I Tried To Frost 250 Cupcakes In 5 Minutes • Tasty

I Tried To Frost 250 Cupcakes In 5 Minutes • Tasty

hi I’m Alex and I have one week to figure out how the heck defrost 250 cupcakes in five minutes maybe good I love watching those mesmerizing cupcake videos where the bakers pipe the frosting in a perfect swirl dough consistently and so fast so I asked the Baker’s at Georgetown Cupcake how many cupcakes bake of frost in five minutes and they don’t mean 250 now I’m a pretty competitive person and I wanted to push myself but you know practice makes perfect and if I was gonna be a pro I gotta train like a pro so here I have 250 cupcakes five bags of frosting and five minutes on the clock let’s do this okay I’ll stress down here okay I’m ready okay [Music] Oh No there’s definitely something with the swirl that I’m doing wrong they look like food gotta give you these far ones first maybe good you know how they say there’s like runner’s high I feel like I’m on like a cupcake frosting hi oh okay just going with it [Music] oops there’s not anyone in here that’s like good enough to be soaked right one that was pretty good number six how do I harness the power of number six in all 250 this is gonna be a long week all right I am at home now I’ve set up myself a little frosting station so first I’m gonna start with 30 seconds on the clock I’m gonna try to get 25 cupcakes piped I also want to really focus on learning the technique of piping I figured if I used an even bigger piping tip it will be easier to squeeze and hopefully my arm won’t get as tired as it did because that was work out about I’m nervous again 3 2 1 I can already tell that this piping tip is much easier I put 30 minutes on the clock on technique again and speed 29 cupcakes done still gonna figure out some way to improve my form all right I’m taking a break from frosting gonna eat some dinner but in the meantime I’m gonna keep practicing by watching professional cupcake videos look at how beautiful that frosting job is they start piping at the inside of the cupcake and move in a swirl towards the outside hopefully I can digest some of these techniques along with my dinner all right peace out create the only person I’ll take out so basically I’ve been challenged to pipe 250 cupcakes in five minutes okay I know oh my gosh my frosting just blowed up ready not great I feel like speedo I do you are doing great buddy you had 5 seconds less than 2 you already finish I got through all of these ones right here technique-wise we out the speed I was doing way better yeah it’s just marrying the chicken thank you for your help ok so it’s about 7 a.m. right now I woke up a little bit early so I could get some practice in so I see if I keep going and working on my technique and form I’ll naturally just be able to get faster after about 30 cupcake my hand starts to feel like it’s about to fall off so this round I started off pretty good actually come around here and then you can see about here is where my hand started to cramp but you know what its improvement and so I am from here all right it’s day for tomorrow’s big day I’m still or you’re practicing I can tell you I have a whole new appreciation for these cupcakes rosters though to be honest I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get through all 250 especially if I’m trying to make them look good but you know what I’m gonna try and that’s what matters right hopefully I’m still developing my frosting business you know I should just switch the direction of my swirl because I don’t know my arm got tired and just been working even back look at go frosted she’s so fired me okay today is the big day we’ve all been waiting for her I don’t say I’m feeling too confident this morning but there’s no going back okay I’m gonna put one minute off I’m gonna try to get your balls 50 on bitchy [Music] oh okay in one day and I got 342 cupcakes all right here we are the first row not great but not too bad and as always gets worse and worse I do think this is the closest I’ve gotten to maintaining both quality and speed although I would still eat short so there’s that but you know what maybe when I get in there and adrenaline is pumping and the frosting is flowing miracles can happen maybe it’s onesie is lucky maybe you should wear this okay I’m gonna work I’m heading upstairs to go attempt this challenge and ash just got a video message from Georgetown cupcakes like soda in Georgetown Cupcake I heard you’re trying to frost 250 cupcakes in five minutes so one of the shares super hot tip thirsty wants doughnuts lady Eric frostings would mix it on high speed about five minutes no you from the bath link the special friends enhance the second is techniques women start and center the cupcakes go around in a circle and the first accessory that’s gonna make sure that each cupcake spoil is perfectly beautiful and third and tell them it’s important to always throw some confidence as he starts rolling don’t stop since a certain hesitate or wait for a bit your squirrels can be broke in this note little sloppy I hope these tips are helpful and from our limiters my cupcake good luck those are some great tips I hope I can’t remember them when I’m doing the challenge and I guess you should just go for it breeze what I’ve seen [Music] I’ve been practicing all week with increments of twenty five and fifty but I haven’t again been able to practice with the whole 250 so a little bit worried about the stamina in the muscle cramps [Music] [Music] I wanted to put my face in cake and it’s not like a good some kind of that stuff and flipped some of them I just booked my favor to when I was practicing I always notice that I start up pretty strong and then as my hand starts to cramp it gets a little weaker but I do think for the most part I kept pretty good quality to the lab I still got a little bit of a swirl like some are great but passable I think it’s better I would just like to thank Georgetown cupcakes for sending me those tips that companies really taught me through this challenge they’re like thank you Ray for helping me with my technique I I don’t like to thank my onesie what better way to celebrate there with a cupcake [Music]

100 thoughts on “I Tried To Frost 250 Cupcakes In 5 Minutes • Tasty

  1. She should have used a homemade frosting instead of store bought because it would have been thicker but light and airy like the woman in the video message told her.

  2. I have a draw on a Google card https://youtu.be/UyxO43tpkgE
    في سحب على بطاقة قوقل شاركوا في السحب

  3. so what do u do with all 250 cupcakes in the beginning and then 250 cupcakes at the end of the video 😬

  4. Alix, dear…WHIP your frosting, use a huge tip and bag, and have spares ready to go. (Change up, when its too hard to hold.)

  5. when I was young, my mom's sister used to bake me cakes with lots of icing and cream……

    she was a fond aunt

    sorry for the cheesy joke………im bored.

  6. Can you just stop trying to make everything into a 10 minute video? If you really have to, at least add more content and stop stretching your videos.

  7. Loads of people are saying in the comments “I wonder if there waisting any of those cup cakes”? 🤔

    Zeb: I wonder how much money it took to buy all those cupcakes?

  8. That's ridiculous, they can do hundreds in minutes because they have many years of practice and probably frosted hundreds of thousands. A person who never did it before will be lucky to do maybe 5 to 10 in a minute

  9. Could you try to remake this video but with a different kind of frosting? The frosting in the clips you show is much lighter and stiffer than the one you used. The one you used looked really thick and sticky. I think that would be much more satisfying to watch and result in an even bigger win 🙂

  10. Alix……. can you make a pizza🍕🍕🍕 challenge ………..
    A big fannnnnnnn from India……………

  11. If they wasted the cupcake they wasted the frosting if they wasted the frosting they lost the money cuz they bought the frosting

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