Matcha Panna Cotta Recipe (Green Tea Dessert) | Cooking with Dog

Matcha Panna Cotta Recipe (Green Tea Dessert) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Today, we are making Matcha Panna Cotta, a chilled dessert that has a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. First, soak the gelatin powder in the water and lightly stir it. Let the gelatin sit for about 5 minutes to rehydrate. Next, add 1 tablespoon of hot water to the matcha green tea powder. Stir to dissolve. To achieve a smooth texture, thoroughly mix the matcha paste until no pockets of dry flour are left. Now, combine the heavy cream, milk and sugar. Turn on the burner. Heat the milk while stirring until just before it begins to boil. Don’t let the cream mixture boil or simmer otherwise the gelatin may not firm up well. Remove the pot from the heat. Add the rehydrated gelatine to the mixture. Stir it until the gelatine is completely dissolved. Then, add the diluted matcha powder. Thoroughly stir the cream mixture. Using a balloon whisk will help to mix it evenly but be sure not to make any foam. It’s OK that some lumps of matcha are still remaining at this stage. Strain the mixture into a bowl using a fine mesh strainer. Carefully sieve the remaining matcha powder. Now, float the bowl on ice water and continue to mix. The matcha powder is less soluble and easily settles on the bottom so chill the mixture while stirring until it thickens. Remove the bowl and wipe any drips from the bottom with a kitchen towel. Then, divide the cream mixture into 4 cups placed on a tray. Chill the cups in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours. And now, the matcha panna cotta is thoroughly chilled and firmed up. Pour over the kuromitu, Japanese black sugar syrup. If you’re interested in making the kuromitsu, please watch our kuzu-kiri and kuromitsu video. You can also give the panna cotta a richer flavor by increasing the proportion of the heavy cream in the cream mixture. This delicious cold panna cotta with a matcha flavor goes great with kuromitu, black sugar syrup. This Japanese-style panna cotta uses a minimum amount of sugar so you can also top with whipped cream, maple syrup and anko, sweet bean paste. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. right I want an apron and shirt if you do them. also your lil poodle is too cute and so well behaved…my tiny d I gs would gave do been trying to lock the pot as soon as I turned.

  2. nice recipe, pity i can't find matcha powder in my area, no asian or japanese shop around here, just some chinese selling crap shops

  3. thank you very much for romanian subtitle, is great to have it, anyway i speak english very well, thumbs up

  4. Chef, I know this was from a long time ago, but I'm glad you got better. I just saw the ramen video that you uploaded a few years ago, and am happy you are not hurt anymore. ^^

  5. Did you already make misoshiro video?! I am very interested in that. I don't understand if you buy miso and add hot water only or add some other flowers..?!? I hope to see the videos very soon :))

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this easy recipe. 🙂 I doubled the recipe to make more for my family. I followed the recipe strictly and they turned out very delicious especially after a day in the fridge. Didn't have Kuromitu, Japanese black sugar syrup. So I use matcha syrup instead. Oishī ありがとうございます

  7. looks delicious~
    I have a question, is it ok to substitute the gelatin powder with agar jelly powder, chef? 😀

  8. can you please make subtitle and kill the voice over? It's painful to listen to that guy talk over an otherwise beautiful presentation

  9. 少々暑くなったからかフランシス先生の涼味センサーが反応された模様で・・・・・

  10. 自国のイタリアのレシピに大好きな日本のお抹茶と黒蜜を加えるのは、最高だと思っています。ずいぶんおいしそうです。ありがとうシェフ様! <3

  11. Dog and Chef should make a Studio Ghibli series and cook the meals from those movies! I'd love to see the Fish Pie made!!!

  12. I love everything matcha flavored, it seems, and I want to try making this recipe. Thank you for another inspiring episode! <3

  13. いくつかの湯葉ラーメンサラダを作ってください!私は、これは日本からだと思います。

  14. これなら手間ががからず作れるし美味しそうですね~♪

  15. I love matcha recipes, green tea macaroons are my favorite! A video on some Japanese flavor macaroons would be cool, the possible diversity in taste is why I love French macaroons so much!

  16. I adore these videos and yummy "matcha panna cotta" I am going to make this one for sure! You make my day! so much grief in the world and then there is Chef and Francis making life, cooking and food so much better!

  17. Hello .. I was just wondering if you might consider moving Francis to your left .. so he's a little further away from the stove ..

  18. Dear chef, do you ever prepare foods that you actually don't like, but think we should know because, even though they're not your pick, they're still good to try?

  19. my favourite thing about japanese cuisine is how health conscious it relaly is, and i'm not saying that in a negative or weird way. i love how you minimize portions to what normal portions are, and the ingredients are really fresh. watching these videos always makes me hungry!

  20. Which matcha powder should i use? I can't find one in my nearby area. T^T Which one's taste and smell the best for foreigner?

  21. It's been about a year and some months since I last have seen a Cooking with Dog video, and I can say that I missed Francis so much, and of course Chef's lovely cooking. Francis have passed his youth, he's an oldie now :p But he's still a really adorbs dog and I hope I can hug and cuddle him from the other side of the screen. I hope they feed Francis some of this delicious cooking, haha my dog would be so jealous

  22. I need to find someplace that sells matcha for a reasonable price. It's sold here as a luxury tea powder and really expensive.

  23. I've just made it today . It's sooo delicious ≧﹏≦ . Love it so much ,thank you for the recipe Chef = ̄ω ̄=

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