Hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen hope
you are well lets not get sad, well we can if you want today is the last video recipe
of the year and this is a lasagne bread bowl, check out the cheese pull on this, so good,
lasagne bread bowl but it does not actually have sheets of lasagne in it you just overlay
it with more cheese you just overlay it with more cheese to make up for the lack of carbs
although that would be carb overload thinking about it, so if you want to have a go at making
this recipe all the details are on the website have a look here it is stonking and will blow
your mind, your mind is telling you no, but your body is telling you yes � lets do it. First thing you are going to need is a freshly
baked round loaf, I am giving that a very generic term because I thought there was a
name for it like bread bowl or bloomer or something but just a round loaf ideally with
a bit of height so you can get loads of ingredients in it ok saw off the top of the lid and scoop
out the middle dough flesh bits, just rip that up a bit also slice up the lid that you
had before as you can use that for scooping later, that is my scooping action. Next up we make a baste which is really going
to infuse our bowl and also the bits of bread we scooped out so you are going to get a mixing
bowl, add in the olive oil, and also the butter so equal parts olive oil equal parts butter,
and also four garlic cloves now I used my funky garlic clove rocket thing which is an
amazing gadget if you have not got one of those really cool just scoop that in there,
bung it in the microwave for one minute so that will just melt up the garlic and just
sizzle it and infuse that it will be super good. So it is now time for a bit of painting action
ok so we get a pastry brush and dip in our olive oil butter mixture and make sure it
is all inside the hollowed out bread bowl you want to leave half an inch in the bread
bowl to make sure it does not completely go soggy and through the crust ok, this is going
to add some flavour in there we also add some onto those torn up chunks that we used too,
so that is good. Leave that to one side at the moment and next
we are going to make our very simple beef filling you can really go to town on this
if you want but all we are going to do is add some oil to a frying pan, chuck in our
beef mince and a chopped up onion, and cook that through and of course do not forget to
season it with salt and pepper. Do not just brown the meat either go a little
extra and caramelise up those onions it will really add flavour in there, then add in half
of the tomato sauce quantity and also just a dump of parsley in there. Stir that all through let it go all bubbly
in there, love the bubbly shot look at that, I just want to be in there, simmer it down
to help it reduce for five minutes, then you can leave it to cool to one side and the pugs
were down there loving the smell they were very inquisitive today. It is now time to build our bowl so what we
are going to do is shield that bottom crust layer from getting too damp by filling it
with slices of mozzarella cheese so fill it all in there get it all nice and layered. After that bottom cheese layer you are going
to add in some of that lovely cooked up mince which is amazing on its own I did find myself
pecking to that on one side, then we add in a little of the tomato sauce leftover and
then simply repeat with the cheese layer, I guess the cheese is kind of acting what
the pasta sheets would be but as I say that would be carb overload so just cheese, more
meat, more sauce, and cheese. Depending on the height and size of your bowl
you could make a giant bread bowl which I will do one day you could just carry on forever,
that could be your job. �hey what do you do for a living� I make
big bread bowl whooo. But whatever you do you want to make sure
that final layer is with cheese stuffed right in there cram it full and I think we are ready
to go. So onto a tray we are going to put those crusty
bits we had leftover that we brushed they will toast up crouton style and of course
our bread bowl that is going in the oven for ten minutes to warm through this whole hub
of cheesy meat bread goodness in there and oh my goodness when I took it out some of
it had spilt already it was so excited it was looking and smelling amazing I took some
of those croutons to one side into a bowl and just changed to grill mode and simply
browned off the tops. So just grill it on the top for about 3 minutes,
do not quote me on that, just until it bubbles. That is the bubble sign. And oh my gosh folks once it is done check
out those blister marks on top it was time to just start to do loads of random cheese
pulls oh so good, it tasted phenomenal. I even caught mrs barry having a nibble on
it as I left the camera rolling but I think she enjoyed it, right yeah I did, do not know
if you heard that, yes I did, do you want to get on my back, did you enjoy it, yes I
did a lot it was tasty. This is the thing now we have got rid of the
step and it is now just piggy backs. This is how we should do voiceovers more often
with me on your back, but it tastes amazing, it was good right, yeah give it a go. So there we have it then folks the end of
an amazing year of recipes, we have one more video coming up for you this Sunday then we
have a little break so thanks so much for all the support and recipe suggestions this
year, remember try out these recipes send us pictures we love to see them do not forget
to subscribe for regular videos, try this it will blow your mind and I will see you
next time.

100 thoughts on “LASAGNE BREAD BOWL

  1. Ok surely you want to try this one out now, here's the full steps…..

  2. Usually I'm not much attracted by an Italian meal revisitation but this seems intresting. Even though let me say a couple things about:
    First, that is definitely not mozzarella. It saw mozzarella on the other side of the road and they had not even greet each other.
    Second, and most important, mozzarella would not be the most appropriate cheese to use anyway since milk will spill from it during the cooking (the same in fact applies for pizza). Plus, the bread loaf instead should be smaller and filled with bΓ©chamel and a more dense ragΓΉ. I think also a rosetta bread roll would have fitted way better for this recipe.
    I think I'll definitely at home with this changes of mine.

  3. Berry i love watching your videos. i also what to let you know that i think your wife is beautiful. you are one lucky man Berry

  4. Nice bread bowl. Tasty, I am Sure. I usually use these sourdough loaves to make a blooming bread. Cut the bread in a criss-cross way till about 1 centimeter from the bottom and then fill every Nook and cranny with Pieces of mozarela, ham, bacon, onion pieces and seedless tomato strips. Sprinkle with oregano and olive oil, or melted butter and bake it for 15 minutes. Really Nice treat.

  5. you never fail to amaze me with your recipes. kids like me can give these recipes a go.

    thank you so much for entertaining me with you Sunday fun day videos. just great.

  6. I'm going to miss ur videos Barry i hope u and ur family enjoy the holidays cant wait till u make more videos since i always look forward to them

  7. the round loaf is a cob. well it's a cob in UK. Happy Christmas and thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos. They are great! 😊

  8. Hey Barry this may sound crazy but what if you cook the onions for adding the beef since the beef doesn't take as long as the onions

  9. This sounds SOOO good! I've done this with chili, but this just sounds that little bit better!
    The best I ever make was a spinach dip bowl, YUMMY!!!

  10. Any good beef substitutes I really want to try this recipe but my family and I don't eat mammals I was thinking a tofu and turkey one what do you recomend

  11. That looks a bit like ciabatta bread but generally bread bowls are made with sourdough. Both are great sturdy bread choices 😊

  12. Omg I've just watched a few of ur vids and I'm starving now even though it's 12 at night and I'm a vegetarian yet I watched the pizza burger and this and I seriously miss meat in so hungry

  13. That maybe will not be geared because of the mass of comments but would it not be better to fist browsing the innings than the meat ?

  14. Boule (bread) – Wikipedia
    Boule, from the French for "ball", is a traditional shape of French bread, resembling a squashed ball. It is a rustic loaf shape that can be made of any type of flour.

  15. A traditional lasagne doesn't have cheese it has bechamel sauce which a lot of people outside of Italy mistook for cheese.

  16. looks nice but not sure how you would eat it when sharing as it looks too much for one? well apart from just eating out the bowl and then eating the bread.

  17. I'd caramelize the onions first, saute mushrooms and MAYBE some yellow bellpeppers… and instead of minced meat,I'd use sweet and spicey sausage (out of casing) ….. that's how I make my sausage spaghetti dish lol haven't named it properly. but still,I always love your videos!

  18. Make this same bread and put clam chowder in it instead. They serve clam chowder that way in the San Fransisco Bay area πŸ˜€

  19. If you pause it anywhere between 3:39 and 3:44 it is hilarious πŸ˜‚ sorry Barry, love you and your vids πŸ˜„ x

  20. Barry I know I'm a bit late but when your cooking the ground beef are you able to not put onions or would like t take away the flavor

  21. I wonder what this would be like as a chilli cheeses fries bread bowl maybe add some chopped up cooked hotdogs or chorizo

  22. There is no such thing as carb overload!😍🀀🀀🍞πŸ₯–πŸ₯πŸ₯žπŸ•πŸ

  23. I am so hungry now that looks so good, also how are Barry and Mrs Barry just goals? πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒŸ

  24. I'm not much on drinking games, but, I think a good one would be to watch this video and take a shot every time Mr. Barry says "Bread Bowl." LoL
    I love this channel. My husband and I binge it constantly. The Lewis family is precious and fun – keep it up, Barry!!!!

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