Live Reveal of the Cookbook (edited)

have some super amazing news to show you yeah I do really I do look I have a parcel and I blanked out the address so that none of you fuckers can stop it and zoom me in later and and see where I live because that's that's private that's private so I'm gonna open it with my scissors I'm just gonna go ninja on it here I'm not gonna go all pretty just go ninja and know what's in here and I kind of know what it looks like because I've seen duh yes drum roll thank you Michael I've seen the PDFs of it and I saw a picture of it and I know what it is it's it's my cookbook well of course why the fuck would I be doing this and putting up a picture of the cookbook if it wasn't the cookbook right but there it is inside the package and it's heavy it's heavier than I thought so it's um it's printed on coated stock that means it's like really high class paper who gets to look at this first me are you me me are you Picabo oh my gosh it's my face on the cover BAM here it is the cookbook look pictures of the food pictures of the food almost every recipe has a picture that goes with it oh that's oh that's my sweet and sour sauce all that shit is amazing oh my gosh so this is this is available for pre-order now this is all we look at least flat yeah it lays flat on the counter oh my fucking goodness this is so awesome oh this is hurry up beef stroganoff this is this is this is a cheat for beef stroganoff whoo its neck gorgeous Wow this myth smells like ink he smells petroleum it doesn't smell like food it should smell like food shouldn't it they should have food smelling petroleum a scratch-and-sniff that would be a great idea yeah Oh three corn casserole doesn't that look lovely oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy I got this book in the mail or by UPS yesterday afternoon and I didn't even open the package until just now because I didn't want to open it alone you know where the fuck is the fun in that or this is really pretty all the people who wrote blurbs there on the back they're gonna be so happy with the way it looks so it's eight weeks from today eight weeks from today which is October 23rd is the book's birthday and this is an advance copy that so so oh my gosh I just have to hold this up here it's so beautiful it's so beautiful um please please PLEASE pre-order pre-order makes people pay attention oh oh I have a brand new website it's not finished been doing it by myself it's a fuck ton of work but the thing that is ready half assed ready is the mailing list sign up so if you're in the United States all I need is your your email address your first and last name your city state and zip right now on the website it doesn't look like it's submitted but if it comes back to blank it means it did submit and everything's fine yeah I do look badass in that cover right with my badass glasses I need to find them and wear them for all my personal appearances hey let me look at this thing you know the one thing I wished the cover looks a little washed out I wish it had a higher contrast that's the only thing I wish but damn it's beautiful and and oh what was that oh oh the cocoa pumpkin muffin gasm you guys haven't even seen that recipe yet yeah the book it is bigger than I thought it's like 7 by 9 I think isn't it beautiful it's bigger than my head peekaboo so that's how the book opens and I love all the colors that they have in here so pretty oh look look isn't this clever they dip the color in my glasses and they use the same thing for the table of contents isn't that clever design oh I'm just loving this thing I love all the spots it's like so 1950s you know my gosh this is so awesome oh my famous chicken cacciatore I have not made that in years and I really need to resurrect that recipe cuz it's so fucking delicious ah yes I must resurrect that where can you get this cookbook well you preorder it from Amazon there's a link in all my videos you preorder it from Barnes & Noble you preorder it from your local bookstore please support local business small business you know everybody deserves to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner front and their back and inside I'm so fucking excited oh this is another one of my favorites salmon surprise salad you know I wrote these recipes way back in December and there there is a vegetarian recipe there's vegetarian stuff there's vegan stuff there's a little bit of something for everybody and fast as fuck fried rice I mean that's what started the whole thing right remember that put in it whatever the fuck you want and if you don't like it it doesn't go in fuck it oh man this looks you know what I just made this day before yesterday it's called slop in my family it was called slop I didn't name it that it was my ex-husband who named it that and I think it was an endearing term he maybe my ex-husband but he's not an asshole oh my gosh this is just so gorgeous oh the veggie loaf muffins look at those isn't that beautiful Christmas isn't yes you can ask for this Rick Christmas and birthdays at all here's another really good when the Mexican sweet potato look at that isn't that just oh YUM nests young nests oh boy I'm really really happy with this oh look at this picture look at that do you know what that is that is with the broccoli cheese amazingness oh my god that that that shit was so good broccoli cheese rapture that's what I called it um this is this is my list of what I wanted to talk to you about okay the book pre-order the website granny potty mouth calm please at least sign up for the mailing list so use you know when I'm gonna be somewhere and the reason the whole reason for the mailing list is so that when I go out and do events you can get an email from me that's the number one reason the number two reason is because Facebook and YouTube are so shit about giving you notifications then I can send you an email every week that's you know I'm just saying you need to know this shit you cannot go through life without knowing this shit so we have one one event for sure planned on the books birthday October 23rd at a small bookstore in Beverly Massachusetts in the same county where I grew up it's called Cabot Street books and cards and it looks like it's gonna be like from 6:00 to 7:30 it's gonna be a ticketed event but you have to you have to register with them so that they know how many people are coming how many chairs to have set up and all that sort of stuff the lady will the lady who young lady who's hooking it up we'll have more details later it's it's also a food drive okay for the local food bank and when you bring something please bring a name-brand not a store brand and if you're gluten free or vegan or any of that then you of all become experts at substitution so you can just make it work I know you can thank you for coming thank you so much for coming please go sign up on the mailing list on the website granny potty mouth comm is the big unveiling I love you guys

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