I only ate BLACK food for 24 HOURS Challenge! | Krazyrayray

I only ate BLACK food for 24 HOURS Challenge! | Krazyrayray

hi guys so what is up today as you can tell I'm gonna be doing a challenge video and I'm only eating a black colored food for 24 hours also please ignore my bra showing this dress is impossible to cover up my bra yeah ignore that because I know it's just gonna be popping out throughout the video so warning okay this is actually a better view I'm also wearing a black dress because we're gonna be eating black colored food I thought that was a good idea I don't know but you guys seem to like my video of me only eating pink food for 24 hours so you guys haven't seen that definitely check it out I will link it below this with me a struggle and a half but we're up for the challenge we got this so since I don't really have any black colored food let's go to the grocery store also here's a little view of my dress it worked you and fresh love that say hello I will see you in like an hour my bra made it to the grocery store and I'll let's get these groceries where do we start we're gonna start one side of the Roasterie store and go through every single aisle that's gonna take a minute they have green needles but where are the black ones I saw them online these are black guys why don't I see these for my pink colored food video I'm madder they have pink green all of these color where is black the struggle man this is a lot harder than I thought oh that's brown dang it since when did Oreos have this yo okay I hate these but they're gonna have to do I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do about water I was trying to find chlorophyll that I can put in regular water but I can't find any so I'm trying to find water that's the closest color to blocks this is black cherry I feel like this will do okay I'll get one of these too okay mission complete guys that was a lot harder than I thought I feel like this is way harder than the pink food league office I'm so hungry I am ready to eat first off we're gonna go to Starbucks and get a black iced coffee it's gonna taste so bitter let's do this we're at Starbucks hi can I just get a grande iced black coffee with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla okay added sugar-free vanilla which is like clear so I'll still make the coffee black I need some type of sweetener in it thank you you too okay guys we got it situate myself real quick it looks like a little brown I think coffee's just brown but am i cheating already say let's taste this whoo that Sun glare though absolutely not the more you drink it it's not that bad but it's pushing it thanks to everything out and shot it to Oreos because they really came through any hard making meals out of this yikes also I decided to take out these because they're like a dark red kind of colors so we're not going to do these in the packaging it looks block but they fold me it is currently time for breakfast I am super hungry I don't know how for breakfast we're gonna have some Oreos I'm really excited to try this this looks the bomb we can't drink any milk with it because it's white so we're just gonna have dry cereal okay Omar cricket oh why and we're breakfast we have our iced coffee in there Oreos with no milk they have a little bit of white on it but the base is black okay oh my gosh these are amazing what bag we actually so bomb oh my gosh I'm just gonna finish these up and then I will see you guys for snack time it is snack time we have a lot of options so I think I'm gonna have this bar because it looks good this is the RX bar and this is in chocolate sea salt I'm really hoping it's black cause if not I'm not gonna eat it okay like it's pretty close to block it's like in between a dark brown and a black me trying to convince myself okay what do you guys think so I'm just gonna yep inside of it has three egg whites six almonds or cashews two dates and no BS oh I thought that was the best catch ever we also have some Oreos his though sound bomb look at all those oh you can see me so fun okay guys so it is lunchtime this is what I was thinking for lunch veggie burger and I'm just gonna overcook it a little bit just so it turns a little black so it gets a little crusty cuz we're leaning black through today so let's first make this I'm also gonna make an extra one for dinner so while our burgers are burning I'm gonna prepare the other stuff so want to do that black beans whoa you guys see that I really need to turn on the fan fire alarm is what are we gonna go off and leave the other one over there for dinner ready YUM lunch is served if we just take him home at this burger yeah we got some kombucha some black olives a burnt burger and some black beans this is the weirdest lunch I've ever had okay let's try this burger so crunchy if it wasn't burnt it would be so good I wasn't bad we got our black beans which I love black beans no those are so good nice you want to try it he's like absolutely not I'd like cat hair in my mouth okay moving on so since lunch was a fail I'm gonna get some blackberries because I need to eat something mmm oh-ho yes it's my cat stalking me oh that blackberry flew these are saving my day clean you guys off it is time for snack time first of all we have organic blue corn tortilla chips with black seeds I know it says blue corn I feel like it could pass for black it is just so hard to find black food YUM it would be really good with some salsa or guacamole I really need some water I'm also gonna be snacking on some black licorice I am NOT a fan of black licorice I think it's so gross like oh like compared to red licorice black licorice licorice cannot compare okay it's not that bad but like we should get something to drink downstairs because these are really dry without like walking salsa let's go okay let's try this I know this is like dark purple but literally there's no black water unless I found that chlorophyll there's no chlorophyll at the grocery store which you guys saw painted my pajamas because comfy is life am i right I feel like the drama between kotico and Jake Paul who likes minions dinnertime you look I totally forgot about the blackberry jelly I'm not really sure what I would eat with this so I guess we're skipping her well I have my Burt burger I'm acting like I'm gonna actually eat this it's not the case I can't wait to actually eat after this I'm just gonna skip to dessert because do I even have to explain I am so excited to try these Wow I knock from everywhere when you're too lazy to sweet that's what it looks like this makes everything worth it hi that is all the black colored view that we are gonna be consuming today are you trying to make an appearance definitely comment below let me know if there's any other colored foods you guys I'm going to do because I will definitely do them we can do green blue white anything you name it this one was so hard I'm ready to eat don't forget to subscribe down below and try my post ovations be notified when I upload it's just little bail thing so definitely click it I love you guys so much have a wonderful you in my next video bye guys

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  1. I drink black drink everyday.

    No silly I don't drink that weird stuff she drank I drink

    Coca cola??

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