Matcha Roll Cake Recipe (Green Tea Swiss Roll) | Cooking with Dog

Matcha Roll Cake Recipe (Green Tea Swiss Roll) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, combine the cake flour and matcha green tea powder and lightly mix in a bowl. Then, sift the flour with a mesh strainer. Repeat this 2 to 3 times to help avoid pockets of flour and also to make the cake light and fluffy. Next, let’s make the batter for the roll cake. Using a hand mixer, beat 4 egg whites in a bowl. When the white is foamy as shown, add half of the sugar. Beat it again and then add the rest of the sugar. Beat until the meringue reaches a stiff peak stage. Lift the beaters to check if the stiff peaks form. Remove the meringue from the beaters. Then, lightly beat the 4 egg yolks in a bowl. Add the sugar and continue to mix. Make sure to beat the egg whites first otherwise the remaining yolk on the beaters will ruin the meringue. Beat the yolk until thick and creamy. Now, add the sifted flour to the yolk. Using a balloon whisk, mix until the flour is completely moistened. Then, add one third of the meringue. Lift the mixture with the whisk and drop it into the bowl. Repeat this to mix the batter thoroughly. When combined, add the rest of the meringue in two steps. Lift the mixture and drop it into the bowl. Try not to break the foam. Repeat this mixing process about 100 times while gradually rotating the bowl. The batter will get glossy and smooth. Now, pour the batter into the baking sheet covered with the Kraft paper. With a scraper, distribute the batter to the edges. Be careful not to break the foam and gently spread it evenly. Then, drop the baking sheet a few times to break any air bubbles in the batter. Place it in the preheated conventional oven and bake at 340 °F or 170 °C for about 25 minutes. When 12 to 13 minutes passes, rotate the baking sheet 180 degrees, reversing the left and right sides. This will help to bake the sponge cake evenly. Now, remove the baking sheet from the oven. Drop it a few times to prevent the sponge cake from shrinking. Remove the cake and place it onto a flat surface. To keep it from drying, cover with another baking sheet (or aluminum foil) and let it sit to cool. And now, let’s make the matcha roll cake. Whip the cream to stiff peaks and add the azuki bean paste. Mix it evenly, making firm azuki cream. Now, release the edges of the paper from the cake. Cover the top of the cake with another sheet of paper and then flip it over. Carefully, peel off the paper from the bottom of the cake. Place the paper on the bottom again and then flip the cake over. Using a knife, cut off the edge with a diagonal cut. This will help to close the seam, making the shape of the roll cake look beautiful. Next, place the azuki cream onto the cake. Distribute the cream with an icing spatula. Coat it a bit thickly on the uncut side since the near side of the edge will go to the center of the roll cake. Sprinkle on the sweetened azuki beans. Now, fold the edge of the cake and then push the paper forward, rolling the cake. Remove the paper and wrap the roll cake with another sheet of paper. Using a ruler, tightly wrap the roll cake as shown in the video. Make sure to place the cake with the seam-side down. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge to cool. Now, the matcha roll cake is ready to serve. Unwrap the plastic wrap and the paper. Sprinkle on the powdered sugar. Wipe the blade of a knife with a dampened towel and cut out a slice. Cocoa or instant coffee powder can be added to the batter instead of the green tea powder. You can also use your favorite fruits as fillings if the sweetened azuki beans are not available. Bakery paper can be also used but you can remove the Kraft paper from the cake more easily. Make sure to use a clean bowl and beaters to help foam up the meringue. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. Thank you for the recipe and the video. Especially this roll cake recipe was so helpful for me because i've never seen to make a roll cake, i had always baked by reading, but after watch this vedio i succeed the making roll cake. it was so delicious and now i feel i can make any roll cake. I'll wait for your new vedio every friday. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. i saw to the recipe there's 1 tbsp of sugar where did you used that because i watch and listen but i never heared that you mention or saw that you used it. may i know where did u used it?? thanks

  3. I luv ur videos! I realised that there's no fats or milk used in this recipe? Why it make the cake dry? Thanks! Would really luv to try this!!

  4. このケーキもチョコのもコーヒーのも、クリスマスの時、友達のために作ろう〜

  5. I came back to say I tried this and failed the first time. It was horrid. The second time was yummy but my cake keeps coming out stiff and stuck to the paper. 😀 I also trashed the kitchen which wasn't fun to clean up. lol.

  6. If I want to make this chocolate flavor instead of matcha, do I add dark chocolate, Dutch chocolate, or regular cocoa powder?

  7. Can i use matcha powder that has already been mixed with creamer/sugar? Pure matcha powder in my country is so expensive

  8. this is my first time using this recipe to make swiss roll, and i want to ask why my cake surface is so sticky & soft? it is so hard to roll it up with thick layer of cream, how to solve this problem?

  9. She never explains how to keep the dog so quiet. 🙁
    Mine always jumps off the counter or eats the ingredients.

  10. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am planning to make this roll cake soon but was wondering how high the cookie sheet should be. Mine is 1cm and was not sure if this is too short…

  11. I made this for a little get together with friends, (cocoa and raspberries) and it was a hit! It was my first time making a roll cake, and I had a little trouble with the rolling part, but it was still okay. 🙂 Thanks for being so detailed with the instructions.

  12. I make it today~ Taste yummy!!! 🙂
    Many thanks to your videos chef!! They are always fun to watch~ More dessert recipe please ;P

  13. That is a beautiful roll cake. Maybe if I make one, I'll just use cocoa powder instead of macha powder because I can't find the ingredient here. And other fruit fillings too.

  14. an, this cake looks so delicious! But somehow, it never works out for me when I make it 🙁 Both times the matcha roll dough did not work out. I left it in the oven at 165 degrees for about 26 minutes, but my cake neither became spongy nor fluffy! In fact it has become rather dry.

    I made sure to make a really good meringue, and beat the egg yolk until thick and creamy. Then I mixed the batter about 100 times in the same motion as described in the video until glossy! Somehow it still ended up really flat and dry.

  15. How does the dog sleep like that (on a stool, no less!) without falling off????? I love roll cake, btw! Might have to try this recipe out!

  16. May I know how do you keep this matcha cake with beautiful green color? I've tried many time of making matcha roll cakes. But everytime it turns out more yellowish color instead of beautiful green. 🙁

  17. I love your show and I have tried several of your recipes, my family loves them a lot. This time I would like to try this one, though I do not have anko paste, do you have any recommendations that I can use instead or do you think nutella will do just as fine as the red bean paste?

  18. Francis, i wanted to ask something about this type of batter you used for the roll cake. In the other videos ive watched on how to make sponge cake or roll cakes, the meringue or egg batter has to be carefully and lightly mixed once you add the flour(or else the air bubbles will break). Of course in the video, chef did this careful mixing process as well. Is there a reason why you can't just beat everything together with the mixer so you can keep the air bubbles still intact(and regain more)or is that not the case? Would beating it with the added flour work the gluten to much or over beat the eggs, is that why?{If anyone else knows the answer to my question, Id be happy to here it} Thnx! :3

  19. Excuse me, how much exactly is 1 tbsp. of match powder please ? Around 10g or less ? Thank you for your help ! Cos I am afraid if I put too much the cake will become too bitter ??

  20. hi please help i really want to do this recipe but he measurements is confusing. 40 grams is about 3 tablespoons but it seems the amt in the video is more than 40 grams..

  21. Hey Francis, I tried making this receipe today but I have a question about the cream? Are you sure that 120ml of whipped cream is enough? I tried whipping it but it seems too little to cover the cake like you did.

  22. I live in New York City. Where can I buy matcha green tea powder? Is there any specific brand that you recommend?

  23. Turned out great! I can easily recommend this for less experienced cooks who want some variation.

    Also, once I substituted anko for fresh blueberries I picked in the forest which turned out to be great as well. It created a nice dark blue cream in contrast to the light green cake.

  24. hi…may I know what oven brand in this video… look nice n if in Indonesia available I'm planning to buy,,, thanks

  25. Thank you for your recipe. I love matcha cake so much,you make me think anout my grandma,she used to cook so many tasty food for me.

  26. I've just tried the recipe and it turned out to be great and so delicious!! thanks for the recipe :)))

  27. I think the fact that this cake looks huge is that she is a small person. when I bake this, the cake was tiny lol. I should have use 8 eggs instead xD

  28. Thank you very much for the recipe, it is wonderful :). I add additional sugar +10 grams because I don't have sweetened Azuki bean, and it turns out perfect.

  29. Ah yes, this was my introduction to this channel and the world of baking. Francis was such a lovely pupper and I truly miss him.

  30. My friends really like Matcha a lot! I am going to try this recipe today (I already tried the cocoa swiss roll based on it). Really want to make a Matcha Crepe Cake for her birthday in April. Is there any possibility for you to pose one video about how to make a matcha crepe cake?

  31. I've try this yesterday and it turned out to be perfect ! It wasn't too sweet, so delicious ! The only thing that went wrong was the amount of cream is not enough. Still delicious tho ?

  32. Wow! I don’t think I ever good at baking. Thank you so much for your instructions. Everything turned out great by your recipe.

  33. So many anime foods in this channel I'm gonna cryyyy.. this one's the one that andoh makes??
    and another one I watched, the choux… from yumeiro patissiere too??? IWANNABAKENOW.

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