IL FAST FOOD PIÙ BUONO D’AMERICA – In-N-Out vs Shake Shack – MochoHF/EngSub

IL FAST FOOD PIÙ BUONO D’AMERICA – In-N-Out vs Shake Shack – MochoHF/EngSub

Hi guys, I’m Mocho and I’m in California. In this new video we’ll see the battle that everyone was waiting for, between the best fast foods in America which are two of my favorite as well. West coast versus east coast, In-n-Out vs Shake Shack. The duel will be clean, and the rules are clear the opponents will fight over cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes and “Mocho’s Favourite” that is my favourite burger of each fast food and its vote will count as two. In-n-Out was born in Los Angeles in 1948 and is still today a symbol of California. Its strong point is the ‘not so secret menu’, a special menu that you can’t find in the store but it’s only online and it contains pimped versions of its products as ‘4 by 4’ and the ‘animal style’ version that you can add to the every burger and to fries as well. Fun fact: you can find biblical quotes under the cups Shake shack is an american new wave fast food which was born in New York in 2004, at first as a hot dog kiosk in Madison Square. it became famous in a few years and now it is international Its strong points are the high quality products and the attention for every detail of the menu. Let’s start with the cheeseburger: very classic, the bread is a toasted fluffy bun, there’s a big slice of raw onion, cheddar cheese, a smashed burger, lettuce, tomato and their secret sauce, the recipe never changed since 1948 Ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, white wine vinegar and sugar. Let’s taste it. I love the raw onion, it’s very crunchy. The meat is really good: it is smashed and has a tasty crust. I really like the raw onion that’s a bit sour, the cheese is still a bit solid lettuce, tomato and the sauce is very very good. It tastes a bit like a Thousand Island, but not really That’s how California tastes like. We’re starting from the Shack Burger, a single cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, the smashed burger with its crust, cheddar cheese and the Shake Sauce, a secret sauce with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish and pepper Let’s taste it High quality, guys. The meat tastes incredible, it explodes in your mouth The crust is not as crispy as in the In-n-Out cheeseburger. The cheddar is top quality and the sauce is very delicate. The bread is really good, it is a Martin’s Potato Roll, which is a kind of bread made with smashedd potatoes It is toasted but still a bit soggy I personally prefer a harder bread, but in general is very very good. Cheeseburger guys, let’s start with the In-n-Out one: it is a great cheeseburger, it really tastes like California. When I think about fast foods I think about that kind of burger. On the other side, Shake Shack has something that’s better than In-n-Out, like the meat quality, but the hamburger tastes like a bit fake. It doesn’t remind me of fast food. They both have pros and cons, so I’d say it’s a draw: 1-1 Guys, let’s move to fries. I choose the animal style fries to compare them to Shake Shack cheese and bacon fries the animal style is composed by cheddar, caramelized onions and the secret sauce. The onions are very sweet. The combo cheddar and sauce is perfect. Unfortunately the fries are a bit hard maybe because they put them in the microwave to melt the cheddar, so that if you dont’t eat them quickly, they became hard. Guys, the sauce with cheese and onions are spectacular and unique. Very good. It’s time for fries! Look at them, they’re beautiful. the shape is different and particular, zig-zagged. Mmh, mamma mia they are perfectly coocked, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I like that they’re all in different shapes and different solidity Let’s taste the cheese sauce with bacon. the cheese sauced is composed not only by cheddar but it’s a mix of melted cheddar and american cheese. And these wonderful pieces of bacon, they’re not too crispy but the taste is amazing And these wonderful pieces of bacon, they’re not too crispy but the taste is amazing,
smoked bacon is really good. Let’s compare fries. in my opinion there’s just no comparison because Shake Shack fries are unique The cheese sauce and bacon are great, the fries are crunchy and soft and great Even if I compared them to the animal style fries with the In-n-Out secret sauce and caramelized onions. In-n-Out fries don’t convince me So its 1-0 for Shake Shack, which is ahead 2-1. It’s time for milkshake! The testing method for milkshake is this one: you take the straw and put it in the milkshake. If it stays still, that’s a good milkshake. In this case it’s a great milkshake with real ice cream I chose the strawberry one, it’s my favorite It’s a bit solid and it’s not easy to drink. There’s a vanilla aftertaste because of the vanilla ice cream. It’s not too sweet, the strawberry taste is nice For me, cheeseburger and milkshake is the perfect combination It’s time for the other milkshake I’m using the straw test again. The solidity is very very rich and it is slightly difficult to drink It reminds me of Haagen-Dazs, because of the particular aftertaste of vanilla icecream with a weird vanilla taste and strawberry flavored. it’s very creamy and tastes like Haagen-Dazs. It’s milkshake battle, guys. for me the milkshake matches with cheeseburgers. It washes you mouth and gives sweetness that contrasts with the food. I tasted the Shake Shack but, I don’t know, it tastes too little like strawberry and too much like vanilla and Haagen-Dutzs and it doesn’t convince me. On the contrary In.n.Out milk shake had a fabulous solidity and was very creamy. It tasted like strawberry with a light vanilla aftertaste. so I’m giving a point to In-n-Out and it’s a draw again: 2-2. Guys, the big moment arrived, it’s time for the Mocho’s favorite 3 by 3 animal style! What’s the difference between this one and a cheeseburger? Firstly, pattys are cooked with mustard that gives an extra flavour. Then, there are three pattys, three cheddar slices, lettuce, tomato, there are pickles, here they are, wow, caraelized onions and the fantastic secret sauce. I try it I got dirty. For me this is incredible the meat has a more intense taste, more pungent You can also have a 4 by 4 with four pattys and four cheddar slices, but in my opinion 3 by 3 is the top The sweetness of onions comes after a moment, when the sourness of mustard and pickles fades away. The bun is toasted but it is still very soft. It is so juicy that everything is pouring, fantastic! This is hamburger perfection! It’s composed by two sandwiches in one: it’s a Shack burger, a classic single cheeseburger, with a ‘Shroom Burger This patty here, is a fried patty with portobello mushrooms, cheddar and munster cheese. You’ll see that as I bite it, the cheese will pour It will be amazing to resume:
smashed burger patty, cheddar slice the mushroom patty, lettuce, tomato and the shake sauce Let’s bite it. Mmmh.
Very good You can see the cheese inside here This cheese, the munster, is very sweet and it has a very delicate taste. The bun is the potato roll. I like that the bun softness contrasts with che crispness of the mushroom and the meat so that it is also very fun to eat it’s really good. This will be the decisive vote, that will sign fast food’s history. On one side there’s Shake Stack, a fabulous cheeseburger with a fried mushroom patty with cheddar and munster which welcome you in a melty creamy world. The burger patty is fantastic and cooked just like I like it, it’s a smashed burger. And the potato roll as well, it is in conclusion a great burger On the other side the exaggeration, the super hamburger: the In-n-Out 3 by 3 animal style. Three meat pattys,
three cheddar slices caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato,
pickles and the In-n-Out secret sauce. Guys, that’s a symphony, I’m shaking. This cheeseburger is absolutely exaggerate, absolutely for those who have a monstruous hunger just like mine For me the decision is clear: the winner of this battle confirms its title of my favorite fast food again Its 3 by 3 animal style overturns the result and brings In-n-Out California to the victory Guys, that was an epic battle and it has been very hard to choose because the level was very very high In-n-Out is the flavour of California and of real fast food. Shake Shack can charm you, but sometimes it feels a bit forced and not very authentic, while In-n-Out is the taste of California! Guys I want a shower of likes for this video write me in the comment section if you want other videos in the States. See you soon, subscribe and turn on the notifications. follow me on Instagram, I’m @mochohf,

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