Inspired to Eat Healthy

Inspired to Eat Healthy

Because there’s this new app out there
that will actually pay you to get your sweat on. Sweatcoin gives you the incentive to be
more active by tracking how many steps you take throughout the day, and rewarding you with coins
when you hit certain milestones. Eventually if you rack up enough coins
then you can use them to get gift cards, airline credits, even a new TV.
>>Wow. Cool.
>>So ladies, do you think bribing people is a way
to incentivize them to work out?>>Yes.>>[LAUGH]>>No, I still need to be bribed and I don’t have an app. Yeah, I have to have like a trainer,-
>>So this would work?>>Otherwise I’m just like.>>Yeah. The trainer works cuz we’re like I
already paid for these sessions, so I’ll be losing money if I don’t show up.
>>Right. Yeah, that’s what I think,
is losing money.>>Or prepay for a class, like on class pass,
if I buy a class and then I don’t go. Class, why did I say it like that?
>>[LAUGH]>>And then I don’t show up, then I lost my money.
>>Yeah, but if you already pre-bought your class you know that you
would lose money if you don’t go. So doesn’t it incentivize you to go so
that you don’t lose your money?>>That’s what I’m saying, I would go because I don’t
wanna lose my money.>>Then you’re just like me.>>That’s incentive.>>But they’re saying if you use this app they’ll pay you to exercise. So eventually maybe you can get an airline
ticket or something to treat yourself. I just wanna know how much you get per
session, that’s what I wanna know.>>Right, right?>>Yeah, cuz I would be into this.>>It’s 1,000 steps for 1 sweat coin.>>No, then that’s not gonna happen.>>[LAUGH]>>See, and it doesn’t, cuz I read it, I read the articles.
>>Wait 1,000 for one sweat coin?>>1,000 steps for one coin.>>Might as well move onto the next topic we’re not gonna do that one.
>>[LAUGH]>>And get this->>1,000 steps?>>You can’t use your steps if you are walking around your house,
or if you were in a gym, you have to do something outside.
>>Wait, hell no.>>So, you see, that’s how they get you.>>That’s not gonna work.>>I didn’t know it was that much.>>Yeah, it takes a lot to get one sweat coin.
>>Why can’t it be a 1,000 step for one BitCoin?
>>Exactly,>>Come on now.>>That fine, that fine, what do they call it?
>>Fine print.>>Yeah, fine print, gets you everytime.
>>Okay, Yes, but I do think that this is smart. We’re getting there towards something. I think it’s smart to incentivize,
cuz, let’s be honest, like money is an amazing motivator, right?
>>Yeah.>>And if you need to make exercising fun in some way, we’re running out of ideas. I think this is a cool one.
>>Well, that’s why you get a sexy trainer, okay? That motivate me.>>Or-
>>Yes.>>Or would you do a bet with your girlfriends and
see who could lose the most weight?>>No, that doesn’t really work for me.>>I’d get a sexy trainer.>>I have to say that Lonnie->>And then everybody gets the money.>>True.>>Lonnie, I have to say something, though. You were actually my
inspiration this year.>>I was?>>You, she is.>>[APPLAUSE]>>She’s my sweat coin, because this woman,
you walk every single day. Sometimes you even swim. You see it on your Instagram,
and you eat very, very well, and you’re killing the game.
>>You’re so sweet!>>You look amazing, and I know it’s not easy.
>>Thank you.
>>You are.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s hard. It is so hard,
cuz I’m trying to do another 30, and that’s why I’m looking for a sexy trainer. You get me?
>>[LAUGH]>>No, you guys, this is real. Season one, every morning I always start
out eating vegetables as my breakfast, cuz I love veggies, and I like getting
it in early in the morning, and this morning at 6AM, Lonnie,
I walked by your room and she goes, Cam. Cam helps us get our lunch orders. She’s like Cam,
I want me some roasted vegetables.>>[LAUGH]>>I died, I died, I was like Lonnie.
>>I think you ladies have been my sweat coin, if you wanna say it,
because the way you eat. You will start,
once you put your mind to it,->>Yes, yes. Very true.
>>You just go, and you, you’ve always been,
like you’re just so small and petite,-
>>[LAUGH]>>But you also, no, really I watch you, and so you ladies
have been very motivating to me, and it’s just something that
you have to get yourself accustomed to.
>>Yeah.>>You know, how you eat, how you move, and it really isn’t a lot. That’s what I’ve been finding out.
>>Yeah, you’re consistent.>>Yes.>>And that’s what I love about you.>>And when you want to treat yourself, treat yourself. You wanna have that drink or
that cookie do it, but then make sure you try to burn it off.
>>Make sure you move.>>But you ladies have been my sweat, I don’t need the money, okay?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH] I love that.>>We’re better than her sexy trainer, don’t forget she said that.

100 thoughts on “Inspired to Eat Healthy

  1. This just reminded me i haven't been to the gym this month i almost went today but my period cramps were killing me

  2. Random thought – I wonder if Jeanie would go back to black hair. I just want to see with her style NOW and the hair styles she has now .. BUT with black color hair. Lol

  3. Damn, I'd be rich ! However, money should not have to be an incentive to eating right and living a healthy life.
    People should want to be healthy because it is good for them not because they will be paid.

  4. Actually, it’s less than 1,000 steps per coin and basically like walking 2 miles is 5$ a day which is the max you can get per day. I use it lol ☺️

  5. I don't like what Loni's make up artist is doing to her face this season. It is getting out of hand. mtcheew!

  6. They just baited our sweatcoin, people weren’t supposed to know about it like that, they just ruined the whole app because only certain people knew about it but whatever

  7. Am I the only one who thinks someone is not using their proper foundation/ concealer shades on Loni? 🙁

  8. Loni, if you want a sexy trainer, look up Corey Calliet or mrcalliet on ig. He is fione!! Yall should have him on the show. He trained Michael B. Jordan for Creed and Black Panther (shoot get Michael B. Jordan on the show to puhleeeease!!!)

  9. My advice is do it for you. Do you want all of the health issues from an unhealthy lifestyle? Or do you want to get healthy. That's how you should look at it. Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, breathing issues, mobility problems, joint pain, chronic diseases, going blind,early death,obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, organ failure. What here is appealing to you. I'm not saying be fanatical about it, but do some Stuff to help yourself.

  10. I already got 16 dollars in 5 day It motivates me enough just by knowing that I'll get something in the end and I love the app

  11. My 11 and 15 year old siblings showed this to me and I think its a great way to get them to go outside (and EARN their own spending "money")

  12. Man I’m about to say Loni is looking good, Tamera is looking good! Adrienne..Jeanie.. Hell they are ALL looking GOOD! 😍😭

  13. Does the app forreal because as I remember I had an app like that not that long ago and it was BS ,not really legit. Besides that I rather be at the gym not worry about if I gained a coin or not. Point is is getting healthy

  14. I have been eating wayyyy better lately and I already notice a difference plus I am used a waist trainer everyday.

  15. tamera need to stop lying to loni. Jeanie need to talk about eating healthy lol and them Tamera and Loni need to listen

  16. The challenge between friends does work for some. My mom did it with her friends and she won and got money. Then she took her friends out to eat 🙂 it was her choice tho.

  17. I use sweatcoin and it works ok your house or in a building but I can’t track my steps during the day because I go to school ( not in high school yet) so when I come back I only get like 200 steps in if I’m lucky. Right now I have 120 sweatcoins though

  18. Such a scam. This isn’t to promote fitness even a little, otherwise gym and home would count. It’s purely to track users’ movement and sell their data. Plenty of apps do this, but this is 100% not worth the tradedoff. And knowing they’re making crazy profit margins off this makes more annoyed at this app lol

  19. Follow my instagram page for healthy eating inspiration and feasible goals and tips! @cooking.delight

  20. I hate when people think it's more okay to eat crap just because you're working out. It's still crap for your body and for you in the long run! Doesn't matter if you're skinny or fat. Eat healthy no matter your size

  21. Sweat coins is bull. You only get 1 coin for every 2000 steps, which is only counted when you're outside, and they subtract 5% commission. No thank you, I'll use my fitbit, thank you. I deleted my account ✌🏼️

  22. Such a sweet inspiring video! And true Loni, small changes consistently make a big difference. Keep it in balance!!

  23. I was with her until she said “try to burn it off” that’s not a healthy relationship with food if you automatically think about burning off the cookie you just ate. I get she means be healthy and active throughout but he wording wasn’t right

  24. I did 9000 steps in a day, one day. On average, I take a 1000 step, which is equivalent to walking about 30 min or less.

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