IS SLOVENIAN FOOD GOOD? Best Food Tour Ever | Cuisine in Ljubljana Travel Vlog

IS SLOVENIAN FOOD GOOD? Best Food Tour Ever | Cuisine in Ljubljana Travel Vlog

to be honest we think that this is probably no it is it is the best food tour that we've done and we've done a lot of food toys I think we might have done about 10 that's that's where we're talking here so is slovenian food good yes well we've just finished a 4-hour food tour and I think we can say that was an incredible day it was so much fun we got to learn history we got to see some cool sights we've got to try hard out guides all that yeah so what we have we had like everything from like coffees and desserts and wines and beers as well as the hardcore food sausage yeah watch the video there is just so much amazing stuff so the company is called lube leone YUM and 100% check the link below and have a look because if you're coming here our number one thing to do so roll the day because we're in a food coma we're going inside to sleep so just met with our host anchor for the day so for bus yeah be nice if there's almost like a private tour yeah yeah so we just did a first stop now which is actually the market place it's closed on Sundays but anchor was saying that the like fruit and veggie area and also some wooden kind of trinkets em hmm sounds interesting seems like the Slovenia is really into they wouldn't have a mature so that fruit was all delicious it's expected and because it was cold it really helps because it's only 11:30 in the morning none of it was like hot who could still taste that crisp sweetness now we're at according to Inca our first hardcore Slovenian stop we like that is Malaysian so we've got a real combination of stuff at first I'm gonna try it is church bell sister time is a valley stood which to us looks a lot more like a suit but stupid hmm it's really rich just like rich but really really nice flavors a little bit a little bit salty and in the Bailey isn't them cuz I really soft in there as well it's a great combination and then we got the traditional Slovenian sausage which to be fair is the one thing that I have been like I have to eat this on this two day mission to Sylvania so that's next asset canola sausage is traditional Slovenian sausage is also one of protected Slovenian dishes it's served with fresh horseradish and mustard I'm going solo with some mustard that's really nice it's not it's not chewy no nasty cooked it lives up to the hype shooting us with a little bit of spice from the mustard as well it's a really nice combination but I've obviously done it completely wrong anyway so I like to go yet chocolate and the nuts on the top this one has raspberry sauce on the top and this one is made with buckwheat flour filled with cottage cheese and with bread crumbs topic hell I feel so Universal that it can be a sweet or a savory it's got so many different flavors yes so this one is like a savory because it has only bread crumbs on the top but if you put a bit of sugar on top of it it will change the desert into a sweet dish I still have to try the chocolate and orange I'm very excited I got chocolate all around my mouth no you don't that's so nice it's really rich like it almost like a dark chocolate really soft dough like dumpling kind of dough and just the right amount of orange the variety already of our first meals insane this one's really interesting the bread crumb on the top was really crisp and it has a lot more of a savory flavor a lot more cottage cheese sort of going on delicious dude this right here what stations taste it is so good it's like heavenly dessert who knows what we're gonna eat next when we've already been eating like web head dessert already you're just so focused on the book there is probably one of the best burst stops on a food tour I'm so worried we've even too much I couldn't stop no I couldn't and I'm genuinely saying that like usually yeah youyou kind of pace yourself yeah I did not I did not personally we didn't have there was like the cut off you know what would you call it like they're the disciplines exactly we're just on our way now to our second so we actually don't know what is in store for us today but we heading towards the old town now and so we can already feel oh this is pretty nervous statue there and we're heading down these old streets here big tall nice like Castle colors and everything first occur some Grammys are as a welcome drink in our house every slob in the household who gets us a welcome a small shot of something very common is walnut or honey or blueberries depends on the region where do you live and then whenever you have a headache or stomach ache somebody will tell you take a shot and it will be better but the problem I mean you have to consider the quantity so it's a shot it's not to get drunk so that's why we say it's a medicine so please go ahead here we have a blueberry oh yeah love it yeah that's delicious yeah someone took to me you're sick you need some medicine yeah I would say objects it's with some Irish wine fresh summery fresh it's very have an oaky with Bush Corinne meet this native sort of beef from is Japanese Allah for us is like the liquor see nowadays this is the first this is calamari filled with prosciutto and cottage cheese and I'll just put us an wheel is will and oil olive oil and parsley with garlic and parsley I swing fish should just do the video itself never come across calamari filled with something like this there's a combination so that is really fresh calamari that's the person who has to see there's not like there's a little bit of chew to it but I think it always should be it's not like salt not like too salty to see foodie tasting and then the seafood taste that is there sort of balanced out with a little bit of a little bit that like mild cottage cheese flavor with a bit of oil up in there as well there's nothing like I anticipated that is amazing there was another enormous stop – lots of past – different wines the calamari which I tasted there's just too much that we that we honestly can't put it all into this video and we're learning so much about the city as we wander as well so apparently all of these streets that you can see here all these beautiful buildings over that side as an antique market apparently all of us within the last 12 years has been developed and initially from what we've been told it was made for the locals and the tourists is sort of a secondary thing and I think you really get that feel here makes sense that they've done it that way around and it feels like the right way because it doesn't feel overly commercialized it feels like it's a mixture of locals and tourists all on the same place pretty nice so we just finished up walking through an area that quickly has become that fast our favorite place in the city we're really quiet just off the just off the busy path there was amazing craft beer spot yeah now we're on to our next stop it's just it's not slowing down now we've got some local wine and we've got some fish fish tart ours at the curb with some beetroot some onion and a little bit of mayonnaise in there as well apparently is thick bits of fish so that you can actually taste it rather than just bring like a basic sprint there's a lot more fish than that not a bad way just calling it for what it is Wow I actually really like that I'm not sure if you will you know this big fan of fish but it's like creamy but still chunky so it feels like there's actual chunks of fish and and I like that I imagine some people don't but to me there's always space for gelato oh this next is like me there's always space for gelato granular space is well known for having out of random mix of flavors they do all sorts of with Hertz and spices and limes and lemons and everything we're not really that experimental we've got the chance to choose I've gone for a salted caramel where the chocolate and banana and is like it's ridiculously good I think it's pretty clear that was an exceptional food tour yeah that was insane there's been so much stuff we would say though some could not capture at all it was just so much food so much many drinks yes so much like culture and history we learnt so much from incre yes great host yeah I think we're gonna keep the ceiling short because this has probably been a long video really if you're coming to Ljubljana do this trip the links will be below do it like when you're first there you get to see the city you get to taste the food that's right we've seen a completely different side to the city that we didn't find in a whole day walking and exploring that we would have never otherwise discovered [Applause]

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  2. Slovenian food is definitely not fir vegetarians :)… as a vegetarian I couldn't find Slovenian food good 🙁

  3. nooo dont eat the skin of figs… also too bad you didnt have the chance to eat it from a tree even few hours old taste much less good than from a tree

  4. u guy's must come to slovenia/prekmurje you gonna eat so much ass u can for free in ljubljana they just painting food on the dishes 🙂 nice vid

  5. Pozz svim Slovencima iz Hrvatske ,dvije najljepše zemlje Europe !!!
    Jako lijep video ,volim gledat ove ljude ,lijepo su nas predstavili s jako lijepim videima !

  6. Balkan food is up there with Middle Eastern and Mexican food as the best I've ever had. I mostly had street food in Slovenia and it was sooo good!

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