Joris Lohman (Slow Food Youth Network) – Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet

Joris Lohman (Slow Food Youth Network) – Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet

Over the last couple of years, Slow
food and the Slow Food Youth Network have been building a global grassroots movement of young chefs, farmers, fishermen and food professionals that are actively shaping the future food
and farming. This year, the World Expo will be held in Milan. The World Expo has always been the place where the world comes together, and wonders at the new innovations and technical solutions that will influence our daily lives in the future. This year the theme of Expo is Food. Feeding the World in the future might be the biggest challenge our
generation has to face The current food system is broken. We still are not able to feed the entire
world population and over a billion people suffer from the consequences of bad diets. Change is needed, innovation indeed is needed, but innovation is not only created by governments and business. Innovation takes place on the farmer fields, innovation takes place on boats and innovation takes place in the lives,
in the professional and daily lives, of the people that are actually at this moment, feeding the world. In order to feed the planet in the
future, we need new solutions, we need to create a new food system. That’s why we are inviting all these young people that are working in our food sytem, that are working on the fields, on the boats, to come to Milan. After the circus that the World Expo is, we invite you all, together, and to create a new vision on what the food sytem should be like. And to create new innovative solutions, share you practices and create a food sytem that is good, clean and fair and will be able to feed the planet in the future. I hope to invite you all, and see you all in Milan, in October.

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  1. hello, I am so happy to read about you efforts, but please tell me how can you feed the world when Monsanto has a military and legislation power to run food on the planet????? how can you think that you can fight these horrible uncarrying corporate monsters???? I run a small farm, but they are constantly threatening seeds and bees with their poison, rendering huge masses of land sterile. thanks for any input.

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