I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen

I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen

– Okay, so, here we are,
this is Eating Your Feed. My name is Niki, my best
friend, Adam, has challenged me to make a giant bowl of ramen
based off of a viral video. I’m excited, I love ramen,
I’ve never made it before. But, how hard can it be? Oh my, that really is large. It’s noodles, ramen broth,
a mountain of bean sprouts, and surrounded by fried chicken. That’s mostly bean sprouts, he
barely even got to the ramen. He didn’t finish it. Also here to help me
today, she’s very good at everything that I’m not
good at, my friend Rie. – Hey. – I’m making ramen.
– Okay. – So I have to make a broth,
I have to cook noodles, I have to blanche bean sprouts,
and I need to make chicken. What’s different about
Japanese fried chicken? – We cook with potato
starch instead of flour. – Oh, alright, so I’m just
going to give this a shot. See you later.
– Good luck. – I’ve never made ramen broth. I know it can be quite
difficult, but I think I’m going to find an easier version of it. Oh this is in Japanese, I
don’t know what it says. I think we’re just going to
stick to the Shoyu ramen. Karaage. I also don’t think I’ve made
fried chicken on my own before. I need ramen noodles and I
need a lot of bean sprouts. Okay, I can do this, for sure-zies. Alright, I got a bunch
of stuff and this cow. He’s very cute and he’s full of jelly. A cow bank, it’s like
jello shots, but for kids. I have to marinate my chicken. This recipe is per three, ugh. I’m going to triple this
chicken recipe that I have. I’m just going to start
grating some garlic. This is ginger, I knew that. I’m just cutting the skin off
the ginger and then I’m going to grate it and I need
roughly six tablespoons. This grater’s too small. Grating it might not be the best idea. I just decided to chop
up the ginger instead. My fingers are going to smell so spicy. It’s for a marinade so it doesn’t need to be super crazy minced. Next, I’m going to do roughly
the same amount of garlic. I’m just crushing it
so that it breaks open and tossing them in. Why does this one look weird? I’m not going to use it. (sniffs) okay, I think that’s good enough. I need nine tablespoons of soy sauce. Nine, ooh, ten, oh well. (laughs) I just completely spaced out. I forgot my apron. Six tablespoons of sake. Oh, sesame oil.
(grunts) Oh, that was hard. Three tablespoons of sesame oil. Oh gosh, well, sugar, mmmmm, looks good, I hope this is enough, because
I’ve got a lot of chicken. Oh, chicken gloves, there we go. Oh my, this is a lot
of chicken, good gravy. Okay, this is enough marinade,
that looks pretty good. Alright, I’m going to let
this sit in the fridge for about an hour and then
we’ll come back and I’ll add potato starch and we’ll
be ready to fry it all up. Here’s the big bowl I got,
I think it is large enough, it is bigger than my face, but also, I have these ice cream
sandwiches that I can’t put in the freezer anymore
so I’m going to eat them. This is really tasty.
– Yeah. – [Niki] Broth, the recipe calls for regular soy sauce and
then a light soy sauce. And then salt, it doesn’t
make a lot of sense, but I’m just going to do it. There’s two tablespoons of
soy sauce of both kinds, I’m going to times that by four, so that’s half a cup of soy sauce, math! This is not efficient,
oh, this one’s even worse. Okay, there’s that. This is a lot of salt, why
are we cooking soy sauce. And the rest of it is chicken stock. I mean, this is a lot, I don’t know if it’s going to fit in the
bowl, this feels very salty, yeah, it tastes like
chicken bones, in water. I’m just going to add this to here. Looks like a beef broth,
it’s not terrible. – Pretty good, it is very salty. – Yeah, this is a little salty, so I’m going to add some
water to it, that’s tasty. Broth is done, I still
have to do the noodles, the beans, and I think we
should do chicken next. Looks good, it’s been
marinating for a while, now. Pot of oil for frying. I’ve never done this before, so I need a cup and a half of potato flour, this is what’s going to make
it crispy, this is weird. I need to dredge these
a little bit better, so I’m going to get a bowl
and put the rest of my potato starch in there to make sure
that these are well covered. I’m going to do one test chicken. (cheery music) Is this supposed to look like that? There’s like this bunch
of white stuff on top. So I don’t think we need
to dredge it like this, so I’m going to put these away over here. And just kind of keep it
at this saucy texture. And see what happens, ooh, bubble city. Hi.
– How’s it going?’ – We’re just getting started
with some fried chicken. There, that looks great,
so that’s way better, so I definitely don’t need
to be dredging them extra. And I’m supposed to put them
back in and do a double fry to make them extra crispy,
but they look really good, they smell really good, so
I’m just going to keep going. Oh, they smell so good, you can smell the ginger, and the soy, and the garlic. Alright, that’s the last of it, I still have to double fry
it but I’m going to weigh it and make sure I have
hopefully, 1.2 kilograms. 1.4 kilograms, so these
two are just extras. This is my second fry,
it’s at a slightly higher temperature, it’s going to
be a for sure, shorter amount of time, it’ll just crisp
it up a little bit more. Ugh, my fire’s not on anymore. I ran out of gas? Way to have fire, oh, these
have been in here for so long. Oh man, these are very
crispy, it’s fine, it’s fine. Look at all this chicken,
oh yeah, holy cow. I’m going to cut up the chicken, I’m going to leave them pretty large. 1.25 that’s a lot of
chicken and there’s spares. I’m going to get that hot for my beans. This is what I’m going
to cook my noodles in. And here’s my ramen, how much do I need? 800 grams of noodles, good Lord. This is my broth that’s been sitting back here, but I’m taking it off, now, because I think it’s warm enough. I’m going to get my pasta
water and heat it up. This is 2.27 kilograms, I’m just going to go through with this,
and then pile it high and if I need more, I’ll make more. Not what this is for, so beany. This is going to take forever. Well look at this
ridiculous bowl of beans. Goodbye bean water.
This is “le bowl.” We got out beans, we got our chicken, we have our noodles and my broth. Oh, that’s really salty, I think I’m going to water it down a little bit more because that is pretty
salty, that’s better. Alright, so I’m just
going to start assembling. We’ll go broth, first, that feels good. I’m going to pop the noodles in. Here we go, looking pretty good. I don’t think they’re
supposed to be chewy. – Is this boiled?
– No it’s just very hot. – You have to cook the
noodles in boiling oil. – Love it. I think these noodles are cooked. Come on. They’re all gooey, this
is not appetizing looking. And now we bean sprout
it, this is what they do, they make a bean sprout mountain. I am very excited about
this chicken though. This is a lot of work,
just putting it together, not even just attempting to eat it. Wow, this is the perfect
amount for this bowl. Ta da.
(serene music) Alright, I’m going to go get Rie and the only thing left
to do is eat all of this. I hope you’re hungry. – I am, but I cannot finish this. – We’re going to do it together. – Okay. – Okay, at the restaurant, if
you finish this in 20 minutes, you get your name on the
wall, and they pay you. – How much?
– 50,000 yen. – 50,000 yen is 500 dollars. – Let’s see how far we get in 20 minutes. Go! – Mmmmm, oh wow. – Yeah, good, yeah. – What recipe, tasty.com? – Yes. – There’s no way we can finish by ourself. – No. – I think it’s already watered down. – Oh look, noodles, no! I think I understand why
that guy was sweating. – Oh wow, the broth is like nothing, now. – I know, because of the bean sprouts. – I don’t think the three
of us can get through this. – Do you want to bring people in? Are you guys busy? A bunch of us are eating giant ramen. – [Friend] What? – Yes, get in here I made this. – [Friend] Good job, Niki. – [Niki] Thank you. We’re at 10 minutes,
we’re halfway, keep going. Here, have a straw for broth. – Where’s the salt? – The bean sprouts soaked
it all up, alright? Yeah, oh! It’s almost been 20 minutes, we have like, two minutes left, I think
there’s like, 10 of us here, but there’s still a bowl
full of sprouts and noodles, so I don’t know how anyone does this. I think I did a pretty good job. I made a broth from scratch, made noodles, I made three pounds of bean
sprouts and one and a half kilos of fried chicken which was my first time making fried chicken and was really tasty. Our time’s up, we did not win. Tastes like soy-flavored water. (laughs) The chicken was great. (lively music)

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  1. This is the first video I've seen where Adam actually said something in front of the camera.

    Normally he just stares at the camera and eats. 🙂

  2. Is this the daughter of David and Suki )might have spelt that wrong) in Hotel Hell episode 4 season 2. She looks so much like her and they both worked in a kitchen. Idek

  3. Ahhhhh so that's why the broth is so salty in the beginning. The bean sprouts water it down so it tastes perfect.

  4. I always cook noodles, whenever you cook noodles with broth the broth needs to be more saltier. Even you put soups in rice the rice will absorb most of the salt. Same theory.


  6. Alvin and Inga made a bigger giant raman with an ostrich egg in tasty making it big season 1 ep 3 video

  7. I get why you needed so much salt in that broth now! Like the water she was adding to calm it down is literally what the bean sprouts would be doing once they are in!

  8. 1:08 I have a thing like that by it’s a blue bear with blue blush. And there was Jelly inside just like the cow

  9. Ive tried 2 of these giant ramen things, both times it was terrible, once in Japan and once in boston… In japan it was absolute shit, terrible broth, disgusting noodles and the meat was also shit, the cook was so pissed off we didnt finish it he thretened us, it was hilarious because he was small but he had a knife sooo, in boston they were nice and and the meat was awesome, the broth and noodles were ok at best though..

  10. The reason that the broth should be salty is bc it’s gonna be the main salt in the dish the bean sprout and the noodle will soak it up

  11. Weird tips
    (Idk either someone have already say it but,… Yeah)

    Try to remove the ginger skin using back of a knife. I found it a hack

  12. Its too salty. Waters down…


    Why is there no salt?
    The BEANSPROUTS ate it!!!

    This is why you follow the recipe kids

  13. The broth is salty so that the bean sprout drains the saltyness nikki kind of ruined the broth but its still okay for me everyone makes mistakes okay

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