Is Jackfruit a Good Meat Substitute?

Is Jackfruit a Good Meat Substitute?

– Foodies happen to be
raving about a type of fruit that’s underneath this mystery box. These foodies are saying
that you can use this to replace the taste of meat. So what is this mystery food? It is Jackfruit. – [Panel Member] Wow. (gasps from panel and audience) And a lot of people are still wondering, okay, well, what about this? Well, it’s considered
an exotic tropical fruit from the rainforests of the
East Indies and Southeast Asia. Strangely enough, you can
actually buy it in a can. So, what we thought we
would do is give it a whirl. I want honest opinions, I
personally have never had this. – I’ve actually had it, and
when I’ve had it in India, it’s actually a pretty
pungent smelling fruit, and for me that was a
little bit off-putting, but apparently when you prepare it, yeah. – Well let’s, so this is nachos. – [Panel Member] Let’s
start off with the nachos. – So, you’ve had it as well right? – [Mike] Yeah, they have a,
this is a pork substitute at one of our favorite vegan restaurants. A vegan Mexican restaurant,
they use it as a pork taco, which is kinda what we’re tasting here. – [Panel Member] What, where are you, are we all digging in on the tacos? I’ll follow. – [Travis] We’re doing nachos over here. – [Panel Member] Oh! – [Travis] You guys, be you. – I think it tastes
surprisingly like pork. – [Travis] Alright. I agree. It’s okay. – Yeah, it’s a little lighter, in terms of the consistency, than meat. – You know, I want to
try just the meat itself. – Yeah, I wanna try this sandwich. So, this is a barbecue jackfruit sandwich. – [Mike] I mean, what I
love about it is Americans, we struggle to eat enough
fruits and vegetables everyday, so if you can use this, we know that the happiest people around the world eat about seven servings of fruits
and vegetables everyday, so if this is a way that
you can get another serving of a fruit, that’s fantastic. – You know what, I like it. – Yeah, I mean, I think it’s tasty. It takes on the taste of whatever curry or whatever sauce you put it
in, so it’s actually quite different between the nachos, the tacos. – It’s kind of bland. – I’m gonna be completely honest and say that I think it’s a great option. It’s not high in protein
of course, it does have dietary fiber, as we see in most fruits, luckily not high in
sugar, for me I will say, what I typically use as my
meat substitute are beans. Beans are so affordable, high in fiber, high in protein, that’s my go to. I’ll stick with that,
if I’m making nachos, but I think this is a great option for someone really likes
that faux pork taste. – And it’s a little lighter. And actually, this is
packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B,
vitamin C, so it’s healthy. – Hurts the palm a little bit. – I’m just gonna call a spade a spade. I don’t eat a ton of meat, but if I want a pork sandwich, I’m
gonna eat a pork sandwich. That’s just, it’s just good food. (applause) But I think this is a really great option, and you’re finding this in
more and more restaurants. I love that you can actually
get this in a lot of grocery stores now, and
yeah, if you’ve never given it a whirl, give it a try. – How heavy is that fruit? – How heavy? I’m not gonna do it without getting up. – That is one thing that does not need an enlargement today. (laughter) – No. – [Sonia] Exactly. – [Mike] If you’re packin
that, good luck. (laughter) – So, this is way heavier
than a watermelon. This is probably a good 20 pounds, maybe? – You don’t want that
to fall on your head. – They’re pretty dense. – [Mike] That’s surprising. I always thought they
were beside the kiwis. I’m actually shocked to see
that that is what it looks like. – Jackfruit will get you jacked up.

100 thoughts on “Is Jackfruit a Good Meat Substitute?

  1. Unripe jackfruit taste amazing just like meat. Nepalese people been eating it for a long time. Not a new trend in Nepal

  2. Jackfruit does not have a pungent smell. Durian does. I don't struggle to eat fruits and veggies. I eat them all the time. Jackfruit when ripe smells like bubblegum or ramune candy. These people barely know what they're talking about.

  3. Yes you can replace it ( young one) I'm eating this since I was little. Even though I eat meat I still love how it tastes. Jackfruit is the national fruit in our country.
    And you should eat it fresh when it is ripe.

  4. How is it a meat substitute if it doesn't have much protein?
    I get the texture thing but if you want meat texture, just eat meat.

  5. "you can find jackfruit in a lot of groceries now"… they've been selling it in Asian markets in the US for years…

  6. These comments are so toxic… it's an alternative! Nobody is forcing you to eat it so calm down 🙄

  7. Why can't you never speak one at a time??? You always speak over each other. It is soooo annoying

  8. First of all it was not design to be a meat option it is a fruit so eat it as a fruit. In the Caribbean we eat it when it is fit and jut ripe some even like it a bit ripe than usual. I wish people would keep their opinion to themselves before talking on something that is not of their culture.

  9. I agree. For cost effectiveness, beans cost less. Approximately $1.25 a pound, vs jackfruit at $1/lb. The one I bought was about $10. Haven't tried the pulled pork recipe yet.

  10. Curry… U Muppets. Lol just take out the seed and eat it as is….Or just make some french toast (egg bread) and make a wrap with the fruit as is.

  11. The lady from India never had jackfruit before because she said it has a pungent smell. Jackfruit smells like juicy fruit gum and smells good. She mistook this with a fruit called dorian. Dorian looks like jackfruit only smaller and bigger spikes and is famous for its pungent smells and it tastes bad. The smell is famously bad to the point hotels have signs forbidding dorian fruit.

  12. Its sad that u cant even talk about using meat alternatives without making sure everyone knows you support animal cruelty

  13. the worst quote: i dont eat alot of meat bt if i want a port sandwich i will eat one and then the applause 😑😑😑 horrible … poor pigs and humanity applauding murder of innocent beings disgusting … which doctor eats meat also.. we live in 2018 alot of proof meat is super bad for ur health

  14. The fuck?? I would never eat it in tacos and whatever. I would eat it raw. The not yet ripe jackfruits are actually cooked like met and its pretty good in taste but if you put a ripe jackfruit in my taco i will kill you. I love ripe jackfruit but only by itself

  15. Travis is so annoying. Who ever said jackfruit was equivalent to pork??! Go eat your damn pork if you want.

  16. So much stupidity. Idiotic woman claims that she thinks she had it in the past and it smells pungent when it actually smells sweet and she must have been mistaking it with durian fruit or something else. The other idiot guy that claims the only reason it's good it's to help people get another serving of fruit in their diet, when in reality the reason it's better is because it eliminates a serving of meat in the diet which is unhealthy. And then dr. Stork is stupid enough to claim that if he wants a pork sandwich he's just going to eat real pork and the stupid audience applauds because people love to hear confirmation about things that aren't good. Then one other stupid doctor says that it doesn't have the same high amount of protein, when that's a great distraction if you realize the fact that humans get more than enough protein in their diet as it is and the only Health concern is that most people get way too much protein in their diet which leads to all kinds of health problems.

  17. I want india which 2500 years ago where over 90 percent population was vegen but milk products were used and milking animals treated as pet.

  18. I tried green jackfruit for the first time today. As a vegetarian for 45 years, I've got to say, it tasted absolutely awful.

  19. Shouldn’t actual doctors discuss more about the bad effects of what’s in meat instead of how heavy the fruit is??

  20. We cook it with coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger and so on. We boil it and drain the water a couple of times to remove the sap which makes it bitter. Never tried it fried… It's strange… At least for us in South East Asia. We normally eat it ripe and turn it to various dessert. It's not pungent, it smells sweet.

  21. We cook it with coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger and so on. We boil it and drain the water a couple of times to remove the sap which makes it bitter. Never tried it fried… It's strange… At least for us in South East Asia. We normally eat it ripe and turn it to various dessert. It's not pungent, it smells sweet.

  22. Meat/ pork doesn't have any taste without the ingredients. Of course jackfruit taste like meat/ pork. The ingredients and texture makes that similar. 👍💟

  23. 1. I think she’s getting mixed up with a durian and jackfruit.
    2. I hate how they always bring up protein. If you eat a healthy diet that doesn’t have meat or dairy, you WILL get enough protein in your diet.

  24. I think jackfruit tastes great on its own. Fully ripened jackfruit kind of tastes like a mango…Sooooo good!!!

  25. LOOK! Nothing can replace my chicken, especially fried chicken, and I have to buy fried chicken because I don't fry at home. According to the good doctor, if I want a piece of chicken, I am going to eat chicken. …lol…I feel the same about seafood. I don't eat seafood unless I know it is plucked from the ocean. Seafood coming from anywhere else don't taste the same.

  26. I’m surprised they’re doctors… but then again a lot of doctors and nutritionists don’t know wtf they’re talking 99.99 of the time.

  27. Jackfruit when ripe is sweet and has a mild pungent smell. When unripe it can be cooked as a substitute to meat. I have two trees in my farmhouse. Its a very common fruit here in India.

  28. I don't know where she got her Jackfruit must have been writing if it had a pungent smell to it, because Jackfruit has a very sweet aromatic smell to it durian however smells like ass and you want to puke

  29. “If im going to eat a pork sandwich, im going to eat a pork sandwich”. Then the audience claps. Yay. Kill the pigs. So messed up. Sick

  30. I made a vegan kebab I seasoned my jackfruit w paprika, cinnamon, cayenne, dry garlic, coriander, pepper and wow it was great! I added mushrooms,tomatoes,cucumbers,lettuce,onions
    I then garnished it with this mint sauce made out of coconut yoghurt, lime,paprika,garlic,pepper,salt, &mint
    All in some pita bread and gosh darn it I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best kebabs I’ve tried

  31. Younger blond guy is so annoying. There's such a narcissist vibe about him. Keeps cutting others… like his statement is more important and he has the last word or something?

  32. No it is not. I like it as a vegetable. It is delicious. However, it is not a meat substitute There is nothing that can compare to a wonderful meat, such as Pork, Beef, etc. Why do vegetarians want vegetables to taste or feel like meat? I think I know. They secretly like meat!!!! Gotta run, I have a huge rack of pork ribs on the grill.

  33. Can anyone tell me if this will trigger a latex allergy? I saw a video of the fruit being picked and the person said the sap was latex.

  34. Well the one that was split open and served at a party I attended WAS NOT a durian, it was a jackfruit and I don't know if something was wrong with it or what, but it smelled like ASS! A dirty, funky, uncleaned ass! I didn't consume any of it, although there were people there that did. From what I gather, only a few of them liked it, others said they couldn't get past the smell. Health benefits or not, if it smells like three day old butt, there's a damm good possibility I ain't eating any of it.

  35. Lol. An audience watching people eating food. If the price in the mid west was reasonable. I would get some. Not practical In the mid west

  36. When someone says jackfruit tastes just like pork, it’s like saying diet coke taste just like regular coke.
    Not saying jack fruit tastes bad, but it doesnt resemble actual meat

  37. Dr Stark used to be watchable and entertaining.I used to love this show. He always talks down to not eating meat.

  38. That white Dr is actin so stupid and tryin so hard declined about the jackfruit. He's getting paid by big pharma !!!

  39. Jackfruit been used in Hindu rajput community for the substitute of non veg but western people will say we discovered it like many others 😂 🤣

  40. These knuckleheads are so annoying. Doctor facelift fake Hollywood perma-brown-tan over there, and doctor GQ cover and the whole lot of them are always critical and dismissive of anything natural and good for you.

  41. In the Western world we do not need to eat meat as there are so many foods available to us. Killing animals is not nevessary to serve our greed! Modern farming is cruel to animals and not healthy for humans or the environment! Processed meats are carcinogenic and even the best steak has hormones, anti- biotics and a host of other addiitives in it! I am truly suprised that the DOCTORS would not promote veganism as the healthy and best diet for us!

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