‘Indigenous Rice Seeds’ central to sustainable farming in India.

‘Indigenous Rice Seeds’ central to sustainable farming in India.

If we talk about Central Rice Institute, Hazaribag There are six hundred types of noted varieties of seeds from uplands Today we see, there are hardly 10 to 12 varieties of seeds left in the villages. It may be even less Tribal farmers have preserved indigenous seeds better than the what we call mainland farmers I am from Bankura, West Bengal we are a farmer’s collective called Panchal Swasthayi Krishi Udhyog Samiti and comprising 7-8 farmers We have been farming 124 varieties of indigenous rice seeds since 2010 Our traditional seeds have the ability to cope with with erratic weather conditions be it excessive rain, heat, hailstorm, cold etc. Traditional seeds can bear it all. As the rain have been decreasing year after year, seed diversity can help us in mitigating the problem Farmers will have as diverse options as diverse the seed varieties are But sadly, hybrid seeds have pushed the traditional seeds to extinction There won’t be any left is we don’t intervene on time Seeds should not be sold in the market Because farmers have the first right on seeds and it’s farmers’ personal asset

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  1. It's amusing to find NO mention of Vrihi (http://cintdis.org/vrihi), which donated the seeds of all the indigenous varieties to Panchal SKUS, and other farmers in West Bengal. Vrihi's accession codes are visible on the rice packets on display. In any case, I am happy that farmers after 15 years of Vrihi's effort in Bengal, farmers are now recognizing the value of these seeds.

  2. Indigenous seeds and wild varieties particularly those from forest areas and vayals always play a vital role in sustaining the system.

  3. Pure Indigenous vegetable & fruits seeds require urgently


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  4. Indigenous/Native seeds are going extinct at an alarming rate every year. Seed Banks, Scientists, Farmers, NGO's and home gardeners should show interest in conserving those seeds. It's super easy to let them go extinct but impossible to make them re-appear once they have gone extinct. Those seeds are passed from generation to generation since first humans started agriculture, which is several millions of years ago.

  5. Deshi Seeds, Wild Seeds and Natural Seeds must be preserved on any account otherwise we all will perish and nothing has been done by anyone in this direction to do this. let me know if preservation of Deshi Seeds , Wild Seeds And Natural Seeds is being done in india and elsewhere in this world and in case if someone knows then let me know on my email. my email:[email protected]

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