Masala Bhaat – मसाले भात  | Maharashtrian Spiced Rice Recipe – Masala Bhaat By Archana

Masala Bhaat – मसाले भात | Maharashtrian Spiced Rice Recipe – Masala Bhaat By Archana

Hello and welcome to Archana’s Rasoi. We’re making Spiced Rice today. It is a served at weddings, festivals and auspicious occasions. If you’re wondering how to make this Spiced Rice, stay tuned to Archana’s Rasoi! Today, we’re making Spiced Rice, sufficient for 4-5 people. It’s always made with other dishes, so the quantity keeps this in mind. Let’s go over the ingredients: Water, oil, chopped vegetables: brinjal, gerkins, carrots and peas. 1 cup washed rice, 3-4 onions, finely chopped, salt to taste, 1/2 tsp asafoetida, 1 tsp garam masala, 1 tsp ginger-garlic-green chilli paste Goda masala, 1/4 turmeric, 1 tsp mix masala, coriander for garnish Heat 3-4 tbsp oil. Add 1/4 tsp asafoetida, 1/4 (to 1/2) tsp turmeric, 1 tsp garam masala, 1 tbsp ginger-garlic-green chilli paste and 1 tsp goda masala 1 tsp mix masala, coriander and chopped onions Now adding salt, to taste. We’ll mix these well. Let the onions fry a bit. The main flavours of Spiced Rice are with the garam and goda masala Leave the onions slightly undercooked. After it fries a little, we add all the chopped vegetables Mix everything properly. All the vegetables need to be covered with the masala. Next, add the washed rice to the pan Now for the water. As a rule of thumb, add twice the water to the rice used. For 1 bowl rice, we add 2 bowls of water We now mix everything well. On a high flame, we’ll let the rice cook. Cover the pan with a lid for about 10 minutes or till the rice cooks. When the water boils, turn the heat down and let it steam The Spiced Rice is ready, so, turn the flame off. We’ll now transfer the rice to a dish. Garnish with coriander. Traditionally, Spiced Rice is served with grated coconut, coriander and cashews too! Serve piping hot! I’m hungry now! Hope you’ve subscribed to India Food Network. If you have variations to Spiced Rice, write to me,
as soon as possible, only on Archana’s Rasoi!

86 thoughts on “Masala Bhaat – मसाले भात | Maharashtrian Spiced Rice Recipe – Masala Bhaat By Archana

  1. hi archana tai, khup chan banavla masale bhaat,pan thodi tomato purry ghatli ki color chan yeto….
    otherwise recipe zakass….
    ani daal-dholki chi recipe dakhva plz….

  2. hi archana tai thanks for your traditional Maharashtrian recipe .i love to cook and when i am hungry i cook my own food dont prefer outside food much ,all thanks to chefs like yowls we males do like to make food and give break to our wife's and feel great ,thanks .

  3. Mix masala: Dry chili, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cloves, star anise (badial phool), black stone flower (dagad phul), poppy seeds, caraway seeds, turmeric pwd – roasted and grounded

  4. Hi Archana Tai. Your recipes are awesome. Please goda masala ani mix masala recipe post kara na with quantities. waiting for your reply 

  5. Avadla. Agdi punyat aslya sarkha vatla apli marathi aikun. Dhanavaad. Agdi tumchya ghari yevun khavasa vattai 🙂

  6. Mam, very nice videos really love all your videos your so homy and remind me of my mom thankyou very much….Your warmth just exudes in your cooking . Can you pls post a video on making garam masala and also for making mix masala which you use in many of your recipes. I would really appreciate it if there was a separate video on this…thankyou again!!

  7. it looks yummy….i want to give a try…kindly share the recipe of mix masala and goda masala with proportions…thank you

  8. masalebhat karun baghitla. saglyana khup awadla. karayala sopa pan chavisht. he ankhi magat hote. Thank you Archana. ashach chhan chhan recipe det ja.

  9. Masale bhath Karun pahila. Easy and very tasty. Thankyou. Archana tai , tumchya recipes chaan asatat, khasta Kachori chi recipe dakhawal ka?

  10. Today when i was watching ur video before i go in kitchen my husband was asking "Aaj khane me kya hai" A1 masale bhaat. I made 2day everyone liked.
    thanks taee

  11. काकू तुमच्या रेसीपी अप्रतिम असतात … मी Try करते..खुप छान होतात

  12. We do not use onions and garlic for masalebhat when we make it for feast (festival) day as it is offered as part of "naivedya" (offering to God).

  13. Aunty my mother in law makes amazing masala bhat but ur receipe has made it easier for me to make it when i m alone thank u.

  14. अर्चना ताई मला तोंडली मसाल्याची रेसीपी सांगा ना

  15. Tumhi nehmi khup chan recipe sangtat..thank you…me India madhe nai rahat…n foreign countries madhe aplya Indian vastu bhetate impossible aste.
    Thanks for the recipes…keep posting

  16. Hello archana madam.I love ur jevhapn kahi bnvte maze husband khup khush hotat.Tumchyamule me sahaj ani ekdam bhari jevan shikle

  17. अर्चना रेसिपी….. कच्चा मसाला जो घालतात ना मसाले भातामध्ये त्याची पण व्यवस्थित प्रमाणामध्ये रेसिपी देऊ शकाल का आपण

  18. Me suddha try Keli hi recipe, me jevan banvayla shiktiye..hi majhi first rice recipe ahe ji vyavstith banli ahe…khup changli jhali..gharat saglyana avdl… thanks for sharing this recipe😄😘

  19. ताई मसाले भातात लवंग मोठी इलायची आणि तेजपत्ता यांचा वास महत्वाचा असतो आणि कांदा न वापरता करतात

  20. Ma'am, you have given 3 types of dry masalas. What are their contents? Because different brands have different tastes. Give complete recipe.

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