Kidney Disease Diet : Top 10 Foods To Eat For Healthy Kidney and Improve Kidney Function

Kidney Disease Diet : Top 10 Foods To Eat For Healthy Kidney and Improve Kidney Function

Kidney disease can affect our body’s ability
to clean our blood, filter extra water out of our blood, and help control our blood pressure. We’re born with two kidneys. They’re on
either side of our spine, just above our waist. When our kidneys are damaged, waste products
and fluid can build up in our body. That can cause swelling in our ankles, vomiting, weakness,
poor sleep, and shortness of breath. Without treatment, the damage can get worse, and our
kidneys may eventually stop working. That’s serious, and it can be life-threatening. When our kidneys don’t work well for longer
than 3 months, doctors call it chronic kidney disease. We may not have any symptoms in the
early stages, but that’s when it’s simpler to treat. Diabetes (types 1 and 2) and high blood pressure
are the most common culprits. High blood sugar levels over time can harm our kidneys. And
high blood pressure creates wear and tear on our blood vessels, including those that
go to our kidneys. In this video, we will show you about top
10 foods to eat to improve kidney function and get healthy kidney. 1. Apple. Apples have always been on the top of the
healthiest food, which can improve human health and prevent various diseases. In the case
of kidney health, apples work to detoxify the organ with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory
properties and fiber. Accordingly, the fruit reduces the risk of getting urinary tract
infections and kidney stones. Over and above that, apples contribute to
the health of the heart and digestive system, and also prevent several chronic diseases
like cancer. 2. Berries. Berries such as raspberries, cranberries,
strawberries and blueberries are well known as a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins
and minerals. With such impressive nutritional value, berries can benefit your kidneys in
many ways, including reducing inflammation and enhancing bladder functioning. By regularly
consuming berries, you are helping your kidney to work better. 3. Egg Whites. Unlike the yolks, egg whites possess small
amount of phosphorus and cholesterol but large amount of high quality protein. This makes
the food a good choice for kidney health since the amino acid in egg whites’ protein is
essential for the organ’s functioning. Also, this high quality protein results in less
waste product when being processed compared to other substances. With those who are suffering from kidney diseases,
excessive protein intake possibly causes negative impacts on kidneys. Therefore, even though
egg whites are beneficial for the organ, they should be only consumed in moderate. Plus,
egg yolks are recommended to completely avoid. 4. Fish. Fish is an inevitable part in our diet since
it contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids as well as high quality protein. Therefore,
by consuming the food, your body can get enough essential nutrients to improve and protect
the kidney from dysfunction and diseases. To have a healthy kidney, 2-3 servings of
fish a week are highly recommended. There are some types of fish that are extremely
good for your kidneys like mackerel, tuna, salmon, and rainbow trout. 5. Olive Oil. Olive oil has shown itself as a multifunctional
ingredient since it not only treats various beauty problems but also helps a lot with
many organ systems inside the body. The oleic acid in the oil is recognized as an anti-inflammatory
fatty acids used to fight inflammation, reduce the oxidation and enhance kidney functioning.
The antioxidants and polyphenols present in olive oil also contribute greatly to the improvement
of kidney. For using, virgin and extra virgin olive oil is recommended to use rather than
regular oil. 6. Onion. To prevent the dysfunction and diseases of
kidney, detoxification to remove waste and toxins out of the organ is necessary. This
is a simple process, which is implemented by using simple ingredients such as onion.
With a huge amount of antioxidants, onions are able to cleanse the kidney and prevent
related diseases. Plus, the chromium present in onions can help accelerate the process
of absorbing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. 7. Garlic. Garlic, a familiar species in our pantry,
turns out to be a great ingredient with a countless number of health benefits. One of
those is the ability to protect the heart and kidney. This is thanks to the antioxidants
and anticlotting properties in the species, which work to lower the risk of getting kidney
problems. Plus, a regular consumption of garlic leads to a reduction of bad cholesterol as
well as inflammation in the body. 8. Red Bell Pepper. Red bell peppers is rich in vitamins, fiber
and folic acid but low in potassium. This profile of nutrients enables the vegetable
to flush out the waste and toxins in the blood as well as the organ systems. Additionally,
people with kidney diseases have no worry about the side effects due to the low content
of potassium in red bell pepper, a harmful factor for damaged kidneys. 9. Cauliflower. Cauliflower is beneficial for your kidneys,
as it possesses an immense amount of vitamin C, folate and fiber. The other elements in
cauliflower like glucosinolates, indoles and thiocyanates aid the liver to inhibit the
toxins in the body that can do harm to DNA and other cells. Furthermore, cauliflower
is able to combat inflammation and reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. This means
a lot with not only kidney health but also overall body health. 10. Cabbage. Cabbage has been long used as a trusted ingredient
in various home remedies to improve kidney functioning and treat related problems like
kidney stones. For those who are suffering from kidney diseases, cabbage should be an
inevitable part of the diet. The main reason making cabbage a superfood
for a healthy kidney is the content of phytochemicals present in it. The valuable substance works
effectively to combat free radicals, preventing these harmful factors from causing damage.
Besides, other nutrients in cabbage like vitamins, fiber and folic acid also contributes to the
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4 thoughts on “Kidney Disease Diet : Top 10 Foods To Eat For Healthy Kidney and Improve Kidney Function

  1. here's a few tips you can try
    drink plenty of water.
    eat watermelon – that helps prevent kidney disease .
    try taking vitamin A and drink coconut water – these help reduce kidney disease naturally.
    cut down on tomato, cucumber, spinach and alcohol.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Hollistic heal plan website )

  2. wish i could afford all of this nice food. frozen veggies are the best i can do. fresh is out of the question… i think ill start a garden, as i can afford it.

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