Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ ONLY in JAPAN #44 レトロ自販機

Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ ONLY in JAPAN #44 レトロ自販機

Japan is famous for its hi-tech vending machines. They’re digital, colorful and loaded with variety and lots of fun. So when I heard of a restaurant with no staffs, that was all vending machines, I jumped at the chance to visit. This place is called a Jihanki-Shokudo. and it’s located at Isesaki-City, about 2 hours from Tokyo. The sign calls it the “automat diner” in English. I came hungry. So what makes Jihanki-Shokudo special? There is no staff at all. The food vending machines are all retro. The restaurant is super clean, and it’s cheap and fun. but is the food any good? That is what I am here to find out. The inside is pretty cool. and now the machines. It’s chow time. Vending machine burger unboxing! There were 3 choices, each for 300 yen. I went for the popular tartare meat burger. It counted down a minute to heat up. delivered like a Christmas present down the chimney. Let’s see what we got for dinner. Tartare Meat Sauce Burger 300¥ All burgers are fresh, the prepared date on the bottom of the box. Does it look fresh? I guess so. It sure smells better than it looks, and that’s a good sign. inside, smothered in tartare and meat sauce. Yum Only one way to find out if it’s any good. Not bad. The meat is juicy, the sauce is rich. and it’s all blended together well. Soba, Udon and Ramen vending machine taste test! This is not your cup noodle ramen, people, Not freeze dry. It takes about 30 seconds. That’s fast food. Maybe too fast. Oh, it missed. Careful, that broth is boiling hot. The noodles look a little like spagetti. Where are the Cha-shu and toppings? There it is! On the bottom. Now the taste. It’s complex, salty and hot. Noodle’s a little soggy, but hey, it’s not too bad. Want proof? I ate the whole thing. They also have Tempura Udon for 330¥ . The Udon is under the Tempura. The taste? Salty, chewy, pretty good! So what’s the deal with this place? Let’s ask the owner. The concept of this vending restaurant… there are places in Gunma prefecture where you can have a meal with old vending machines, but those places are combined with fame centers but for us, we wanted to have families with kids and women alone visiting so we skipped the arcade games and just made a vending machine restaurant Also you will find vending machine maniacs and nostalgic elderly people who love these machines visiting Recommendation from the chef. From the noodle machine, the Chashu-men is most popular In the middle from the toast vending machine the Italian toast sandwich is the most popular From the burger vending machine the center button, the Tartare Sauce burger is no.1 The machine ate my money! (What do I do now?) There is no staff here. What do you do when there is a problem? When there is a problem, my mobile phone number is written on the machine Just call and I’ll fly to help. That’s real dedication to serving your customers. There is one more machine to try. The toasted sandwich. This machine has an oven mitts, tongs and a tray for your convenience. It only takes 100 ¥ coins. There is a changer nearby. Your choices: Red bean paste and cheese, or Italian toast with basil and bacon. That’s and easy one. Italian. It takes 40seconds. and it comes out hot. That’s why you need the tongs and tray. I got a look inside the machine, earlier. You can see the two choices. and the toaster on the bottom. Old school tech that just works. Let’s unwrap this thing. It’s a little on the thin side. The tag has the sandwich’s expiration date on it. Fresh. Oh wait! The drink! There is an old Coca Cola machine for 100¥. Cola just tastes better in a glass bottle, doesn’t it? Not too bad. Smells great. A little basil, a little cheese. Inside, it’s not wall to wall painted. Everything is in the middle, so you have to work to get to the tasty center. The taste. is well… It’s a toasted sandwich. What did you expect? Jihanki-Shokudo is opened from 10:00AM to about midnight. In Japan, service and convenience converge at a place like this. and so does culture. People clean up after themselves. and cleanliness of this unstaffed place impressed me the most. The verdict, it’s fun! It’s decent food for the price, and it’s certainly something out of the ordinary. and that makes this place truly, ONLYinJAPAN. Bon apetit.

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  1. Does these Hot food vending machine around Tokyo /東京 Meats the Japan Food Health and safety Standards Requirement .

  2. manga, anime, vending machine, convenience store, foods, onsen, secret alley, festival maybe cleanliness make I wish I born in Japan…

  3. Not a single soul in the restaurant:
    Not even a security camera:

    John: drops burger and runs out of the restaurant

  4. ふえぇ〜こんな食堂あるんですか!

  5. You were trying too hard to intentionally "up" the place. The sandwich looled really bad, the place looked like Halem.

  6. This is why I stopped watching your channel you owe me post food vlogs you're in the most beautiful scenic country in the world with old architecture and you don't film any of it

  7. Love your vlogs! you make great content, John! keep it up. do you have a video about Hakone or Lake Kawaguchi? don’t think I’ve seen it yet but if you do (or anyone else know that he does) pls let me know. thanks

  8. Ehhh, that burger looked like something I’d choose if I was low on cash and desperate. Those noodles looked uninspired and that place really didn’t look all that fun or amazing. It really looked like a place you’d run into to grab something quick and cheap and then bounce. Sure the first time going there would be fun and interesting but I wouldn’t be surprised if that got old quick, especially if you had other options around and just got paid.

  9. if that was mcdonalds everyone would say positive thing like omgggg so goood, i want it etc. Funny that marketing makes people so dumb

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  11. The food is just convinent enough to eat. Good for those travellers specially long drives and truckers who need a quick rest and bite.

  12. i recently went there and since my hotel was near there i ate the nearly everyday in japan as i was awkward to speak japanese as i did not understand it

  13. I’m from Japan.I don’t think some people really understand the concept of this restaurant.These retro vending machines are rare here, so people try them for the experience. No one eats here on a daily basis.

  14. It says a lot about Japanese people that they can have a store with no personal and keep it clean. In my country this is impossible. A shop with no personal would be wrecked.

  15. Many Thanks for your Time & Efforts Compiling & Formatting these Informative 'Shows' from one 'Culture' still with Art of it's own still at the Fore of it's Market 'Global' Face.
    Most Appreciated.

  16. I literally had this idea for the United States near college campuses for people on a budget that just wanna lounge with friends. This is so cool to see it exists!

  17. These places are probably not as common in Japan anymore. More convenience stores these days are opened 24 hours with better food if you need at night.

  18. This would Never work in America. The whole place would be picked clean by thrives. All the furniture. Everything. Man. for that type of business to work you need a very specific culture, one that's probably only in Japan.

    the glass bottle opener would be stolen by the end of the first day. Trash would be left all over the tables.

    It's sad because i would totally dig a place like that in America.

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