Is milk good for you? (Food Battles)

Is milk good for you? (Food Battles)

What’s up, this is nutrition made simple and today we have another edition of food battles. These are my favorites. Today we break down the nutrition on milk. Is it healthy? Is it not? what does the science say? Let’s find out For a long time milk was widely regarded as healthy But this image has recently changed with more and more people removing dairy from their diets Is this shift supported by science or is it just a trend? Come on, dude! That’s a myth. milk makes you strong, everybody knows that! well, we’ll find out Let’s compare it to another food widely regarded as healthy: Kale. What?! you’re gonna compare milk to salad? too easy. milk’s gonna crush it I’m just gonna go back to watching Netflix. According to the experts, ideal foods are low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol and high in fiber Boooring. get to the battle part, nerd. We Google the food, We find the nutritional info on the right side of the search page, Make sure they’re both the same amount, say, a hundred grams and put them side by side. We’re ready to go You mean ready for a bloodbath… The first thing on the list is fat. milk has almost 20 times more saturated fat than kale So that’s a no-brainer. one round for kale Cholesterol: milk, 10 milligrams. kale, zero. So that’s another easy one for the green stuff Fiber: no surprise here. zero in milk, 3.6 grams in kale Okay. Okay, fine. Everybody knows kale is healthy. Why don’t you get to the important nutrients like protein, huh? Yeah!! milk, 3.2 grams of protein. Kale, 4.3 I told you milk had it easy. I mean, how are you gonna compare… Wait, what?? now let’s look at micronutrients: vitamins and calcium. Oh, I knew it. Here we go. calcium! Come on! milk’s got calcium up the walls. Everybody knows that. go ahead, do your little comparison. I’m not even scared a hundred grams of milk covers 11% of our daily calcium needs. kale, 15%. Okay now see that’s… that… hmmm… Come on, man. Now you’re just trolling. Everybody knows you want calcium you drink milk Now you’re telling me kale is the food with most calcium? Actually, no, there’s nothing special about kale. Most greens have tons of calcium turnip greens for example easily beat kale at 19% and collard greens have 23% that’s twice as much as milk if you’re keeping count It turns out that calcium is just like protein: It’s everywhere If you have a healthy diet with plenty of different vegetables, you don’t need to worry about it This is some twilight zone bullsh* Then how come if you don’t drink milk your bones break, huh? Explain that with your “science”. Actually, Studies show dairy consumption does not lower the risk of fractures and may even increase it. Wow. You must be really popular with your friends. Mr. Know-it-all “actually”… the rest of the micronutrients are split, Kale has the upper hand on most vitamins and minerals but milk does have vitamins D and b12 which kale doesn’t Okay, so what’s the take-home message from all this? does this mean you should never have dairy again? That’s for you to decide. the point here is we don’t need milk unlike what we’ve been told our whole lives Our bones don’t need milk. Our muscles don’t need milk and our children definitely don’t need cow milk In fact, they’re better off without it. There’s nothing in milk you can’t get somewhere else in a better nutritional context So what I personally do is I avoid dairy as much as possible and I make sure I get my vitamin D and b12 somewhere else. Plant milks are increasingly popular They have no cholesterol, very low saturated fat and many even contain vitamin D and b12 But there’s a larger point to this video. A lot of our nutritional beliefs are just not factual But as people get more informed their choices change. In the US dairy consumption is plummeting Compared to the last generation, Americans now drink 40% less milk You could say the expiration date on milk is coming up Alright, that’s all for today. I hope that was helpful Stay informed and I will see you in the next video

13 thoughts on “Is milk good for you? (Food Battles)

  1. I do think this is a bit misleading, since 100 grams of milk is only 1/2 cup. Most people would consume at least 1 cup of milk in a sitting, not 100g or 1/2 cup, so doubling up on the amounts shown for milk would be more realistic. The kale example is more realistic of a serving, though again most people would not consume 1.34 cups of raw kale in a sitting, especially every single day several times per day to be realistic. I definitely believe kale is extremely healthy, no arguments there, but there are too many other factors to consider to simply compare these two foods at face value with the same grams. BTW, I do not drink milk personally (though I do on occasion consume plain Greek yogurt), and I am a heavy consumer of kale, though again not daily. I take no sides, I'm just irritated by distortions I see a lot with food comparisons.

  2. Have you tasted boiled kale, its almost inedible, but if you can convince yourself by acting in a "comedic" way trying to "explain" the "truth" then go ahead my friend.. You also don't absorb nutrients from foods you can't digest.. I can take a fucking rock and sauy wow so much magnesium and zinc and molybdenum in this shit ima eat it man.. You say people drink 40% less milk now, are they healthier in any measurable way?

  3. I’m feeling like everything I know about nutrition is wrong. Definitely opening my eyes to alternative ways of eating.

  4. I like the approach that this shows dairy is not needed for health – that might help when talking with family and friends. I wonder if the drop in milk has been offset by a rise in cheese? I think I have heard that. While we don't need dairy you sort of left out (I like the bit about children should not have cow milk) that dairy brings negative consequences along with it – is it OK to disregard the causal relationship with inflamation, cancer and heart disease?

  5. Do you ever make an honest video? Do you know how much kale you have to eat to equal 100 grams and do you know how little amount of milk you have to drink to get 100 grams of milk? It’s clear that you don’t because you are not comparing them accordingly. A serving size of milk has 9-10 grams of protein as opposed to kale that has 1 gram of protein. This also means that all the other nutrients go up since you gave milk such a small serving size. The other thing is that a healthy individual requires 300 mg of cholesterol per day so having milk wouldn’t come close to resining your cholesterol levels since milk only has 12 mg. of cholesterol for each serving (1 cup). The same cup that has 9-10 grams of protein. This guy might sound smart but he has no clue about nutrition so please read up on what your nutritional requirements are and look up the best foods for those nutritional requirements.

  6. i think you have the best allround package for nutrition advice on youtube. medical doctor, non dogmatic plant based focused on nutrition, non supplement, consultin or swagg selling or patreon ( just hate that). good production value and dynamic delivery. great. better than lets say mic the vegan or happy healthy vegan. one thing tho is too many words per minute, slow down a bit. the musics good. gonna get to half a million suscribers for sure

  7. Thanks for the video! I was wondering though, regardless of comparisons to any other veg, is Milk good for you? ie. it may not be as good as veg, but is it still good in terms of nutrients/does it have negative health effects?

  8. What are your thoughts on calcium supplements? Many doctors and studies say don’t take because calcium can build up and cause heart disease. PCP says to take supplements because of osteopenia and the benefits out way the risk. I eat a wide variety of veggies, fruits. So confused

  9. Plant milk with protein, calcium, and B12? Fortified Soy milk! It can go toe to toe with cow milk. As you said, plant foods have everyting you drink milk for without the drawbacks of cow milk.

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