Looking for work and eating in an "American Food Restaurant" in Japan

Looking for work and eating in an "American Food Restaurant" in Japan

what stop youtube key program excuse the messy her via to get a haircut and they made me shave like a Japanese person sitting here at the job centre with my baby I don't understand anything that's going on so Mama's filling out the papers thing maybe so I just thought I'd show you what it looks like when you got to try and find job in Japan little area for babies I'll talk later can I go we're talking about a song by pink isn't over hey what's the T program hey so sorry about that short film earlier rearing inside the job centers so it was kind of like impolite to talk on your phone in Japan and so even if you're doing a video and you're talking to your phone people look at you like hell is the matter with you we found language school that my wife actually went to when she was younger before she went to America called Nova and so I'm gonna set up an interview there hopefully see how it goes I'm pays decent nothing to write home about or anything but as benefits and all that and it's close to home so yeah there's that so now we're going out to lunch cadence has his first day of school when we picked him up about ten minutes ago I guess he did really well he understands most spoken conversational Japanese and it just needs to work on his writing and reading hiragana katakana but his interest is there and he's not afraid to try snow it's a workbook and me and him will practice at home because then I forget everything too but anyway we're at this funky restaurant it's called gusto of state gusto this is kind of fun super American even the bathrooms or remain English and they have little cow they're playing cowboy music so I feel right at home probably gonna go eat some steak maybe some fish I'll turn the camera on and just give me quick peek so you can see it but it's like at a American ish restaurant in Japan bah see awesome how you can eat salad bar comes with it and then again I'm getting fried oysters in state I'm talk about so this is how the meal comes a little hot plea I see good booty is celebrating for your first day of school it's a celebration every day's a celebration in our family yeah

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  1. I had to give up my youth and rebellious ways as a down payment. Apparently that's all I need to give up until she becomes a teenager and then I'll really be paying for it.

  2. curry rice 🙂 and I'm glad somebody knows what they are saying cause I sure as heck don't! I imagine it has something to do with food though ;-P

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