Mee Siam Goreng | Spicy Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles [Nyonya Cooking]

Mee Siam Goreng | Spicy Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles [Nyonya Cooking]

Hey guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! In this video, I’m going to show you how to prepare a noodle dish There are many different types of noodle dishes in Malaysia Laksa is the favorite and it’s also very popular There’s also another noodle dish which is also popular, spicy and one of my favourites There are many variations of it Today, we are going to attempt the simple one This is how to prepare ‘Mee Siam Goreng’ or as I call it ‘Spicy fried rice vermicelli’ This is very simple to prepare and you can make it everyday I usually buy it from the ladies who sell them at the roadside You know, if you go to Malaysia, there are many stalls by the roadside They will offer ‘kuih’, rice like ‘Nasi Lemak’ and also ‘mee siam goreng’ because it’s so simple, it’s very light I love it with coffee or tea like ‘teh tarik’ If you know what I mean, you cannot wait for the list of ingredients to prepare it yourself at home Now, let’s take a look at them We’ll need some dried chilies, dried shrimps, shallots, garlic and also fermented beans, also known as ‘taucu’ All these ingredients would then contribute to making the ‘rempah’ or the chili paste Now, this chili paste would help to spice up the noodles, of course and also to add flavor to the noodles Now, as we move on, we will need some fresh prawns, Chinese chives, tofu and also fish balls Now, you’ll notice that I use Chinese chives instead of spring onions Of course, you can also use spring onions or scallions That’s not an issue Also, I use tofu puffs instead of this fried tofu which is also known as ‘tau kwa’ Either one, you can use I do not have ‘tau kwa’ today So, we are using tofu puffs For noodles, we’ll need rice vermicelli To add some more flavor to the noodles, we’ll have a bit of ketchup, salt and sugar Ketchup is widely used in Asian dishes I know many of you commented ketchup is meant for burgers You know, ‘I don’t use it in my Asian dishes’ My mum uses a lot of it… and also my grandma ‘Mee Siam’ also uses fresh tomatoes, if you like In this case, I use ketchup So… to garnish, you need fresh ingredients Here, we have some scallions, chilies, an omelette cut into strips and also some lemon cuts As you know, I live in Germany Calamansi would be the best for ‘mee siam’ It’s not widely available… you can also substitute it with lime I do not have lime Again, substitute works best if you are living abroad We have all the ingredients… Now, let’s prepare ‘rempah’ So, in goes the dried chilies… dried shrimps As for the dried shrimps, you need to rinse them under cold water Just a quick rinse would do Then, garlic shallots I’m half way through blending and you notice that there are still big chunks I want it to be smoother So, with the help of a bit of water This is what you’re going to do Using a spoon, I’m just going to scoop the sides down Then we will begin blending again ‘Rempah’ is done So, we are going to scoop this out Meanwhile, I have my pan heating up Later, we’ll add some oil Then, we are going to saute this ‘rempah’ So, this is how it looks like You still see a bit of chunks of chilies which is totally fine because I want it to be noticeable Do not have really big chunks like what we had earlier Add a bit of oil Once you feel the heat, you can put the ‘rempah’ into the pan We’re going to saute this until the color changes… it gets into a deeper red As usual, with ‘rempah’, the oil needs to separate from the chili paste So, give it a bit of time Oil shouldn’t be too hot or else it’ll burn the ‘rempah’ Or else it’s going to be really tough It’s not going to darken and you will not get the flavors from the chilies Once you can smell the aroma and the fragrance from the ‘rempah’, then you know that it is an indication it is almost ready So, now I will add ‘taucu’… you can add the whole beans I like to use a little fork and lightly press so that we get a bit of ‘taucu’ paste Just a preference thing It’s optional Now, when making ‘mee siam’, I think that the fermented beans would really add these flavors If you do not have fermented beans or ‘taucu’, then it wouldn’t really be ‘mee siam goreng’ So, if you want to have ‘mee siam goreng’, make sure you get fermented beans So, saute for about a minute or so and then we will add shrimps Fish balls… here, I have cut them into little slices Tofu… Now, at this point of time, I would want to add a bit of water just to have some gravy Once it starts boiling, we will add rice vermicelli noodles into the pan and also the chives Now, stirring noodles can be quite tough especially when it’s a pan and it’s not a wok Of course, you can use a wok which is very much simpler I like to use my stainless steel pan with some chopsticks Very lightly, mix this up Not forgetting ketchup Now, keep mixing until the gravy is almost gone At this point of time, switch off the stove Always taste, right… Hmmm… I love the saltiness and then, the spiciness kicks in Awesome… It does lack some sweetness So, a bit of sugar If you find that it’s not salty enough for you, you can always add salt I think it’s just fine for me Sometimes, when I make ‘mee siam’, I also like to add a bit of tamarind juice So I add, maybe one spoonful or one teaspoon of tamarind puree Add a bit of water, and then I’ll add it to the ‘rempah’ So, that will also add some sourness to this dish and it can also be really delicious Again, always taste Hmm… nice Think a bit more sugar would not hurt As you can see, the gravy has dried The noodles also is now incorporated with all the ingredients That’s why chopsticks are really useful when it comes to cooking noodles because we can always pick them up and then mix with the ingredients Now, this can be really fast… do not let the ingredients scare you If you have quite an extensive kitchen or Asian pantry, you would have all these ingredients at home Chinese chives can be substituted with scallions, so that’s not an issue Now, I’m going to use this very special plate If you’ve seen my instagram stories, you would know that I made this plate I painted it Looks really pretty, right? What do you think? It’s my first time using this plate as well So, this dish is really special Now, before we started this video, we also made some behind the scenes videos on Patreon So, if you want to check us out on patreon… This is my shameless plug, but it’s That’s where you can see behind the scenes… how my cameras are like, how they’re fixed We have two cameras, by the way You know, this also reminds me of school parties because back then in school, sometimes… you know, we get food catered ‘Mee siam’ goreng’ will always be there It’s slightly spicy, but it’s just so delicious Look at this plate of beautiful rice vermicelli noodles So delicious I cannot wait to finish this As I’d mentioned, we need to garnish it especially if we have guests Of course make this for parties you You know, so that people get a bit of spiciness and a bit of punch in their food Some scallions all around Since it’s slightly orangey, reddish… we’re going to add some yellow to the dish This is… omelette cut into strips Of course, the last touch will be adding some calamansi or in my case, real lemon cuts So, I’m just going to put it at the side Now, honestly guys, this looks like a beautiful mess It looks delicious, fast, simple and I know that you can prepare this… after work, for example You can always prepare the paste in advance, freeze it and then use it whenever you want Before I finish this video, of course, we will need to taste it Bit of noodles Really delicious Now, before I try it, I just want to tell you that you can take a photo of the recipes that you had tried especially this dish because it’s just so simple Join the community by uploading your photo on the website So now, without further ado… Hmmm… So delicious I don’t know how to tell you but this brings back a lot of memories I eat this almost all the time because we have this sometimes for breakfast Like I said, at the roadside… by this auntie selling food in school, night markets… It brings a lot of memories It is so simple Also sometimes, when we visit friends’ homes if they have celebrations They always have ‘mee goreng siam’ It’s so simple Now, if you love this recipe, give it a thumbs up Do not forget, you can be a part of our effort to spread the love of food, especially Malaysian food on Patreon So, it’s Go check that out and check out the behind the scenes video Until then, I hope to see you in other videos Drop me your comments in the comment section to let me know what you think Till then, I wish you, happy cooking!

62 thoughts on “Mee Siam Goreng | Spicy Fried Rice Vermicelli Noodles [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. A good excuse to eat noodles for breakfast. I didn't catch the fruit that could be used instead of lemon or lime and is hard to find outside Malaysia, what is it?

  2. And I already miss the live Nasi lemak burger show but I already watch .. I want soup dumplings videos maybe u can upload it ..

  3. Thank you for this recipe. Mee Siam has always been my favourite bee hoon dish. Will try this out and let you know how it turned out. 🙂

  4. Aahhhh…. Thumbs up and toes up….AunT just finished cooking my Mee siam with gravy. Yes Mee siam always bring us to memory lane. And AunT prepared Mee siam because AunT likes to eat heaps of the Koo chai which is the Chinese chives. The Koo chai has a nice nutty taste. And AunT always add some fine grounded peanuts….just..just loves some nutty taste to the sourness of Mee siam…

  5. You should buy yourself one of those Indian wet and dry grinders they make a paste out of anything and they're a complete godsend. I wouldn't be with out mine

  6. Hi Grace. Greetings from a watered down Nyonya from Singapore. Can you give suggestions on how to reduce the spiciness of this dish so it is made suitable for younger children? Thanks. 😊 Love all your recipes. Do keep sharing…it keeps the tradition alive.

  7. Thank you for recipe.


    เต้าเจี้ยว(Fermented Soybean) , เต้าหยู(Fermented soybean curd) เต้ากั้ว(taukua)

  8. Thank you for the recipe! Now i can make it right at home instead of traveling 30 mins just to go buy some….i was waiting for this recipe…thank you so much🙂

  9. Hi Grace. I like your stainless steel pan size and shape; with higher sides than a frying pan. Could you tell me the size, shape and brand of this stainless steel pan? Thank you in advance from New Zealand.

  10. Hihi . May I ask what brand of bee hoon best for frying purpose . I noticed some brand get very soft quickly .

  11. For lazy people like myself, I would use laksa paste from supermarket rather than making the rempah from scratch…

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