Matty Matheson's A Cookbook Is Pure Gold, Mama | Rando Reviews

Matty Matheson's A Cookbook Is Pure Gold, Mama | Rando Reviews

oh mama what's up everybody it's Adam for Rando reviews and today I'm going to give you a review unlike any other inori's and that's because because I've never done a review on a cookbook yes today I'm doing a review on Maddie Matheson's a cookbook – the name so you've probably heard a Matty Matheson on all the different shows like it's suppertime dead set on life on Vice TV he's on munchies you can see him on like Rachael Ray's show he's been like Conan or Jimmy Fallon some of those places cooking things he's a big guy tons of tattoos very loud he screams at the camera all the time you want you see him you can't miss him and now he's a New York Times bestselling author so I believe this book came out a few months ago in October of 2018 I received it as a gift for Christmas for my wife because once I started watching some Matty Matheson videos I said you have got to watch this guy you will become obsessed like I am if not don't be weirded out that I'm obsessed with this large tattooed guy who screams at the camera and cooks delicious food so I've had it for about a month and I've been able to read through the book try some of the recipes I want to tell you what I think of Matty Matheson is a cookbook so cookbooks are some of the best and worse things you buy them with this idea that you're gonna go through these things and make all the delicious dishes that you see you end up making maybe one to you show to the back of your pantry where you keep all the rest of the cookbooks and you never make anything else in it ever again you see the big-time cookbooks from the chefs you see on TV and then you get them you're like wait a minute this is a little overwhelming there's no way I can make any recipes from this cookbook and unfortunately but maybe fortunately Matty Madison's a cookbook has a lot of the same type of problems however not so fast my friends Matty Matheson's a cookbook is different because it's more than just the recipes so if you're like me you've watched Matty Madison's videos on YouTube or you see him on bias or other shows on TV you kind of fall in love with his personality it's so over the top he's always screaming he's always yelling he's generally having a good time so you kind of fall in love with the personality and what's great about this cookbook is you get to go to the next level and learn more about Matty Matheson the person he reminds me a lot of myself he's about the same age about two years older you know tattoos loves hardcore music kind of came up to that music scene so I feel like I have somewhat a connection with him even though that he's obviously lived a little bit a different life than I have he tells so many stories in this cookbook every recipe has a story with it he doesn't just give you the recipe give you the ingredients give you the steps he tells you about the recipe where it came from how it's impacted his life you see stories about growing up in Canada about doing a ton and I mean a ton of drugs going to work completely blitzed out of his mind and all kind of crazy stories that are really interesting to hear even like this crazy 25 foot buffet that he would basically do at his restaurant just for his friends and everyone else had only paid 15 bucks you can't even get a deal like that at the sizzler and even talked about turning his life around and then just kind of showing you why he's the most lovable dude in the world this thing has some outstanding photography in the book so if you're like me I mean you got pictures of just all these different things about like where he grew up his wife and kid right there all the different recipes I mean this stuff is just gorgeous and you know like I said he's got stories that go along with each of his recipes you got stories about him at his grandfather's restaurant his his undying love for his mother-in-law Carol which she will hear a lot about even on his TV shows he talks about Carol a lot there's just really great stuff to learn about Maddie in his cookbook I mean even says on the back of the cookbook this cookbook is not about farms Gardens sustainable seafood or how much cocaine I did before or after service every night it's about my memories of the food that I have eaten cooked and created so how is the food in Maddie Madison's a cookbook so basically his book is divided in two categories families and then also cooking school and restaurants so basically all the recipes that he learned from his different family members whether it be his mom side that side or his mother-in-law side you get all those kind of recipes and then on the other side you get some of he learned while in French cooking school and also some of the stuff from his restaurants so you get a good variation of family-style Mills and then also those really hard to do recipes so you get a great mix of recipes on my family's I'd like chow chow broccoli chicken curry bacon even the infamous baloney bowl that he showed on Rachael Ray which is this right here where he basically put some Bologna in a bowl add some sliced American cheese put an egg on it nuke it and then there you go so there's something really crazy dishes in there something that anyone can make even your five-year-old so tell they'll fend for themselves with some Bologna bowls so after he gets done with the family dishes he starts to show you a little bit of his French background where he started cooking at La Follette he's got like seared foie gras with rice pudding and warm date marmalade never gonna make that he also does things like elk loin carrots and celery salir sit sell your seller react whatever the hell that is with pickled blueberries so you know that dude knows what he's talking about you know it can cook when you have items on the book that you've never even heard of seller seller react I do you mind at Whole Foods so the first thing I made in this cookbook was this infamous P and L burger which was the burger he made that kind of got him famous he want a burger competition with this burger and he put it on his menu because people would not shut up about it and he hates this burger as you see him one of his last pictures of the book or he's just smashing it because he hates the fact that he got kind of famous doing a burger but I made it because it looks simple it looked delicious and let me tell you it was so good one of the easiest things about that burger which I loved about it was you get the Mayo and he just chopped up dill pickle mix it in with the Mayo it's so simple and it just like aha see it's like stuff you don't think about that Matty teaches you in this cookbook this cookbook is so great because it lets you get to know the person that is Matty Matheson he takes you on a journey about his life through his stories and his food so it feels like you're right there in the kitchen cooking with him as he's telling these stories or you're at the table eating with him as he talks about the things in his life and like I said the recipes go from super simple it's like the bologna Bowl and the P and L burger – ain't no damn way I'm cooking that because I can't find the ingredients and I can't say the names of them so the books now a New York Times best seller it's only $22 as of right now and Amazon it goes on so every now and then so you have got to pick this up if you do not know who Matty Matheson is follow his Instagram it's one of the best followers you will have so get rid of all the Instagram fake model showing their butts follow Matty Matson he might show his butt a time or two it's just a great great follow he's just such a happy person these days it's so funny just to kind of watch him on YouTube or watch on the shows on buys this cookbook it's more than the cookbook I think you're gonna really enjoy it as much as I do I can't wait to actually make more recipes from it so check it out it's Matty Matheson a cookbook so that's it for this Randall review I hope you enjoyed I actually gonna be doing another random view of another very popular cookbook very soon so stick around for that so why not hit that follow button okay that subscribe button hit that little bell so you never miss an episode of random or views and comment like all those things and I will see you next time right here on Rando reviews

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  1. Dude. It's a great book. What makes Matty so cool is how REAL he is……
    Seriously though you're from Portland right?

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