Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box

Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box

if I’m getting fast food I want to just greasy and nasty this gave me the nasty stuff I really like jack-in-the-box I don’t think I’ve ever had anything healthy from jack-in-the-box I get the same thing every time I go I used to love jack-in-the-box my first moved to LA I was broke and just kept eating the mozzarella cheese sticks and the stuffed jalapeno it was the closest fast-food restaurant to where I grew up and I’ve had it too many times I feel like I there’s nothing I haven’t had I hope that they have some healthy options yeah that would be super helpful if you do feel like you need to go to a fast-food restaurant at least you can then choose how the options once you’re there it’s pretty good oh this is pretty big too you wanna trade yeah sure hurry up why is that why what happened well it kind of has a lid no we just go for it this is really salty anything I think that’s how they’re getting taste in there they’ve put a bunch of salt on it how is the chicken it’s not bad I don’t eat more it tastes like a fajita you sound real unsure if it’s good or not it’s not you know the best Mexican food I’ve ever had would you like to try this ham delicacy yeah everyone’s right every back trade my back I mean it’s just like a hamburger and instead of a burger they just put this egg on it and nothing else so like it’s fine it’s good cuz you’re a vegetarian I mean they’re all money so like it’s good that there’s an option for me to be able to get in the morning for me personally I’m just like not a big egg person well I love breakfast Jax there’s nothing wrong with practice Jack it’s pretty heavy looks hefty EFT I wouldn’t order that but I would definitely order this anytime I’m the opposite this one’s great I like this one so much more than like the egg hockey puck in that one hockey puck is the best part man if I was feeling like I didn’t want to eat your job back I got a hundred was it really and this one I really liked but it still kind of feels like fast-food 350 calories like I feel like I’d rather go with a different option maybe they should hire me because I feel like we could have done way better with this we could have done some whole-grain bread but some freaking like that it seemed to me like those veggies if I were trying to be health-conscious I would probably pick these I wouldn’t go to a fast-food restaurant for yeah he’s barking up the wrong tree yeah my opinion on Jack a box is definitely changing knowing that they have these other options and stuff like that is definitely change and I would be more willing to go in and see that they do have options yeah I think that’s the thing like if I were there for whatever reason this is a great option and I like it and it’s not just what you think of Jack in the books [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box

  1. Has anyone else tasted any of this before can someone tell me is it good. I also never tasted Jack in a box.

  2. Did anyone else notice that Chloe's hair was blonde on As/Is 3 hours ago and is now brown? I know they probably edited it and she may have died her hair but I just thought it was funny.

  3. Or you can walk to the nearest restaurant eat whatever you like and walk back home, calories burned=problem solved

  4. How is everyone so skinny after eating sooo much fast food…

    Meanwhile if i smell a burger I gain 10 pounds…!

    Edit:tysm for 20 likes!! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten
    120 likes?? Wow tysmmm

  5. Waste of time. Poorly executed video. I clicked because I'm very interested in the topic. But I learned nothing.

    Were you out sick the day they taught video production?

  6. Y’all should their spicy chicken sandwich, curly fries, tacos, and Oreo milkshakes… THANK ME LATER!!!

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  8. The problem with fast food places is that those so called low calorie items are packed with a lot of sodium.

  9. Going to a fast food restaurant and wanting diet food is like going to a nightclub and wanting to pray

  10. I actually like the chicken fajita pita with no cheese although the chicken is very salty and processed.

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