Kyle Parks chef and instructor at L'Ecole Culinaire new restaurant 'Cork and Slice' opening soon

Kyle Parks chef and instructor at L'Ecole Culinaire new restaurant 'Cork and Slice' opening soon

triste cows Jimmy Christo good friend of the show and he is running twisted tree steakhouse from sigh birds at Watson and Lindbergh in Sunset Hills they've got to be close to their two-year anniversary right now business is booming thanks to Jimmy Christo he knows what he's doing call them through one four three nine four thirty three sixty six and they're always open online at twisted tree Steakhouse dot-com we're looking for bloggers we're looking for foodies for our food segment on Wednesdays Kyle parks is a chef and a culinary instructor at local culinary 50k tierra he did get a ride yeah I was really surprised I thought he called me chief earlier today so call culinary you're secure you're an instructor there I am yeah I've been out that way for about two and a half years do you have a are you do you teach everything or do you have a specialty or has it working uh they pretty much make me teach everything under the Sun which I like because I'm a really really bouncy individual okay which is also even better because then I just get to tell the kids whatever I want to eat for that day it really is the best job ever it's a it's a cooking school absolutely how long does it take to go through people can go through the program and get the culinary training in about 40 weeks forty week forty weeks it is so intense in your face it's no joke how many how many times a week do you go so we're open four days a week yeah and then we also run a restaurant that's on campus right now it's open Thursdays and Fridays so that'll give the kids in addition but but forty weeks how many times do I go a week you're gonna go four days a week four days a week for about six hours a day some people want to learn the behind-the-scenes the book work how to actually manage run a business that'll go for an additional thirty weeks so not a program that you have to take but encourage so it's a good intense year oh yeah more like a Gordon Ramsay or a Paula Deen me so I'll put it like this I have my moments you know they get a little upset when I start throwing skillets at the students you know but you know maybe a tomato or something like that I could get away with okay so as a student at lococo lunaire you're all over the place we were talking off the air you are also getting ready to open up a restaurant well I'm helping some folks get one off the ground it's called cork and slice it'll be over in the Central West End right by the Cathedral so kind of a wood-fired Bistro place I like helping upstart people get to get the ball rolling yeah and do some really amazing things and then I don't be on to the next gallivant around the world to culinary yeah yeah do you do help out with financing to people who were looking to get fine I got no money I'm a teacher you put you put somebody who's a bartender and an owner with for somebody who's looking to do this in that and everything right to help finding the right the people the right vendors helping decide menus the big key word being help you know I let people have their their own ideas and then try not to Gordon Ramsay them to me you know I'm a good cook maybe I'll open a restaurant yeah absolutely absolutely it's not that easy correct which is why they can call me and I'll help facilitate and ease up their lives a little bit why did you become a chef to tell you the truth I got into it at a really early age and I learned that my basketball career wasn't gonna take off like I thought right you know the NFL you know my dreams they got crushed you know when I got crushed and just food just took me over I'm a really fat kid at heart my momma sliding me up for a summer camp when I was about 10 years old and I go into the summer camp and the chef takes me under his wing you know he's trying to show me things I spill root beer all over everybody I was so embarrassed it just taught me you know some different things about recipes give us a couple hints for our amateur cooking expertise well what I tell people so to tell you the truth now that the heart doctor is gone and everything like butter butter butter and salt okay sprinkle some sugar around here here and there but really to tell you the truth it's keep things simple find the right in greedy it's you know nice and fresh and don't try to do too much to it a lot of times out of the gate people are adding this and that and I'm gonna grab the spice and I'm gonna you know sprinkle this on there some salts and peppers some garlic some fresh herbs it goes so far so thing to make my favorite thing to make probably some italiano I don't know I like to talk with my hands give us a couple of hints when we're making Italian food sure so the key is well we're really with any food right it's not about how you make it it's how you talk sweet nothings to the food you know you got to be like yeah baby you're gonna be so good it takes 40 weeks to learn an art form okay and you got to talk with the hands at the same time no really the the simplistic approach always some fresh herbs with pasta I have a really favorite like pasta recipe that I like using it's 2 cups flour 3 eggs teaspoon of salt tablespoon of olive oil and you get awesome things all the time not only that but you're saying you actually make the pasta that way oh yeah every time yeah so you don't buy pasta at the store no no I like sometimes I'm totally lazy there's a place for everything you know but no I love making it fresh you get a really great taste really awesome sauces just take your time yeah sit around the house have a beer glass of wine all right what's the name of the restaurant again in the central it's called cork and slice and and what is that opening up very very soon I'm not gonna give you a date quite yet cuz I don't want to pigeonhole myself but hopefully within the next month or so you know that will get the ball okay now you also you you're gonna give us a chocolate cake recipe for Valentine's Day oh yeah well I feel like chocolate valentine's day they just go hand in hand and yes it is so awesome so maybe you know you're not the most flirtatious type person in the world but this cake might do you talk too so okay all right what do you got for us Oh like off the top of my head yeah remember that off the top of my head you're gonna give us a baking recipe I think that we can definitely put one up on your website here's two great here's what we're gonna do you have a wonderful chocolate cake recipe disaster I do you are gonna get it too Willie I am Willie's gonna get it to Alexis correct alexis is gonna get it on KTRS comm do all right good enough good enough and then we can make this chocolate cake this is for the amateur as well as the professional this is super simple it's a it's a nice moist tasty chocolate cake it uses a little bit of coffee in there so I get to have some coffee for me while them you don't need any more coffee you have a swivel chair that go around sir what's your philosophy on pot roast do you have a pot roast recipe I feel like there's there's something in this room that I don't know about the way that everybody I stole I stole a pot roast recipe gosh was fantastic yeah but now you made it so it's your recipe now really even though I just basically how it works really yeah absolutely so if I make it then I can call my own exactly except if it's my chocolate cake recipe and then you have to say that it's you chocolate cake recipe what about you and what about beef stroganoff in honor of Russia infiltrating our elections having making beef stroganoff beef stroganoff quite a bit just because it's really good it's it's cold out here you know it sticks to your ribs good the cork and strudel what's the new place the cork and slice the cork and slice might have to put some big stroganoff somewhere the cork and slice is gonna be calling me for my right now all right so okay so the chocolate cake recipe is gonna be up on Kate dress calm yeah pretty soon beautiful Kyle parks anything else we need to know no no there's all kinds of things that I do I'll go in home to people and do some in-home catering you know put it on multiple courses for them but I don't want to you know just shamelessly self promote myself at chef Kyle parks at or anything like that whoops chef Kyle parks calm chef Kyle parks a cheese and you will come and so someone will have a dinner and they'll hire you when you come to their house and you cook the dinners and they they get to sit back relax have a glass of wine my god didn't hang out with their friends alright seasons that's a saxophone fun deal right it really is and it could be for a group of two it could be for a group of twenty you know so people hire you for a nice romantic dinner on a Saturday night come to my house cook for me and my wife and you cook and they sit at the damn table with a candlelight dinner and you cook on the meal absolutely once I'm even had like their kids act as the servers you know I put them to work everything like that too but yeah it's really whatever people want and I think that's how food really should be I'm craving this so I should have that you're gonna have beef stroganoff later because you're craving you come to my house and you make my no you can't make my beef stroganoff because then you'll you'll feel the rest of my recipe exactly Kyle parks at chef Kyle parks at you got it your instructor at local : air and Cork and slice opening up in the Central West End KTRS comm we'll have your chocolate cake recipe real soon I love it hey thanks for coming in absolutely where'd you at high school Schama not Chaminade good shone on boy hey forty-six big

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  1. Best chef !!he taught me all i learned ..wish i went back but he was real help and got me were i am today. HOTEL CHEF AT 2 HOTELS ..nice car ,nice job and just bought a 3 bedroom house ..THANKS CHEF KYLE PARKS ..

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