Meat Free Meals | Indian Style Chip Butty, Aubergine Lasagne, Tomato Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

Meat Free Meals | Indian Style Chip Butty, Aubergine Lasagne, Tomato Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

Hey guys, hope you’re well. So I’m on the set of my new cookery show and I really hope you’re going to love this one. It’s got some
banging recipes and I’m gonna share with you just a few to get you going. Enjoy. We need to eat more veg and we need to start now. So whether you’re a full blown veggie or
just wanting to start eating less meat, I’ve got some easy and delicious recipes
for you. An Indian inspired Chip Butty. Crispy, spiced, sweet potato and potato
with an amazing mint yogurt. An incredible – Pomegranate Mango Chutney inspired by our trip and then crispy bits with Bombay mix. It is going to be
amazing. You interested? Let’s do this. It’s almost like a bubble n’ squeak that’s gone via deli. It’s completely bonkers, but I love it. A mango chutney, right but we’re gonna do it inspired by that Street food. The colour is insane. Let’s build this. Right, only one thing to do. Mmm… Come on. This makes me so happy, it’s all the flavors that I love. You’ve got spice, texture, crunch, softness. I dare you to have a go at that. This is my easy-peasy scruffy Aubergine
Lasagna. I know you love lasagna and this one’s gonna be a little bit different. The smell is amazing. As I push this around there’s sticky bits on the bottom, that are like the concentrate. See that on the end of the spoon? It looks like rubbish
it looks like a mess, but that is deep deep delicious flavour. All that caramelization
on the bottom will come off and flavour that sauce and now we can go in with
Parmesan and Cheddar. So I’m gonna use fresh lasagna sheets and all I’m gonna
do is literally tear them up and I’m not going to layer it up, I’m not going to
get it up tight and sort of do an architectural thing. I said it was
scruffy, right and it’s gonna be scruffy. Come on! Look at that. Oh my Lord.
Glass of wine, bit of salad, nice company, happy days. I’ve got a curry for you
that’s gonna blow your mind it’s so beautiful, colourful, quick, tasty. It’s going to surprise people. This my friends is a Tomato Curry. If you look in the water,
can you see how the skin is just shrinking back? Just squeeze it and out it
comes absolutely perfect. We’re not gonna put a big hunk of meat in here, right. So we need the veggies to have bigger textures, you know. The vegetables are the hero so let’s treat them as such. Ready to serve up. Look at that. Every time you think you’ve tasted it all it keeps on giving flavour. You have to have
a go at this, because what you can get from a handful of humble vegetables is
phenomenal. Homemade Deep Pan Cauliflower Cheese
Pizza. It’s two of the best things in my life- cauliflower cheese from Sunday Roast and homemade pizza. I really like the leaves in this dish. Florets, finely sliced stalks, everything. Cauliflower is going to immediately flavour the white sauce. You can go thin crust or you can cook it in a big round non-stick pan. Go thick crust deep pan. Get our cauliflower cheese, let this prove again for the second time until it’s doubled in size. You ready? Come on – I’m not sure if I want
to sleep on it or eat it. Look at that! It’s just brilliant.
Mmm oh my Lord it’s cheesy, it’s oozey, on a really fluffy crispy pizza. Welcome to
the wonderful world of Cauliflower Cheese Deep Pan Pizza.

100 thoughts on “Meat Free Meals | Indian Style Chip Butty, Aubergine Lasagne, Tomato Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

  1. I love that lasagne,it looks so nice.i always take ages until i'm done with my recipe,but the kids love it.and that cauliflower cheese……..that looks so yummy and chewy in this very special way😍🦄 thanks alot jamie,you made my day

  2. That red sweet and sour sauce is actually made up of tramind, jaggery, ginger powder, fennel seeds and few other spices(that's why it's colour is so intense).

  3. I think I’m beginning to find my place in the food world…I’ve always said I’d rather push the meat off my place than the vegetables but figured I needed the protein. Thank you Jamie for helping the awakening within 🙏🏼

  4. It all looks great and yes, this is a promo for his new book. But, if it is only going to be 4 minutes, I would rather see more detail on how to cook 1 recipe than intro to 4. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Why is this total ar*e still promoting himself online after making hundreds of young people unemployed due to his total lack of business skills.
    He is a total disgrace.

  6. Most of those look really delicious, but there isn't much protein going on there. Maybe add some beans, lentils, quinoa, eggs, tofu, nuts, or tempeh? You had the cheese in there, which has protein, but parmesan isn't usually vegetarian-friendly.

  7. Less meat, and better quality meat. Eat less of it so that when you do buy some it's high welfare and top quality. Tastes better, respects the animal and respects yourself.

  8. Hallo Jamie!
    I ❤️ your YT-channel very much but tell me why I cannot watch today's (25th September) video in Germany? Very disappointing! God bless y'!!! Greetings from 🇩🇪!!!
    I ❤️ 🇬🇧!!!

  9. Jamie, you never cease to amaze me, inspire me and delight me with your recipes that are so far off the beaten track!! Keep on going strong and wow the world! As a veggie lover myself, I feel your passion for vegetables.

  10. I just noticed that J. Oliver looks a little like Andy Serkis. even some of his facial gestures. Both talented men and in some ways pioneers of the new ways.

  11. मात्र सजावट ही है किन्तु है दुःस्वादु।।

  12. Jamie, I'm sure your new book is fabulous but I'd rather watch your videos. Are you gonna make videos of these vegetarian recipes?

  13. Ti seguo da quando vivevi in quel minuscolo appartamento a è passato di tempo.. più o meno quindici o vent'anni non ricordo,ma la passione che ci metti nei piatti che cucini non è cambiata col passare del tempo..bravo e complimentoni 👏

  14. I‘ve been watching you since your Naked Chef era and l‘ve been loving and using your recipes the whole time. I always loved your creative way of serving veggies. You are the best Jamie!!
    P.S. A vegan fan here 🙋🏻‍♀️😘

  15. Tell people to eat less meat…but doesn’t say we need to stop eating animals and their by-products, which is what needs to happens for any long term environmental change to take place. I don’t see how saying eating less meat helps when you still have the by-products from beef as major parts of the dish?…cows are raised for many reasons. Meat sadly is only 1 of those, make the connection, dairy is murder. more animals die and suffer worse abuse in the dairy industry than the beef industry, more hormones, steroids and antibiotics are used for DAIRY not beef. people simply refuse to watch and see the truth

  16. The aubergine Lasagne recipe is somewhere or the quantities, will there be a video just for this recipe? It looks really delicious 🙁

  17. I can't watch the whole recipe on tv because i'm from another country so i would recommend upload it after it released on tv so people like me can also make it and enjoy it.

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