Lobster & Late-Night Snacks: Chef's Night Out with Simone Tondo of Le Roseval

Lobster & Late-Night Snacks: Chef's Night Out with Simone Tondo of Le Roseval

I had to put some makeup
on my face because I have a spot right here. Wait a minute, do my hair a little bit because
it's a mess right now. [SOUND]. >> >> My name is Simone,
I'm 27. I come from Sardinia,
Italy. I come from Sardinia,
Italy, and I've been living in
France for 4.5 years now. I opened this restaurant
two years ago with my ex-associate. We have only one menu. The restaurant is
open 5 nights a week. We tried to do
something nice, natural and authentic. I like when
the night goes wild. I like when
customers hang out with us at the end of the
night like they would do in a wine bar or
at a friend's house. I left home at
14 to study in a boarding school in a beautiful city near
the beach called Alghero. That's when I decided to
start studying cooking. Because it gave me
the possibility to start working quickly and
to me it was like art. During the weekends
I used to work in a one Michelin
star restaurant. And from there,
little by little, I became passionate,
and now that's my life. It's moving, look. We're going to make
a poached lobster, then we'll roast it for a
few seconds with butter, then we'll add salt and
pepper. The lobster is just
seared in butter, almost raw. The lobster is just seared in butter,
almost raw. [SOUND] For appetizer, we
often do Saint Jacques. We served it with brown
butter and red currant. It brings some
softness and it's a seasonal product. Mackerel with
smoked ricotta, marinated cucumber and
mustard flower. We often work
with poultry. This time we served
it with a spinach and garlic mash. We cut it in
nice pieces and we add an olive sauce. With some broccoli
with butter. Very simple. >> Oh no, you have
to eat that pork. >> Hey Simone. >> For this night out,
I invited three friends. Giovanni, my first chef
and a really good friend. My friend Nicolas Moreau, first a neighbor but then
became a close friend. He is an awesome guy and
generous. A beautiful person. >> Cheers. >> Bye guys. [FOREIGN] >> This is awesome, look! >> Can you change this?
>> [FOREIGN] [LAUGH] Oh. Wait a minute. That's not a cigarette
you're smoking. >> Of course it's not. I live a stressful life,
you know. We went to La Buvette
to see Camille. She opened the restaurant
1 year or 1.5 years ago. It's quite a small
place; it used to be a creamery before. She had to redo the whole
thing with her boyfriend. I love this place, it's
natural, authentic, and Camille is great. >> She gave us
an iron glove to open the oysters and Nico
wore it all night long, like Michael Jackson. He fell in love
with the glove. He roamed around Paris
with a glove that smelled like oysters. >> I cannot let go of
this glove, I love it. >> I'll lend it for
tonight but I'll need it
this weekend. >> You don't have
an oyster knife, do you? >> What do you think
this knife is? >> Oo, la la la la. >> You shredded it! >> He eats
the empty shell. [LAUGH]. I'm not a stickler regarding
food-wine pairing. There are only about 8 or
10 things on the menu, and the selection
is always changing. The wines change all
the time as well. I'm more interested
in finding food and drinks people would love. And most of
the time it works. >> She mad us beans
with olive oil and a zest of lemon. The we ate some
delicious saucisson. Nico loved it. He couldn't stop
talking about it. >> [FOREIGN]
Aah! [FOREIGN]. >> Alexandre is the third
one who joined us. He's a merchant who sells
Greek products because he's from there. >> This is an orange
from Kalamata. I import them
here from Greece just like other products
such as truffles, olive oil, honey. We work with local
farmers there. That's how I met
these weirdos. [NOISE]. >> I took the bottle.
Is it ok? >> You took it? >> Ok so let's go! [LAUGH].
>> I never told my mom that she's
a good cook. >> La Mama in Italy
is very important. They make the best pasta. >> My mom is
45 years old. >> You should introduce
me to your mother then. [LAUGH]. Let's send her a photo. Caffe dei Cioppi is
a restaurant for the Italians who
live in Paris. >> I'm Italian and I'm
also Fabrizio's friend. It's a small restaurant
that can serve up to 18 covers, with a small counter and
a magnificent terrace on a small pedestrian
street. He cooks Italian plates
from everywhere, with no specific
regional specialties. He cooks everything. >> And
when we arrived the Greek gave to Carmelo
some black truffle to do
some linguine. >> You're sure
I can start? It is splendid. >> Does it smell good? >> Can the camera
smell that? >> Not yet but
they're working on it. [LAUGH]. We ate some burrata with
onions and bell peppers. >> This is a specialty
from the region of Pavia, it's goose saucisson. Ooh, la, la, la, la. >> That's it? >> [FOREIGN]. >> Bye Fabrizio. See you later. Ciao.
>> Ciao. Listen to the lyrics. Stay focused. The lyrics are beautiful. Oh, come on.
You should have put on the original
version instead. >> No, this one is
the original version. >> Dalida? >> It wasn't Mina. >> The original
isn't Dalida. >> Mina was an alcoholic. >> [LAUGH]. >> Mina did a cover.
>> Then we went to
Gare au Gorille, which is Louis' and
Marc's restaurant. They just opened
the place recently. The staff is amazing and the decoration
is well done. It looks like a
restaurant you'd find in New York. We decided to go for Tapas and
then we ate like pigs. >> After that man! >> I'm full. It's awesome. >> Marc and
I have known each other since we
were teens. We met in high school. We then lived
separate lives. He took one path and
I took the other. But then we met again at the restaurant
Le Septime. It was our goal
since school to own a restaurant before
we turned 30. We worked a lot, here and there to make it happen,
and we were really happy in inaugurate it
before our thirties. We had pretty much the
same vision about food. Louis and I have a a slightly
different background. I worked at
The Kitchen Gallerie and I was already
in the food and organic wine environment. For example the beef, urchin, cauliflower
plate. It's a dish I
really enjoy. I think people really
appreciate it too, and it's not a common dish. The lamb with
harissa sauce is also a plate I love. It looks like a kabob and
the harissa is homemade. It's delicious and fun,
it represents well the concept of
the restaurant. It seemed like they had
fun, it's a good thing. They look like
they feel good. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm attempting an
attack, a breakthrough. [LAUGH] Here's
the lineup of the night. I'm tearing it apart. Guys, call Benjamin
Lassale, right now. >> [LAUGH]. >> For the last stop, we went to a Franco-Asian
cuisine restaurant and cocktail bar that's
called Dersou. The place is open for
lunch and dinner and serves five cocktails and
five dishes. It's a really
interesting concept. The chef mixed
gourmet food with gourmet cocktails instead
of the usual food and wine combo. I've served some Gyoza
in a broth that I seasoned with soy sauce,
sesame seeds and ginger. in a broth that I
seasoned with soy sauce, sesame seeds and ginger. Then I served
marrowbones like in the restaurant St. JOHN
in London because it's a dish I love
particularly. It's a tribute to
the chef there. [LAUGH] And then we went
back to the Roseval. All right, let's go. Martin, my sommelier, told us that staff
from Le Septime and from Chateaubriand
were coming here. We went from 15
to 35 people. There were people
everywhere. We decided to make
some pasta to make the whole atmosphere
jovial and familiar. We cooked some fusilli
de Gragnano with mashed spinach, some garlic and
some squid. We needed something
simple because there were lots of people. How many more plates? >> Forget about it. There are 30 people. >> How many more we did? >> Come on, come on. >> [SOUND]

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