100 thoughts on “IHOP vs. Denny’s Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

  1. Dear Link, i know why you did not like syrup. It's because you most likely were given fake maple syrup which is inferior to the real stuff. Apologies to Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth, but the stuff from the tree is better. Sincerely, Allison from Maine.

  2. Idk what Denny's these are from but here all the Denny's are hecking bad and the ihops are great so for me there's no doubt what's better

  3. I was at IHOP last night, got the "jalapeno kick" burger. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

    I was shocked, due to nearly all my previous IHOP experiences being subpar (service AND food).

  4. If youre going for the hashbrowns, neither of these are your first choice.
    Waffle House >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Denny's >> iHop.
    Same goes for the omelets.

  5. We only have Denny’s in Canada, so I have no idea what IHOPs food is like 😅

    But this was a cool challenge to watch and I enjoyed the video!

  6. Let me tell you now, ain't nobody does breakfast like America, and Dennys is American, IHOP is Rammstein with an apron lol

  7. Missed opportunity here was a round 6, grading previous fond memories from each diner. Denny’s would easily win for me

  8. Okay about Rhett's shirt changing colors, if you slide the fastforward/rewind button you can see the differences lol

  9. Why does it seem like Rhett just doesn't like link for the last couple months. He's been quiet, short, and even has Stark remarks ever to Link. Example "yeah can't see through your arm" " well you don't have to put your lips on my shirt" etc

    I have a feeling Rhett gonna be retiring soon.

  10. Rhett is starting to look like that guy that screams things at you on the corner about how the world is gonna end soon… looking a bit of a nutter. Keep up the good work!

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