Hi Everyone! We all know that gender roles exist in our
culture. They control what behaviors are expected of us depending on our actual or perceived
sex. It just so happens that more women than men
don’t eat meat. Coincidence? Think again. Meat eating is often associated with masculinity.
It’s like the hunter-gatherer division of the past is still with us today. Various studies prove this belief. One of
these studies is from the University of British Columbia. They concluded that people think
vegetarian men are less macho than omnivorous men. We can see this association perpetuated through
meat advertisements targeted at men, and shows such as Man Vs. Food and Epic Mealtime. Also to mention, slaughterhouse workers are
mostly male, BBQing is seen as a male activity and male genitalia often has synonyms that
have to do with meat. The fact of the matter is: Meat eating enforces
gender roles and patriarchal structures in our society. The animals are objectified, feminized and
turned into commodities. They are fragmented into parts that are often sexualized and consumed. Animal product manufacturing relies on using
female bodies and their reproductive abilities. They are pumped with hormones and used for
their eggs and milk until they are sent to slaughter. In all animal food industries,
the rape of animals provides a continuous supply of other beings to satisfy society’s
lust for flesh. Check out my last video, 4 reasons why feminists need to support animal
rights, for more information on how the oppression of women and animals are connected in our
society. There is power associated to consuming meat.
This is the power of dominance, dismemberment and consumption. Meat eating is not only a
symbol, but also a tool for oppression and patriarchy. Because meat-eating is valued in our patriarchal
culture, activities that are seen as feminine aren’t as valued. This includes consuming
plants instead of animals, and choosing a stance of non-violence in that regard. People
can choose veganism for animal ethics, helping the environment or human health. These are
very important reasons which should be considered by all people. The sad irony in believing the myth of masculinity
and continuing with flesh consumption as a male, is that it will eventually lead to health
problems. One of the first signs of heart disease is
erectile dysfunction (YA, that’s right!) Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes
of death in males in the US. These are linked to meat consumption. Not to mention, eating
animal products is also linked to higher rates of developing diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis,
hypertension, high blood pressure and many other issues. The awesome thing is: You don’t need meat
to be manly. There are tons of examples of this, especially when you look at the rise
in awesome vegan body builders and athletes. They can tell you more than anyone, that you
get the best protein from plants. As quoted by Pino Caruso, “People eat meat and think
they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.” Also just FYI, I know tons of beautiful vegan
ladies that would love a vegan man to snuggle. So, let’s challenge and help redefine masculinity
to include compassion and non-violence. Nothing is sexier than kindness and confidence
– Vegan men for the win! Thanks for watching! If you liked this video,
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