I Tried To Get Fast Food With Zero Waste

I Tried To Get Fast Food With Zero Waste

– What if a sustainable
person wants to get McDonald’s ’cause they’re drunk? – Exactly, we want convenience! We want sustainability!
– Yes. – We want healthy food!
– Yes! Not always, but yes.
– We want things! – My name is Joyce, and this
is my journey to zero waste. ♪ Zero z-zero z-zero zero waste. ♪ – Today we’re going to be trying to get fast food with no trash. – Zero waste. – We’re gonna go to
three different places, where are we going, Joyce? – We’re going to McDonald’s,
Chipotle, and Chick-fil-A. I think they’re gonna look
at me like, girl, you okay? You came to McDonald’s, you really caring about how you feeling,
about the environment, when you’re eating that
double cheeseburger that ain’t healthy? Can you put it in this container? No, ma’am. But I’m zero waste! They’re gonna be like, why
did you get fast food then? I’m kind of excited to
see if it’s gonna work. – I think it really is gonna depend on who’s behind the counter. (smooth jazz music) What are we gonna order? – I’m just gonna get my usual drunk food: a McDouble, a medium fry, and a Frappe. – How many containers
do you think we need? – Yeah, that should be enough. – Let’s try this. I guess I’m gonna get a mushroom burger ’cause that looks like it’s
the only vegetarian option. – I’m kinda nervous. – You’re getting nervous? – Yeah. Hi, I’m actually zero
waste so I wanted to know if you guys can put the
food in these containers. – So I can’t use the voices
of the fast food workers, so I’m gonna have Aria
do a dramatic reading. – Hello! Uh, I think we can, but I
would need to ask a manager to see if we can. – [Auri and Joyce] Okay.
– [Auri] Thank you. – [Aria Voiceover]
Sorry, we can’t because, due to sanitary reasons. – [Auri] Sanitary reasons?
– [Joyce] Okay. – [Auri] Is there a way to get, like, a drink in our container? – [Aria Voiceover] I can
still charge you the drink. I still just have to give you a cup, but you could fill it up right there. – [Auri] Oh, I see.
– [Joyce] Thank you. – [Auri] Well, thank you for
your time, we appreciate it. – No go. I hope it really is a sanitary
thing and not an excuse. – I think we should
try another McDonald’s. – Okay. – This is really just
’cause I want McDonald’s, yeah.
– I was gonna say, you’re really giving
McDonald’s a second chance? Let’s do it!
– [Auri] Take two. – Let’s be zero waste! – [Auri] You feel nervous
this time or not as much? – A little bit, but I’ll get over it. I was wondering if we could put our McDonald’s order
into these containers. – [Aria Voiceover] I can’t
put that inside of them. I mean, yeah, I could
give you guys the food and you could just put it in there. – [Auri] But it would still
come in packaging, right? – [Aria Voiceover] Yeah,
we can’t put it in there because we can’t put anything from the outside in the kitchen. It’s a health code violation for us. (upbeat violin music) ♪ McDonald’s won’t put it in. ♪ – So I hear this thing about health codes, but then that applies
for some major brands, and for others it doesn’t. Like, that applies to McDonald’s but it doesn’t apply to Starbucks, and that’s where I get confused. And also you could put processes in place to make sure that it’s completely clean. – On to Chipotle. I think Chipotle’s gonna do it. – I’ve done it at Chipotle before, so I’m pretty sure they’re gonna do it. What do you like to get at Chipotle? – I get a burrito bowl.
– Burrito bowl? Do they have tofu? – Yeah, Amanda. Hi, can I please get a burrito bowl? – [Aria Voiceover] Burrito bowl. – [Auri] Can we put it
in our own container? – [Aria Voiceover] I don’t
know if I can do that, but I will ask first. – [Auri] Okay, thank you.
– [Joyce] Okay. – [Aria Voiceover] I’m sorry, we can’t. We’re not allowed to take anything from the dining room back here. – [Auri] Really? I’ve done it at other Chipotle’s before. – [Aria Voiceover] That’s
what the manager told me. – [Auri] Oh, okay.
– [Joyce] Okay, all right. – Thank you. – [Aria Voiceover] Sorry about that. – [Joyce] So we won’t get food today? – [Auri] I wanna eat, let’s
go to another Chipotle. – We’re just gonna travel
to all the Chipotle’s in the city until we get a burrito bowl. ♪ No Chipotle today. ♪ How do you get fast food normally for you? – I’ll bring my own container
if I want food to go, but it’s always at local restaurants, so I haven’t tried to do
this at a fast food place. I ate so much fast food as a child though. My parents were young, my
mom had me when she was 20, you know, if you don’t
have a lot of money, you eat a lot of fast food. – Growing up as a kid, I lived
in a food desert, you know? I had two Haitian parents
that came to this country. Our neighborhood, there
wasn’t a farmer’s market, there was McDonald’s, like,
right across from the library when my mom was working and she dropped us off at the library. My parents worked their butts off for us to be in this country
and have a good life, and then the only foods
that are available to us, the foods that we could afford, were unhealthy and full
of unnatural chemicals. ♪ The final Chipotle! (The
Final Countdown – Europe) ♪ She still has faith, but I
think it’s not gonna happen. – I have a sliver of faith. I’m gonna try asking in a very firm way. – All right, I’ll let you ask this time. – [Auri] Hi, I’m wondering
if I could please have a veggie burrito
bowl, but I’m wondering is it possible to use my own container? – [Aria Voiceover] Um, manager, she wants to use her own container. – [Auri] For the burrito bowl? – [Aria Voiceover] She can’t. – [Auri] You can’t? Okay. Can I get a drink with our own container ’cause it’s on the outside? – [Aria Voiceover] I’m
pretty sure just water, you can’t get any soda. – [Auri] Okay, thank you.
– [Joyce] Thanks. – You did it for me one
time, Chipotle, you did. Last May, in Texas. – She’s been saying that
in the car the whole day. – Sustainability should be convenient, that’s why no one does
it, ’cause it’s so hard. – It’s so hard. Our next stop is our frenemy, Chick-fil-A. – I’m losing hope. – You’re such a Pisces. – This is as most zero waste as we were able to get our Chick-fil-A. We got our drink. We almost thought we were
gonna get it zero waste. He took our containers into
his side of the window. – And we were so excited, but he’s like, his manager said he couldn’t. – We came up short, we didn’t get any food zero waste except for our
Arnold Palmer from Chick-fil-A, so Chick-fil-A’s our
sustainability winner today. A new day, a new
opportunity for zero waste. – You wouldn’t let the dream die, Auri. – I wouldn’t let it die. All the restaurants we went to said that they couldn’t
fill our own containers because health code prohibited
that, but that’s false, okay? It’s false, California
health and safety codes allow customers to bring
in clean containers, but it doesn’t require restaurants to. But, that’s why today, I am
taking you to a local business – Okay.
– Where we can get fast food in our own container
because I’ve done it there many many times.
– Okay, that’s amazing! Wait, what’s the name of the place? – We’re going to Zankou’s Chicken, which is a Los Angeles staple
and their food is delicious. – That sounds amazing. – Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go get some Zankou’s! We have our own container,
can we use our container? – [Aria Voiceover] Yes! – [Auri] Thank you. – [Joyce] You know you
look like a mom, right? – [Auri] Maybe I am. Thanks for taking our containers! We did it.
– We did it. – Look at this.
– I’m starving. – Me too. – This is great chicken. That is flavor. – [Auri] Moral of the story,
go to local restaurants and not chains if you wanna get your food filled up in your own container. – [Joyce] Makes sense. – One meal here is around
$8.99, which isn’t too crazy when you’re able to get it zero waste and in under five minutes. – Yeah, zero waste is good for the soul and good for your tummy. Thank you so much for watching! Please comment below if you would try this at your favorite fast food restaurant. Next week, I’m gonna make mac
and cheese, but zero waste. Hopefully I don’t make my mother mad. – But Chipotle, you
did it for me one time! In Texas!
– She’s been saying that the whole time in the car, she’s like, I have an Instagram, I have proof! (smooth wind music)

100 thoughts on “I Tried To Get Fast Food With Zero Waste

  1. Actually, I think that McDonalds and other fast food places is scared to get sued because when we bring a dirty container, we can get stuff like food poisoning and the customer might say “Oh I got it from McDonald’s” so that might be the reason they say “Sanitary reasons or Health Code Violation”.

  2. 5:43 look at her hairy armpits she really needs to shave shes got more hair there than a fully grown man does lol

  3. Cross contamination is a huge deal in fast food. We can’t take anything from the outside in. It is a health code violation

  4. I actually think it's pretty gross to just let random people bring their "clean" containers… I mean, who knows how well it was cleaned, what other materials it came into contact with on the way to the store, what it touched in the car, if there were animals / allergens that could cross-contaminate. whether the people bringing them understand food hygiene or even washed their hands before handling their own tupperware. Imagine the chaos if someone got really sick / someone used it as a way to contaminate the food somehow… Sorry, but no. Restaurants could serve food on plates with reusable cutlery that they wash in the establishment, fine. But if you want take away convenience, meal prep at home.

  5. Call first dude. So much gas money. Also working in the food industry, it's a health and safety issue. There could be anything on ur container that will be near food u give to other people. Nope. They definitely need to find a way to make recycling fast food waste easier

  6. I find it interesting that people still like to say that fast food is cheaper ….when its not. Its usually 6 or 7 dollars for a full meal with a drink at most fast food places. If you go to the grocery store and get veggies and beans and things like that you can spend the dame amount and feed a family.

  7. I work in fast food service and i believe if they wouldve asked for their food to been unwrapped and placed on a tray they couldve packaged it zero waste themselves and returned the tray opon leaving

  8. one problem is that it slows down the kitchen if we have to resanitize people's containers. Most restaurant workers simply don't get paid enough to bother (managers included!) and it's easier to just say no.

  9. That’s funny, fast food is so expensive here if it was cheap here I can guarantee you I’d be eating kfc everyday

  10. I worked at McDonald’s and i had to tell my crew it was a no. As a zero waster i hated my job cause i had to follow their rules so i finally quit. I think the best we can do is not buy fast food. If the demand goes down big corporations would have to make changes.

  11. I work in a vegan restaurant where we do put food in peoples containers ??‍♀️ no health and safety rules broken. I also worked at a McDonald’s and I can tell you the amount of health and safety policies broken on their own is crazy. They could have put in in a container no problem, they could have left it on the counter and walked over with the food , or washed the container first

  12. Okay okay

    I need you to do something, u wont regret it..or maybe
    So i need you to first pause the video
    Then click here 5:43

    WOMEN SHAVE!????

  13. why don’t they just ask for the food w/ no wrappers, boxes, etc. just put on the tray ? it’s not causing any cross contamination & it saves the fast food place more packaging. After they receive the tray w the food, they can put it in their containers & put back the tray :,)

  14. The fast food restaurants should serve the food on a plate, and then the zero waste customers could transfer into their own containers. Could be simple as that?!

  15. Okay, here's another idea. Why not offer regular plates at restaurants? If you're staying in and dining in at a restaurant, you could get a regular plate from them and then transfer it to your containers by yourself. I know in my state we can't take anything in the back because we dont know where it's been. I worked at a Culvers for a few years and some guy got mad at me once for not taking his trash through the drive thru window, so he THREW HIS SODA AT ME. I closed the window before it got on me, but still. I just wanted to put that story in there. Lol. At my new job, we are sustainability friendly!!

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