i only made buzzfeed TASTY recipes for a day !!!

i only made buzzfeed TASTY recipes for a day !!!

It is time to put to test the kings and queens of food viral videos Tasty merry Christmas to you guys And I say this because this is one of the most requested videos on my channel especially for my cookbook series Because for the whole of today every main meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner is gonna be a recipe from tasty Which is the cookbook by I think this is part of BuzzFeed if you don’t know what tasty is I mean they’ve got viral videos everywhere you probably have seen it before on Facebook on Instagram YouTube it’s literally everywhere the first recipe that we’re gonna try from the book are the tornado potatoes And I mean how could I not choose this for breakfast slash lunch because any food on a stick tastes 30% better that is a science fact, so I Think this will be the perfect potato because it’s long and it’s not too thin But kind of thin so I think this is a good one as well It’s a little bit like uglier but So am I alright so the first thing to do is to microwave the potatoes for one minute So I’m gonna grab two of the bamboo sticks You know what, no pain no gain Nana actually no I’m gonna have to wait, but ow that’s really hot okay We’re basically gonna run the bamboo stick all the way inside the potato Very symmetrical also worst corndog ever. Okay. It’s going in So far we’re not doing a terrible job now This is the worst part now the recipe is not very specific on how to do this so I don’t really know I think this is kind of working though, if it wasn’t so hot this would be a lot easier It’s probably gonna be a lot chunkier than the one in the book, but I’m not mad at it Gently fan out each potato down to the length of the skewer until you have an even gap between the slices Literally when you order online versus when he arrives like this is really bad. It’s so chunky. No Yep, it’s broken. I mean let’s move on to the next one Why is it already breaking No Honestly, I didn’t think it’d be possible to be worse than the first one I am so pissed off that I don’t even feel like trying anymore. There’s no way this is gonna look good There’s no way I can redeem myself So we’re supposed to add some butter into the gaps I’m just gonna put the butter on the top because this is all broken. I don’t want to break it even more We’re also gonna add some salt not too much because the butter was already salted. We also need some garlic powder Well, I like my potatoes garlic. He sells some black pepper some Paprika And last but definitely not least because this is the best ingredients um I forgot the name of this Oh Parmesan cheese We went heavier the spices so I feel like this might actually end up tasting very very good And that wouldn’t even know it’s broken. He doesn’t look too bad Me trying to convince myself that I’m not that worthless Okay, so we’re gonna bake this for about 25 minutes now and final touches. I’m gonna add some more Parmesan cheese Just a little bit more cheese doesn’t hurt anybody That see people say before they get diabetes on this side in the picture We’ve got tasty’s version of some tornado potatoes. I mean they look incredible and on this side. We’ve got My very own version of the tasty tornado potatoes Who am I kidding? It doesn’t look bright one thing. I will say on the picture of the BuzzFeed ones I mean they don’t have that beautiful crispy piece of cheese in the bottom I’m looking at the picture and it can seem to find a crispy piece of cheese. It’s not all that bad. Yeah This is not looking great It’s not the most practical way to eat a potato not gonna lie, but the flavor of this is actually really nice and I know it looks like a little bit burnt and overcooked, but that’s like the best parts that it’s got so much flavor I will say that in terms of flavor and trust me this pains me because tasty our competition for my channel But this is good. It’s really good. I honestly actually really like it. I’m not gonna b.s you when I genuinely liked it I enjoyed it structurally. It’s probably not gonna actually work out It’s not gonna look exactly the same because it’s a very difficult just with a knife to accomplish that twisting shape But when it comes to flavor it’s actually worth it, so you guys know. I’ve got a sweet tooth so for afternoon snack I really wanted to make something sweet and I thought what is like the one recipe that is so tasty that it’s Everywhere on Facebook of course it is the chocolate truffles these are for different types of truffles this one is peanut butter This one is cookie dough and I think this is the chocolate truffle Truffle I only wanted to make one of them And I thought which one do I think is the most delicious one and I ended up going for the truffle stuffed brownie truffles Because this is basically double truffle like truffle ception Truffle inside a truffle so we gots have already prepared brownies, and I know these don’t look that great It’s really gonna taste delicious anyways I don’t want to break them, so I’m gonna touch them too much because we both know me did I just break them give this video a like if you like this I have a theory that most people like this chocolate because it’s just incredible I was gonna use this instead of cocoa powder because it kind of reminds me of my childhood and it’s a little bit sweeter than just cocoa powder I just looked at it, and I just realized that I bought some banana flavored powder I mean we’re still gonna use it. I guess these are going to be some banana brownie chocolate flavored truffles So I’m gonna make a wave this for like 30 seconds For now the recipe is saying that we should remove the brownies from like the baking tray and I think we’re supposed to flatten this out a little bit, which I don’t know how we’re gonna do without breaking them I Thought this was going to be an easy recipe, but I guess I’m wrong so we need to cut this into squares Even though this is kind of already a square Okay, so I’m gonna. I’m gonna grab one of the truffles So I think we’re supposed to put this in the center and then sort of close the brownie around it This is one of those things that you see on the Facebook, then you give it a try, and it just doesn’t work out oh My god, it’s gonna be a giant truffle Can we don’t need all that much And what size is this stop being a chocolate truffle, and it starts being a weapon because I think we’re very close This is solid should we use these little crumbs and try to make a tiny one? So I’m gonna attempt to make a really small one I Think that’s more the size that we should be going for but I actually don’t mind my giant one So I’m not mad at this. I’m gonna start with a big one Wow So this is nice and coated we need a little more banana on top Well it looks kind of good at like a weird we already failed we suck at everything kind of way I Just want to say that this is the part they tasty does not want you to see the actual truth behind the recipes the mess the Disaster when you watch these recipes on Facebook everything looks so simple and clean and then Yeah Yeah on this photo right here, we’ve got a tasties cocoa dust and truffles I mean they look beautiful They look chocolatey. They look like petit and on this side. We’ve got The truffles that we made so instead of the cocoa powder we use Simba Nana like drink powder that Literally makes no sense. What was I thinking honestly it’s gonna be the biggest truffle in the world or at least the only banana flavored truffle in the world Hold it Hannah, Montana oh That’s so much sugar. I’m not sure if you can see But there’s the actual chocolate truffle in the middle then we could have brownie on the outside and then the very outside of it is another powder I Love it, but I’m pretty easy to please so do I think that the average person would enjoy this Probably not it really think this is way too much chocolate and then the banana doesn’t really go with the brownies But I a trashy person who love sweet things I love this and things this is like perfect for like Christmas I am so freaking excited for dinner because the recipe they were going to be making for dinner is sticky Pineapple chicken, and it’s chicken cooked inside a freaking pineapple I mean not inside the pineapple, but we can pour it on the pineapple after This is what it’s supposed to look like in the end how freaking cool is that I’ve never eatin chicken and rice inside a pineapple So I’m so excited for this so we got all the ingredients that we’re gonna need here surprisingly not that many ingredients We’re using some microwavable rice because Uncle Ben is the best uncle you could ever ask for Uncle Ben My dad there in the corner. Just the perfect family I’ve never cut a pineapple before and if you know me you know my knife skills so this should be very interesting I Think we did it We did it that was actually not that difficult wait am I kidding, I need to rest for five minutes Yes Yes Mmm. This is really good. I think we did a killer job here, so I’m gonna save the rest one for dessert And I’m just gonna cook with this one all right so according to the recipe we start by frying the chicken so I’m gonna add a little bit of oil and To this we’re gonna have the pieces of chicken I’m not gonna make too much because this is basically just for me But if you’re making this for more people do follow the measurements I never followed measurements in my life So I wouldn’t start today I almost forgot they were also adding some salt and pepper at this point so not any of the spices Just a little bit of salt While the chicken is cooking and we’re just gonna cut the pineapple into smaller pieces because we’re gonna have to cook this after We’re just gonna transfer the chicken to like a separate Bowl To the same end we’re gonna have the pineapple This should be 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, but I only have white sugar So not ideal now we need 1 tablespoon of hoisin sauce I don’t know how to pronounce this this smells like every Chinese restaurant dish ever one table spoon of soya sauce Also some chicken stock and last but not least some garlic this should be some garlic paste This is minced garlic which is close enough, I guess But we’re going to add the chicken once again I’m really happy with this. It’s looking nice and thick the sauce so I’m gonna remove it and let’s serve it I’m gonna add a little more rice on the side. Just to make it look pretty and Of course because this is tasty we have to go the extra step and top it up with some Sesame sesame, I don’t how to pronounce it seeds actually looks so good And finally on this side. We’ve got a tasties version of sticky pineapple chicken I mean this looks incredible and On this side much for my surprise. We’ve got my very own Stinky pineapple chicken that looks exactly the same like literally am I tripping Or does this look exactly like the same food? Ah I’m so excited We did a good job for once guys this never happens on my channel We’re gonna eat dinner from a freaking pineapple Thank You tasty for the recipe even though you’re my competition I love you because I love this recipe already and I haven’t even tried it. I wish you guys were here to smell It’s just everything smells so good in this house right now This is like one of the best dinners, I’ve ever had in any video on my channel This is why tasty will always have more subscribers than me Because they actually know what they’re doing this is so good the chicken is got such a good flavor All the credit for this obviously goes to tasty because this is actually a really good cookbook And this is a good recipe I’m actually considering eating this for Christmas now because this is so good And that was it for this video guys. I really hope you guys enjoyed it If you did don’t forget to give it a like Only if you liked it if you didn’t like it go try watch something else that you might enjoy also guys if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel yet all you have to do is scroll down and you’ll find the subscribe button and there’s A little Bell next to it So if you tap that Bell every time I put up in your video receive a notification and obviously that really helps me out I think that’s a good thing I hope you guys had a good time because I know how much you guys wanted me to try the tasty cookbook And I really don’t want to disappoint so I mean I had a good time I might not be the most skilled at cooking But I put my heart into every video and like I try my best That I try to like entertain you guys and hopefully some of you have a decent time And I feel like I might have not wasted 15 minutes of your life. I think that’s everything I love you, and I will see you or my next video. Bye. Bye

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