find the light a bit cold. Great vids NOW I WANT SCONES!

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  13. We have a sort-of scone in the US that we call biscuits. It’s considered more savory, however the “cool” thing to do now is to treat them like the English scone and use them as strawberry shortcakes.

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