Jamie’s Meat Free Meals | Asparagus Quiche & Soup, My Veggie Pasties, Summer Veg Blanket Pie

Jamie’s Meat Free Meals | Asparagus Quiche & Soup, My Veggie Pasties, Summer Veg Blanket Pie

Hey guys, hope you’re well. So I’m on the set of my brand new cookery show. I hope you’re gonna love it. It’s all about veg
and I want to give you a couple of recipes that I hope you’re gonna love. We need to eat more veg and we need to start now. I’m gonna give you two for the
price of one and we’re going to embrace this beautiful vegetable asparagus. It
will naturally pop. That’s the tender part and that’s the stringy part. So a
lot of this ends up in the bin so we’re gonna make soup with this. Pure elegance – and then with this part we’re gonna make the most amazing quiche. Beautiful Come on look at that. Go on. Time to
attack. Mmm… It’s just a matter of time before I
dunked it. This is completely wrong, but right, but wrong, but right, but wrong, but right. I really want to share something very
classic very British with you guys and I want to go big on mushrooms and that
is with the great pasty. It’s gonna be incredible. They’re never perfect and I
kind of like that. The imperfect is perfect. It really is not technical at all. Beautiful That my friends is beautiful. It
smells amazing. Rip it open – aww yes. Take a little salad just get it in
there and get amongst it. Oh my Lord. A homemade beauty I’m telling you that is
delicious, it’s just perfect. Some people might think that veggie food can’t be indulgent well this one can – onions. Always part of the party but never the party. So let’s do this. Immediately this will start to flavor the onions, to make these tender, tender, tender. It smells – absolutely amazing. Almost tucked underneath, in and around the onions. Yes! Come on! Something amazing is gonna happen. Look at that. Let’s get in there, right, let’s have a try. Wowzers, it’s extraordinary. Super fun to do, really easy and it looks like a showstopper. Absolutely blooming gorgeous. I know that loads of you guys want to get more veggies into your life. This recipe is for you. We’re gonna make a pie packed
full of the good stuff. Five of your five fruit and veg a day in one dish. Let’s
get cooking. I want to go to North Africa – Morocco. I want to pick up some of those vibes. The flavour and the colour is ridiculous. We’ll just literally brush this over the pastry, bring it all together like that.
Like a little rose petal on the bottom it’ll absorb flavor on the top it’ll
just look incredible and it will go crisp, crisp, crisp. Look at that. It is so beautiful,
that is definitely not a boring pie. That is insanely delicious and it’s full
of the good stuff what an amazing way to celebrate five veg in one dish this is
the way to go.

100 thoughts on “Jamie’s Meat Free Meals | Asparagus Quiche & Soup, My Veggie Pasties, Summer Veg Blanket Pie

  1. Не перестают восхищаться этим парнем! Жаль понимаю через слово, но все равно смотрю! Хотелось хотя бы титры русские! Jamie you super Cook!

  2. Jamie, I use 2 love watching u and trying ur recipes, but just lately about 99% of the dishes u do have chillies in them. Even on the food network. Me and my friends decided 2 block watch ur programmes and videos and every time u said or used chillies we would drink, let's just say u have me a big hangover the next day . So please, we know u r addicted 2 them but not all of us like them, how about more recipes without them . Thanks 😄

  3. That looks like a large empanada, i gotta have meat, a pasta is made round & folded afound a mixture of ground chuck, diced round steak, diced potatoes, diced onions, salt & pepper, dough folded around a handful of mixture, baked on a cookie sheet seam side down baked for 1 hour at 400F.

  4. Pasties with brown sauce. I like all of those recipies. I've made pasty once including the pastry itself from scratch. It was veggies pasties: carrots, onions, baby peas, and I can't remember the name of that white bulb/root vegetable that's good for soup too.

  5. love all the recipes today, just make sure I'm not watching this when I'm hungry, will try the quiche for sure with store bought pastry to save time 🙂

  6. the veg blanket pie with curry powder with the veg…. and some chilli mayo nice tweaking great recipes is never dull

  7. Love Jamie, but this video should be called "five more ways to use wheat in our cooking". He always cook with wheat which sucks for me and more than one in a hundred in the UK suffering from the coeliac disease.

  8. Don't take this the wrong way, because you seem like a genuine and nice guy. I've grown up watching you cook, and you're most likely the reason why I got into, and started enjoying cooking myself.

    With that said – this video is completely pointless without providing the recipes to the showcased food. I get that you want to promote and sell your book, and that is great. Without any recipes however, this video is nothing but an advertisement, and honestly I doubt people are subscribing to the content to view more ads about this new book of yours.

  9. Good on you, Jamie! Been watching you for 19 years. Happy to see you putting down the meat and embracing a more plant-based food approach.

  10. MORE VEG Mr Oliver !!
    It's not just for vegans and vegetarians.
    Meat is expensive… and I'm not just talking about the $$ cost.

  11. Jamie you my friend are my hero I just love everything about your style mate, you are a genius in the culinary world, and a hero in my kitchen.

  12. Jaime: Great video but, it went way too fast. I want to see SLOWER step by step instructions on all the dishes you introduced to us in this video. They look insanely delicious.

  13. Jamie is always lovely and astonishing and his and his crew's recipes are wonderful! 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  14. WAAA …XD HE'S GREAT!!!! I always watch these vids with my family and I think he is one of the best ever.

    By the way recently me and my mom just found and tried this :



    I hope that will help you guys too.

    I'm really thankful for that

  15. Hello, again my favourite cook! 🙂 Another tempting recipe to tantalise my taste buds with. Awesome work you are doing by getting people to eat healthily and be well. Could you post a few recipes for bananas? Banana cake, banana cookies etc. Very grateful.

  16. British pasty are definitely one of my favourites. whished we could get them here in Switzerland.

  17. A cow eats grass and veggies and all the green stuff. So technically it should be made of veggies. Where’s my beef 🥩?

  18. um why do you eat what the food eats?
    seems easier to just eat the food..
    ill never understand grass eaters..
    they always say its gonna taste yummy and it always tastes like grass
    love Jamies humor though UBU bud! even if id never let you within a mile of my food or kitchen

  19. Jamie thanks you very much 🙏❤️♥️♥️👍 Bravo! Beautiful!!!!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺☀️💖

  20. Jimbo what’s going on buddy ? Need to rebrand, relaunch and get Asa Simms back on the case. Great Chef Jamie it’s all about vegans now ‘it’s the way forward

  21. I’m asking my husband for the Veg book for Christmas …….fingers crossed…if not ..’Dear Father Christmas’ …😀😀🥂🥂

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