Inside CVG | Inside The CVG Nutrition Challenge | 800 Gram Challenge

Inside CVG | Inside The CVG Nutrition Challenge | 800 Gram Challenge

What’s up guys, this weeks Inside CVG we’re
going to take a look at the nutrition challenge we are running for our Facebook Group. So
we want to give a a couple tips on how to do the nutrition challenge we started this
out by actually getting the creator of the 800 gram challenge on our podcast we were
lucky enough to have EC come on our podcast and explain how she came up with the 800 gram
challenge. I just happen to come across a study that was looking at fruit and vegtable
comsumption reletave to health you know mortality cancer risks, stoke. And ultimatley they found
risk went down for all of those at 800 grams and I immediatly thought wow you know that
might be a really simple way to approach die and that’s of course when I started, yea it’s
to eat 800 grams by weight of fruits and vegtables each day, doesn’t matter how you weigh it
forzen or fresh, doesn’t matter which fruits or vegtables you choose could be all fruits
all veggies if you don’t like kale don’t eact kale. And that’s about it. If you haven’t
listened to that yet head over to the podcast have a listen. So Ronnie and I already went
to the grocery store to pick up some ingrediants for our 800 grams of fruits and veggies so
see what we picked up! So Ronnie and I are heading over to shaws to get some of our grocery
shopping done for the 800 gram challenge so you can kind of see what I would do to prepare
for the 800 gram challenge and get some new ideas. Tip number one for the grocery store
is never go in hungry. So we start in the produce aisle, don’t be afraid to fill up
your cart here becasue you’re going be spending most of your time on the outside of the grocery
store and it’s a little inimidating to fill it up at the beginning becase then you’re
like oh my god what am I going to get for the rest of the time. Spend a lot of time
here because this it the majority of what you want to have inm your shopping cart. Bannanas,
don’t have to be organic, but bannanas. So you want to start with things that you know
you like, we want you to branch out as far as veggies go but start with things that you
really know you like, like if you know you don’t like any kale, don’t get kale becasue
it’s just going to go bad and you’re not going to eat it. So start with some veggies that
you know you like, especially at the beggining of the 800 gram challenge. And then you can
kind of branch out into trying some new things. I’m probably more of a veggie person if I
have too much fruit it’s like over done, I’m more of a veggie person, so you’re going to
see that a lot in my 800 grams through-out the day is a lot of veggies.Get a little seasonal,
some butternut squash this is really good cut up with sweet potatoes just put it in
the oven with a little bit of onion, its awsome. Sweet potatoes,
I love my sweet potatoes, if anyone has been listening to any of the podcast I carry around
sweet potatoes so we’re going to get a couple of these. Little thing of spinich, a lot of
the times I buy the really big one becasue we use it so much but
if you’re afraid it’s going to go bad just start with a little one, and you can
always come back mid-week. Get some brocolinni I love brocolinni, racheal loves brocolinni
, um just a kind of a diffrent kind , sometimes you get sick of the same old brocoli, like
usually I put brocoli in with my eggs in the morning but brocolinni is a side that I’ll
use for dinner just cause it’s a little bit fancier. So any of these liek broccli-slaw
or sunshine-slaw are great to add into like vegtable medly just put them in the pan or
to add into a soup or something that you’re making in the crockpot, just buy a bag and
throw it in, it’s awsome. Lets get some more fruit, apples and such, so I’m not like a
huge stickler about everything has to be organic but if you’re eating the skin of something
then I like to suggest getting organic if it’s not your still getting your 800 grams
it’s fine but just health reasons if you’re eating the skin give thoughs the like prefrence
for organic like bannanas you can go non-organic and it’s not a big deal. I always get the
ones at the bottom I feel like they’re fresher, yea, that’s what I always do I like pick through
it. Lets get some guac, It’s on sale. We’ll just get the regular. So these are the pre-cut
onions cause I do not cut onions they make me cry all over the place so I’d rather pay
a couple extras dollars for someone to cut my onions for me. So if you’re looking at
some of these pre blended juices those are not for you 800 gram challenge if you want
a juice or a smoothie get the ingredients make it yourself, those have a ton of added
sugar in them which we’re really trying to avoid so stay away from those. So we’re going
to get some squash, it looks like spagetti so you can use this a lot of the time put
some red sauce on it some meat sauce or whatever and it’s actually squash but it’s delisious.
Pre cut sweet potatoe frie, so thats just sweet potatos here and then put a little salt,
olive oil, and you have sweet potato french fries they’re awsome. So you can get your
veggies in can form I don’t always 100% suggest it always just becasue I don’t like them as
much but make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. So if you’re getting
green beans turn it over, see that you are getting green beans, this one has green beans,
water and salt just know you’re getting a little extra added salt. Which some might
not want, but look over and see the ingrediants and make sure it’s what you want. Get some
eggs for your breakfast, so that you can add some brocolli to it, a lot of the times I
get some eggs I get a thing of egg whites because I like to mix in like 2 eggs and then
some egg whites in there but do you but that’s what I do. My bad, knocking down the place,
It wanted to get in my cart, everything pumpkin. Alright does wine count as part of your 800
grams I appreciate the fact that the argument came from they were a grape once. Wine does
not count as part of your 800 grams, get the wine if you want when you’re going grocery
shopping if you’re going to drink it do it, just don’t count it twaords your 800 grams
we’re not cutting out anything right, just nutrutious things.So get your wine. If you
want to get some frozen fruit for your smoothies it’s
a good idea again just make sure that if your getting

11 thoughts on “Inside CVG | Inside The CVG Nutrition Challenge | 800 Gram Challenge

  1. That Moto sweater.😍 So much an amazing video. I love root veggies roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and salt.

  2. I like a good mix of veggies and fruit. My thing is that some veggies need to be raw like cauliflower and some need to be cooked like broccoli! This challenge is really opening my eyes on how I eat right now.. Thank you!

  3. I am definitely an omnivore 😂. I tend to prefer veggies, but will eat what’s fresh and available. And I don’t care if it’s 90 outside today, I need that moto sweatshirt.

  4. Love the sweatshirt and the video! Thanks for the info!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Maybe get some reusable fruit and veggie bags to bring to the store with you, that was a lot of plastic 😬

  5. Ohhh damnnn that Moto sweater. Eyeballin the shit out of that!
    I had to laugh about the grapes and wine. Like “why didn’t I think of that?!” 😆
    Awesome video as always!

  6. That's a purdy sweatshirt 😉 I really love this 800g challenge and think I'm going to do it even after October. I did not eat as much produce as I thought I did!

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